Love Rain Episode 19 Quick Summary

Ha Na and Yoon Hee came back to home. Ha Na worried too much, but Yoon Hee assured her that it’s okay. Ha Na ended up crying alone in a quite corner of the greenhouse. Joon called her and heard her crying voice. He got off his car and ran to find Ha Na.

He just hugged Ha Na and let her cry in his arms. “It’s’s okay,”whispered Joon.

In Ha checked to Dong Wook about Yoon Hee’s condition. Dong Wook said surgery might help but it’s gonna be difficult to prevent the blindness. The next day he came to pick up Yoon Hee to the hospital. In the waiting room in the hospital, Yoon Hee told In Ha her objection of In Ha’s care. “Can’t I just stay by yourside as your friend?” asked In Ha. “No, you can’t,” said Yoon Hee. She’s still thinking the best thing for the children.

Ha Na visited Joon in his place. She told him that her mother went to the hospital with his father. “So should we just go on a date?” asked Joon. Ha Na agreed, but she had to wait until 2pm because Joon had a photo shoot. Ha Na killed time in that place by taking pictures and spending time with Seon Ho. She asked if she could do something for Seon Ho. He told her there’s one thing he wanted to ask from her, “Just stay by my side for along time…as a friend.”

Ha Na and Joon had a date. Joon asked her to stop calling him Seo Joon-ssi. “What else then?” asked Ha Na. “You can call me oppa or honey,” he said. Suddenly Joon’s mother called, asking him to come home. Joon responded her mother coldly. Then Ha Na’s mom called Ha Na and she scolded her right away.
Joon took the phone and talked to her mother to stop it. “You two come here otherwise I’m gonna go find you,” warned Hye Jeong. Ha Na told him to go, but Joon refused the idea. Then suddenly Ha Na called him, “Oppa.” She asked him to go to his mother’s house together.

They arrived at Hye Jeong’s house as an item. In Hye Jeong’s house there’re already Lee Dong Wook, Chang Mo and Mi Ho. Hye Jeong said the reason he’s calling Joon was because she wanted to discuss about Mi Ho and Joon’s marriage arrangement.
But the men understood Joon and Ha Na. They apologized and excused themselves. It made Hye Jeong more upset. She started to scold Ha Na and kept doing it despite Joon’s asking her to stop. Joon told Ha Na to just go first. Before she left, Ha Na gave Hye Jeong a flower.

Joon drove Ha Na home and they met In Ha in front of Ha Na’s house. “Are you doing well?” asked In Ha to his son awkwardly. Joon also asked the same question to his father, and then he excused himself. He spent the afternoon walking along the resort area together.

Later that night Joon had a conversation with his father. Joon kind of understood how his father’s feeling in this situation. He finally could give the empathy to his father’s feelings and dilemma. “I’m sorry for the past, Father,” said Joon.

Tae Seong informed Ha Na that her mom was meeting Joon’s mom. And he was right. Hye Jeong told Yoon Hee about their children. “Did you meet Ha Na?” asked Yoon Hee. Hye Jeong asked Yoon Hee to talk to her daughter. Yoon Hee told Hye Jeong that the love tragedy among the three of them in the past shouldn’t be happening to the children. They, above other people, knew how bad the result of not being able to get the love of their lives. “You should understand this, because you are a mother,” said Yoon Hee to Hye Jeong.
Ha Na came to the table asked Hye Jeong why was she doing there with her mother. “My mother is sick,” she said. Hye Jeong scold Ha Na for being rude cutting the elders’ conversation, but eventually she left.

Tae Seong came to Joon, told him to let go of Ha Na. “Do you know what Ha Na has been going through because of you??” yelled Tae Seong.
Later that night Joon came to Ha Na’s house. He apologized for his mother. Yoon Hee said she understood Hye Jeong and it didn’t make her a bad person. Then she told Joon that she’s going for the surgery. She asked Joon to make Ha Na happy. “I want you two to just think about your own happiness,” said Yoon Hee.

When they’re alone, Joon hugged Ha Na and whispered without voice “I love you.” Ha Na asked him what he was doing. Joon said he’s just whispering three syllables. Ha Na pretended not to know anything. Then Joon told her that he got something to tell her, but not at that moment.

Joon officially left his mother’s house the next day. He said he’s giving his mother some time alone. “It’s not because of Ha Na. It’s for you, for us,” he said. Joon went back to his place behind the studio. He remembered the memories he shared with Ha Na in that room.

Tae Seong came to visit Ha Na. He said he had been waiting for Ha Na all this time, but now he’s gonna stop doing that. Ha Na started her speech in return, “I liked you very much, that’s why I was happy. Thank you. But now I’m with Seo Joon. I love him.” “Okay,” Tae Seong accepted the bitter fact for the last time. “I get it.”

Mi Ho came to the studio place and asked Joon in front of everyone, “Are you really going to New York?” Joon said there’s a good photography studio he’s interested in there. Seon Ho instantly asked him about Ha Na. Of course he’s not taking her and apparently he was still keeping this info from Ha Na.

Seon Ho came to check on Yoon Hee’s condition, as a family friend and a doctor too. He also check on Ha Na’s condition and told her that he understood why Ha Na and Joon proceed their relationship despite Yoon Hee’s condition.

Joon came to visit his mother and had a conversation with her. He apologized to his mother and asked her to be good to Ha Na’s mother.

Ha Na found a note from her mother at home. Yoon Hee was leaving  alone somewhere and would comeback the next day for the surgery. Ha Na called In Ha and he hurriedly looked for Yoon Hee. Then she called Joon. They figured out that Yoon Hee might go to her hometown.

Apparently, Yoon Hee visited her old university…to recall her sweet memories there, memories she shared mostly with Seo In Ha and the rest of the group: Hye Jeong, Dong Wook, Chang Mo. She even sat herself again on that memorable bench in front of In Ha’s old studio room. Right there In Ha came. “I knew you’d be here,” he said. They spent their nostalgic times together and In Ha informed Ha Na.

Joon finally told Ha Na that he’s going to New York. He asked her to wait for him. “I can’t let you go, but I want you to stay with your mother in her current condition.” “I understand why we can’t go together,” said Ha Na.”I heard what you’re saying that night. I love you.”

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Spoiler for tomorrow’s episode everyone? Big smile? :D Lee Seung Gi and Taec Yeon may publicly known as Yoona’s big fans, but JKS definitely gets the most (public) kiss. :mrgreen:


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