Love Rain Episode 20 Quick Summary (Finale)

Yoon Hee shared her worries with In Ha facing her surgery. She said she wanted to remember the whole good memories this way. In Ha said in his life, all he wanted to do is just to live well by her side. Yoon Hee also wanted that, but they knew reality was bitter for them.

Joon asked Ha Na to keep waiting for him while he’s leaving. At first Ha Na seemed to be okay, but as soon as Joon said they should go then, Ha Na grabbed his hand saying she didn’t want to go back yet. She had so much worries about Joon’s leaving. “We’re not gonna break up,” assured Joon.”We’ll see each other again.”

Joon came to visit Yoon Hee the next day, bringing her a bucket of flower. Ha Na demanded her flower. “I don’t know your favorite flower,” said Joon casually. Yoon Hee said Ha Na loved all flowers. Then Joon gave Ha Na a bucket of “bush” flower. In Ha also came to Yoon Hee’s house. They’re having a nice lunch together. Yoon Hee said she had a plan of going back to US to her uncle’s place again and  undergo the eyes surgery there. When the conversation started to be very serious, Ha Na said Joon would take pictures of them all.

In Ha gave Yoon Hee a present before he left for the afternoon lecture. It was a necklace with “umbrella” pendant. But Yoon Hee said she couldn’t take the present. “Even as the present from a friend?” asked In Ha, upset. “How can a friend give a present like this?” asked Yoon Hee. In Ha just left the present on the table and left.

Meanwhile the kids were enjoying their time together. Joon asked if they should go traveling together before Joon left for NY. Ha Na agreed with it. Yoon Hee heard their conversation and asked Ha Na about Joon’s leaving. “Then what about you?” asked Yoon Hee. Ha Na said she’s not going. “Is it because of me? Because of my eyes?” asked Yoon Hee. Ha Na tried to explain to her mom that it was not because of her  and she’s not breaking up with Joon. “I wanted to be with you and make you happy,” said Ha Na to her mom.

Late that night, Yoon Hee eventually wore the necklace.

Suddenly in the morning, Ha Na was running to catch a taxi. Apparently, Yoon Hee decided to leave for her uncle’s house again. Ha Na went hurriedly to the airport and when she got there, Seo In Ha was already there. “You mother had left,” he said.
Yoon Hee left for the sake of Ha Na and Joon’s happiness. “My dear daughter, we’ll see each other again.”

In Ha came to Hye Jeong. She thought In Ha was going to persuade her to give blessing for Joon and Ha Na because Yoon Hee had left. “I’m here to bid you goodbye,” said In Ha. He said no matter what he’s still worry about her, but finally apologize to her for everything.

Joon came to his father that night. In Ha apologized to his son for not being able to love his mother nor stayed by her side and that condition had given him so many hard times. He’s going to where Yoon Hee was. For their farewell, In Ha gave Joon a painting and Joon gave him an envelope of pictures. “Father, I’ve been hating you all this time,” said Joon. “I know,” said In Ha, “I’m sorry.” But then Joon continued, “And I really love you and really miss you.” In Ha gave his hand first to Joon, and they both shook hands.

Joon’s present was actually the pictures he took on that lunch event in Yoon Hee’s place. Meanwhile Joon’s present from his father was a painting of the scene when Ha Na hugged Joon from the back, the very first moment In Ha found out about Joon-Ha Na relationship. Joon and Ha Na displayed the painting next to Yoon Hee’s potrait in Ha Na’s house.

Joon asked Ha Na to come back to his place since she couldn’t stay alone in that house anymore. “In New York?” asked Ha Na. “I’m not going,” said Joon.

Few months had passed (?) I really wasn’t sure how long had it been passed.

Ha Na arrived in the airport, Joon didn’t pick her up. Seon Ho asked Joon why he’s not going to the airport. Ha Na straightly go Hye Jeong’s house, taking a bus from the airport. Apparently, Hye Jeong’s relationship with Ha Na had been a lot better. Ha Na addressed her “mother” and had made a gardening in Hye Jeong’s house. She came there to water the plants. “Is your mother doing alright?” asked Hye Jeong. Ha Na said her surgery went well and they lived well too. Joon came but his face showed a bad mood. “Should we have lunch here?” asked Ha Na. Hye Jeong noticed something strange with the couple, asking  “Are you two fighting?”
“No,” said Ha Na. But yes, they were two fighting.

“I’m sorry,” said Ha Na. Joon still acted cold to her. She even went back with her luggage alone without Joon helping her. Ha Na explained about her meeting Tae Seong in US, but Joon said it’s not about her meeting Tae Seong that made him upset. “Aren’t you missing me?” he asked. Ha Na said of course. “Then why couldn’t you just go back right away?” he demanded. He made the look, then he eventually said “I miss you.” Then they made out and followed up by pasta dinner.

Mi Ho still worked as Joon’s model.After the photo shoot, Mi Ho said she’s going to Paris so it’s gonna be her last photo shoot with Joon. She cried and said thank you to Joon.

Seon Ho told Ha Na that he’s gonna meet a girl who’s arranged by his parents. Ha Na gave him some love advice. Then he said, “You two, why don’t you get married now?” He’s regarding Joon and Ha Na relationship.”Can we get married?” asked Ha Na. Seon Ho asked why not and she should ask Joon about this matter, then under his breath he said, “Then i’ll go broken-hearted.”

Joon and Ha Na lived like a married couple already. Spending times at home together, went out dating, and even shopping together. Joon bought Ha Na a nice pair of shoes. (I want those shoes!) Then Hye Jeong suddenly summoned both of them. She was a bit sick but it was only Ha Na who kept asking if she’s okay while Joon kept being cold to his mom. Hye Jeong then told them the real reason why she called both of them. She worried about Ha Na lived together with Joon in the studio. “Then both of you just go get married,” she said. “You should just do it.” Joon was in a deep thought later that night.

Ha Na was meeting Tae Seong. He asked about Yoon Hee’s condition and Ha Na told him her mother was doing fine. He informed her that their friend in Japan was getting married.

Joon seemed to avoid Ha Na that day, but he sent a message later that night asking her to go to the garden.He had prepared something romantic for her. The garden had many candles and they watched the video of diamond snow together. “Let’s go there again,” asked Joon. Then the video was showing Ha Na’s pictures that Joon had taken and they commented and recalled the memories of each pictures. After the video ended Joon proposed Ha Na. “Would you marry me?” asked Joon. Ha Na cried and nodded.

Yoon Hee was running back to the house with her wedding dress. “What are you doing now?” protested Joon running after her. She had to spray water to her flowers everyday regularly, so she couldn’t miss this one either. Joon waited and then they went together for their wedding.

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I made a mistake yesterday, writing episode 21 instead of 19. I thought this drama would be longer, but I think due to their very low rating, the officials decided to just finish it early. They also had the win win solution with the parents off to US and lived together there to give chance to their children. So to wrap up, the parents are finally getting together and the children even get married. Everybody gets their cake. Everybody gets their happy ending.

I’m still not sure about who’s gonna cover for “Big”. Well, Blossom is publicly Gong Yoo’s big fan, but with her schedule now… anyway, probably she –or still, me– will make the summary for that drama. We’ll see. Anyway, see you on the next summary ;)

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    Thanks for the recaps. Guess I will just watch the last episode! Could not imagine actually finishing this.

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  3. Thank you a lot for the recap :) !!!!! ^^

  4. many thank you for the recaps…I love this drama & I though will go to 24 ep…why their just can’t ignoring about ratings…this is amazing romantic drama ever. Hope they will make special episode.^^

  5. Thats not true. There are only suppose to be 20 episodes.

    • You mean when Rizz mentioned the low ratings thing? If that is, then you’re right. The plan was for 20 episodes only.

  6. i really liked the finale eps
    Most I’m glad that joon and ha na marry in the end
    And his witch mother become a human in the end …
    Thanks , thanks, and thanks for the Quick Summary
    i hope you write to us about -i do i do and next week -on big

  7. Yawn!!!! This is THE MOST BORING Jang Kuen Suk drama ever!!!!! So silly wats wrong In Ha marry Yoon Hee and Joon marry HaNa???!!! I’m a JGS fan dats y I m following this drama. But the storyline is really lack substance.:(

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  12. If this story is aired in the philippines, their ratings will definitely a blast!

  13. I don’t care if it has low ratings in Korea. :( For me, It is the best love story ever!!!! <3

  14. i think this drama is so good but some part of this movie is so boring spesialy when Inha and Yoonhie become old

  15. Tenzin Kunsang

    Although, there couldn’t be a better ending than them tying the knot, I really wish it would be a little longer. I don’t know why it got low rating. I really loved it. The story was amazing. It was intense and sweet and sad, all at the same time! And I can’t love Jang kuen-suk more!

  16. Tenzin Kunsang

    Although, there couldn’t be a better ending than them tying the knot, I really wish it would have been a little longer. I don’t know why it got low rating. I really loved it. The story was amazing. It was intense and sweet and sad, all at the same time! And I can’t love Jang kuen-suk more!

  17. rechelle baquero

    such a wanderfull ending. finally i already finish it.

    #i dont care with its low rating

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  20. Thanks… i don’t have to watch whole movie now..(was wondering how it was going to end??

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