Love Rain Episode 16 Quick Summary

Ha Na drew back from the kiss and hurriedly left. She locked the door from the inside. Joon ran here and there looking for her.
“Why are you running away?” asked Joon when he finally caught her. “I won’t see you anymore,” said Ha Na. “I still can’t forget you, still missing you. Seeing you in pain, i’m in pain too. But no matter what, we still can’t do this.” Ha Na said she’d start meeting someone else and Joon also had to the same thing. “I’m so scared,” said Ha Na. “That’s why we should start seeing someone else.”
Ha Na left, while Joon was trying to hold his tears.

In Ha suggest they should cancel the wedding because he couldn’t sacrifice Joon. Yoon Hee agreed with the cancelation of their marriage plan. She understood that In Ha was the type of person who would sacrifice for someone else, just like what happened with him and Dong Wook back then. Now he had to do it for Joon, but that didn’t change Yoon Hee’s love to In Ha at all. Yoon Hee said it’s okay for them to be in pain now, because they would get through it and their feelings towards each other was still the same.

Later that night, In Ha came to Chang Mo’s cafe already drunk. He kept saying he wouldn’t give up on something, but it wasn’t clear what he’s not giving up…He really made Chang Mo confused.

Mi Ho came home alone. Seon Ho asked why she’s not with Joon. Mi Ho had no idea where Joon was. Meanwhile Ha Na was surprised when she got home Tae Seong was already waiting for her. Tae Seong insisted they needed to talk. He was so worry about Ha Na that she’s sacrificing her happiness for both her mom and Joon. When Ha Na got inside, her mom was in bad condition. Ha Na took care of her mother, but Yoon Hee said she wanted to be alone.

This time Joon made things clear with Mi Ho. He refused to date her. Joon finally met Jeong So, but his mood was not good. When he was leaving, he saw Ha Na and Seon Ho in a cafe near by. Ha Na was actually asking Seon Ho for health consultation for her mom. But Joon asked her if she started meeting someone else like this. “Yes, i’m meeting someone else now,” said Ha Na. Joon was upset and left. He didn’t even want to listen to Seon Ho’s explanation. Then Ha Na excused herself and Seon Ho offered her a lunch together. Joon then insisted they all should have lunch together.

They’re arguing about this lunch plan when Mi How was suddenly almost hit by a motorcycle and Joon took her body away from the street. They both hit Ha Na that she bumped into the stone wall and injured her arm. Joon wanted to help her, but Mi Ho stole his attention. Seon Ho treated Ha Na’s wound instead. Jeong So finally saw Ha Na in Seon Ho’s place and found out how everybody was connected.

When Joon was back to his place, Ha Na was there waiting for him. Joon asked if her arm was okay, Ha Na said it’s okay. Then he said he had no idea how he would be able to see her in different way, so he asked her again to just runaway with him. Ha Na didn’t say anything, just cried and then left.

Joon came to his father’s place drunk. No matter how selfish In Ha’s love for Yoon Hee, he still loved his son. In the morning when Joon excused himself, In Ha insisted him to stay for breakfast. “I saw the pictures of Ha Na. They’re good pictures.” Then he continued, “I have a favor from you.” Joon cut him by saying, “Please don’t tell me you need me for your wedding photograph.” In Ha could never really told Joon what he wanted to say because his son was still too upset to listen.

In Ha kept visiting Yoon Hee and spent the late afternoon together. He gave her a present: her old watch. “I’m letting you go for the second time, I beg for your forgiveness. I’m sorry,” said In Ha. Then Yoon Hee said that in love there shouldn’t be any sorry.  But then when she was alone, Yoon Hee couldn’t stop crying reading In Ha’s last love letter. Seo In was packing and going somewhere. Yoon Hee was going to tell her daughter about the truth the next day.

Joon text Ha Na: I miss you. Ha Na replied him: I miss you. Then a call came in. From Joon’s expression and hesitation, I could be from his father. But it wasn’t.

The next day, Joon was on the way to somewhere when he met Ha Na. They were both summoned by Yoon Hee.She finally told the children that they’re not going to get married. “We’re just going to be friends from now on,” said Yoon Hee. Joon asked if it was his father who made the decision first. Yoon Hee didn’t deliberately say so, but Joon knew it had to be his father who did it for him. Joon also told Ha Na that his father knew about them and did this because of them.

Ha Na felt really sorry for her mother. Yoon Hee said she’s already happy with what she had: her late husband and Ha Na. “But you still miss him,” said Ha Na. But Yoon Hee kind of said it’s the best for everyone, including for Joon and Hye Jeong. Ha Na said sorry to her mother over and over again, making her mother wondered what was really going on. But Ha Na didn’t say anything.

Hye Jeong got the news about the wedding cancelation. Mi Ho came by her office and asked what happened to her. She told Mi Ho that In Ha was not marrying Yoon Hee. “Eh? Is it because of Joon?” Mi Ho just said it. “What did you say? Why’s it because of Joon?” demanded Hye Jeong.

Joon was going to Ha Na’s place. in the same time, Yoon Hee was in the garden, feeling trouble with her eyes. In Ha also came down to the garden. Joon finally met Ha Na on the bridge. In the same time, Hye Jeong also came down that place.
“don’t you have anything to say to me?” asked Joon. “I want us to be together,” said Ha Na. Joon hugged her and then took her away. Hye Jeong witnessed the scene from under the bridge.


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