Love Rain Episode 15 Quick Summary

Seo In Ha knew the girl his son loved was Jeong Ha Na because he saw when Ha Na back hugging him the other night. Joon asked his father that even though he knew about him and Ha Na, would he still marry Yoon Hee. In Ha defended his love. He said that Yoon Hee was the one he had been thinking and waiting for 30 years. Joon was upset and left. In Ha was in a dilemma. He might sound very selfish, but his reason was somehow acceptable. He even still had his potrait painting of Yoon Hee.

Joon came down to Ha Na’s place. “Is this the family you’ve been wanting?” asked Joon. “Shall we just go? Let’s just go. Don’t care about what you think or said, just do as I think and said. Shall we just go away together? Shall we??” Ha Na cried and hugged him tight, saying sorry. “Okay, let’s just then be a family.” But Joon looked upset and left.

Before he was really leaving the place, he saw his father coming to the place too, seeing Yoon Hee. He brought the painting.
“Isn’t it mom?” asked Ha Na. “So Mom was like this back then.” Then Ha Na was leaving the parents alone in the living room and cried alone in her room. She’s looking at the pictures she and Joon had taken together with her pocket camera.

In Ha said the painting was very memorable and he couldn’t ever forget Yoon Hee since very that moment. Yoon Hee said In Ha was a bit strange today, but In Ha said nothing was strange.

Hye Jeong planned to have the last family meal-out together on In Ha’s birthday next week. That really made Joon frustrated. Meanwhile Yoon Hee was also making plan with In Ha for his birthday. Yoon Hee wanted to have meal together with their friends on that day.

Mi Ho was demanding Joon for their date promise. “I don’t want to be just like a little sister for you, not as a family,” said Mi Ho. “Not like a family?” asked Joon. “Okay then, let’s do it.”

Seon Ho was on the phone with Ha Na. Then he heard about Seo In Ha’s birthday party at Yoon Hee’s house and they’re inviting In Ha’s best friends. Since his father was coming to that party, Seon Ho spontaneously had an idea, “Should I come too?” Ha Na was more than happy having him coming along.

Joon was looking at Ha Na’s pictures from their last photo shoot. He kept thinking how Ha Na really wanted this new family.

Yoon Hee was preparing for foods when she realized that something wrong happened to her eyesight. But she didn’t say anything to Ha Na and just acting strange. Ha Na asked her if she’s really okay, Yoon Hee just said yes.

Lee Dong Wook, Chang Mo and Seon Ho came to celebrate In Ha’s birthday at Yoon Hee’s house. Seon Ho and Ha Na pretended like it was their first time meeting. Tae Seong sent them present for the party.And to anyone surprise, Joon showed up…with his shocking red coat.”You came,” welcomed his father. “Aren’t we being a family?” asked Joon.

They’re having lunch together. The old guys were enthusiastically talking about Yoon Hee and In Ha’s wedding, Joon disliked the topic and suddenly gave Ha Na some foods to eat. Ha Na was startled and tried to respond him a casual way. “Why? Aren’t we going to be a family?” asked Joon. Then the parents started to agree with the idea of them being siblings. “We’re not siblings,” said Ha Na to Chang Mo and Dong Wook. Then the two old guys started to match Ha Na with Dong Wook and the talk about Mi Ho with Joon. In Ha was the one who stopped all the conversation about matching up.

Joon was about to leave when he saw Yoon Hee’s painting on the wall. In Ha was opening a conversation, but joon refused to listen and just went out. He met Ha Na outside and said, “You want this family right? Okay, let’s continue doing this.”

Yoon Hee saw In Ha in a self contemplation that afternoon and asked him “Did you have something in mind?” later on when he came back to her. “Actually, I have something to tell you,” said In Ha. He was about to start speaking when Yoon Hee handed him a birthday present. It was a watch, just like the old days when In Ha gave her the watch. In Ha was more in a great dilemma. He told her that in the future they would spend the times together, replacing all the times they had missed.

Ha Na came to see Joon because she had something to tell him. She kind of saying that they shouldn’t push it as a family like he did this afternoon because they wouldn’t be living together anyway. They haven’t finsihed speaking when Hye Jeong and Mi Ho came, so Joon had to hide with Ha Na.He hugged Ha Na and didn’t want to let her go at first, but then did it with hesitation. Joon drove Ha Na back home. They were both in silence along the way.

Tae Seong came by Yoon Hee’s house in the morning to have breakfast.He gave Yoon Hee two tickets to watch a movie today.Mi Ho met her and then they sat together for a talk. She asked if Ha Na would be just like a sister to Joon since their parents are going to married. Ha Na said they woud. And that made Mi Ho happy and be more friendly to her.

Chang Mo’s nephew tried his best to get a place in the cafe, He couldn’t do dishes well, nor helping Joon’s studio well, but he was good in gardening.
Meanwhile Joon’s assistant was moving Ha Na’s pictures to Joon’s room. And In Ha saw the pictures there, brought him to another self contemplation.

Yoon Hee went to the hospital to check her eyes. She’s going to lose her eyesight soon

Ha Na went to the theater and Tae Seong came too. They watched a comedy, but as the rest of the audience were laughing, Ha Na stayed quiete.

In Ha came to visit Yoon Hee and saw her in her wedding dress. He really cried seeing her,

Ha Na and Tae Seong just finished their movie when the met Joon and Mi Ho. Tae Seong and Mi Ho greeted each other while Joon and Ha Na said nothing. Joon just dragged Mi Ho away.

Yoon Hee and In Ha sat down to talk. Meanwhile Joon and Ha Na each was leaving their dates. Joon saw Ha Na and ran for her.He took Ha Na’s hand and took her away to talk.

Back in Yoon Hee’s place, In Ha opened the conversation by saying, “Should we stop our wedding plan?” He’s thinking about Joon. And the kids…Joon just looked at Ha Na in sorrow and then he leaned and kissed Ha Na.


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  1. Thank you.. Drama choa <3

  2. Inha giving in now? So sad for him but i’m JoonHana all the way!

  3. they should give up already since the In Ha already knows the relationship of Hana and Joon, shouldn’t he do something for his son?
    they were not good as father and son because of their family situation, but could he just give this one to Joon as a make-up to the years that they were cold to each other?..can’t really help myself not to feel the pain..such a mess up fate again.

  4. I really want both their parents and themselves to have a happy ending ! Because it is not fair to the couple that backs down . Still wishing them to have a happy ending. ^_^

  5. Thank you so much, Kdramachoa. I badly wanted to understand this episode but subtitles weren’t out yet. This helped A LOT. Thank you. Thank you.

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