Love Rain Episode 6 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 6 started in the natural hot spring. Seo Joon leaned forward and was about to kiss Ha Na…but his assistant suddenly came. Sitting on the back seat in the car, both Ha Na and Seo Joon was awkward. Even though Seo Joon kept telling his talkative  assistant not to speak, he just spoke and told Seo Joon that his father called, but Seo Joon seemed to be cold hearing his father’s name. I think he doesn’t have good relationship with his father.

In the hotel, Ha Na changed her clothes into Seo Joon’s shirt. She’s standing awkwardly making a distance with Seo Joon just sat on the couch and pretended to be indifferent. Ha Na asked him, “Mmm what was it back then (he’s about to do in the hot spring)?” Seo Joon pretended not getting it asking in a very high tone, “What what??” Then Ha Na complained about her broken phone. She’s waiting a very important phone call. Seo Joon asked what’s so important about the call. Ha Na said she wanted to see her mother’s first love who was holding an exhibition in Japan.

Seo Joon said what’s the good of meeting her mother’s first love. “What do you want to say to this person? Meet my mom for a while, please?” Whatever he said, Ha Na really wanted to meet this guy. They ended up arguing, but then the laundry came.

While Ha Na was changing, Seo Joon was recalling the way she counted in the hot spring and still got the thrill from that moment. I think he was confused and surprised in the same by having a crush to a girl that he never had before. When Ha Na was saying good bye, Seo Joon decided to go with her to the phone service. Meanwhile Ha Na’s senior was looking for her in the hotel.

The phone needed some time to get checked. Seo Joon insisted on waiting with her and made Ha Na had lunch with him in a restaurant. The waiter came bringing two kares and talked something about “rurururu”. Then Seo Joon made a question mark on the misty glass. “What’s your name?” he asked Ha Na, but Ha Na refused to tell him. Seo Joon then added an exclamation mark after the question mark. Since she refused to tell her name, Seo Joon decided to just call her “Rurururu.”

After lunch Ha Na said she could go back to the service center by herself and Seo Joo could go back to his place. Seo Joon seemed to be unwilling, finally they walked towards each opposite direction. However, when Ha Na was just turning the corner, she realized that her under coat was still with Seo Joon. And Seo Joon who was buying a coat in a nearby store realized that he’s still wearing the pink undercoat. He asked the sales person to just throw it away. Just right in time, Ha Na was on the way back to block and saw her pink undercoat was about to be thrown to the trash bin. She picked it and confronted Seo Joon right away by throwing it to Seo Joon’s head.

Seo Joon said, “I can’t wear that again and I thought we’d never meet again. So was it so wrong that I decided to throw it away?” Whatever his excuse, Ha Na was sad and she said she hoped not to see someone like him again.

Ha Na left, crying. Seo Joon was trying to catch her when her senior finally caught her. Each of the boy asking “Who are you?” Ha Na told his senior that the person was nothing, no one. Ha Na just left for the service center with her senior.

Ha Na’s broken mobile couldn’t be fixed. Her senior asked whose phone call she’s waiting for. Ha Na told him about her plan meeting her mom’s first love. Then the senior asked if Ha Na had her first love yet? Who? Would it be the person she’s watching the diamond snow together with? Ha Na spontaneously said, “Noooo! It wouldn’t happen.” Then her senior asked her to go have something to eat in the restaurant Ha Na hadd always wanted to go to. Apparently, it was the same restaurant she just had lunch with Seo Joon and she’s actually full.  But she had no choice. They even sat in the same seat she sat with Seo joon earlier. The marks were still on the window.

Meanwhile, back to the hotel, Seo Joon had a bad mood that he even reschedule the photo shooting to the next day. He seemed to be strangely anxious recalling Ha Na, the way she mad and even the curiosity for her senior, that he couldn’t stay calm.

Because Ha Na’s phone cannot be reached, Seo in Ha’s assistant couldn’t contact her. Ha Na lost her chance to meet Seo In Ha.

After going to the greenhouse to plant something as the memorial for their good memories in Japan and arrived back in the accommodation, Seo Joon was already there waiting for Ha Na. “If you want to apologize…” “I’m not here to apologize,” the arrogant Seo Joon didn’t even let Ha Na finish her sentence. She was about to leave when Seo Joon gave her a present, a clothes. Ha Na refused it and even insisted on refusing even thought Seo Joon insisted on giving it to her. They’re about to quarrel and Seo Joon caught Ha Na’s hand. He mumbled something about what she like about that person over him, that person has a boring style. Ha Na asked, “What are you talking about. Do you, by any chance, like me?”
But Seo joon just mumbled, “Ahh, I must be crazy crazy. Something wrong with the food.” Then he left, but hesitated several times. Then he’s back, but his phone rang. His assistant said he had to go somewhere else. Seo joon gave the paper back to Ha Na and told her, “Just wait here, I have to go somewhere just for a while.” In her room, Ha Na checked the paper back and found a nice dress.

Seo Joon’s assistant found a ring that belonged to Ha Na and he’s going to return it. Seo Joon said he’d do it and that made his assistant asked if he really like her. Seo Joon of course said no way. Wrongly, Seo joon talked bad things about Ha Na who was naive and misunderstood him. While Ha Na who was already in front of the entrance heard the whole things. She felt insulted and pledged that she would never ever want to see him again. Ha Na went inside crying and her senior helped her go upstairs. Seo Joon got into the building and saw Ha Na was already with her senior.

The next day Seo joon was back to his work. And then months went by.

Spring (or summer) came, Seo Joon’s work was already out in many billboards in Seoul. Seo joon was on the way for work again. Ha Na was back to Seoul too. She’s going around the city with her senior, looking for a place for her.

Seo In Ha was alaso back to his home country. He came back straightly to his studio. Seo joon came home, of course only his mother at home with the maids. His mother persuaded Seo Joon to go working for her company, but Seo Joon wanted to do his own career. Then his mother persuaded him to give a call to his father, Seo Joon refused. His mother also told him to have dinner with his father, but he once again coldly refused saying he’s very busy. He just disliked his father very much.

Lee Dong Wook was already a doctor and he got a phone call from Chang Mo. They’re talking about meeting and to count In Ha in since he’s already back to Seoul. Chang Mo also gave a call to Hye Jeong. She turned out to be Seo joon’s mother who was a successful business woman in fashion industry. Seo In Ha was busy in his studio, painting. He got a phone call from Chang Mo, too. Then after talking about the meeting plan, Chang Mo asked if he still remembered Kim Yoon Hee. In Ha just said what’s with her. Chang Mo said, “Last time we heard that she died in US, but…mmm let’s just talk about it later.” Chang Mo wasn’t sure if he should tell him that Yoon Hee was alive and now in Korea. Seo In Ha stopped his work for a while, recalling the memories of Yoon Hee.

Ha Na just finished looking for a place when she got a flyer and found her own face on it! The flyer came from Seo Joon’s studio and she had the contact number and address. She was going to protest Seo joon, but she remembered her own words that she didn’t want to see him ever again. But the flyers were just everywhere and even on the street that people were stepping on it. She had to confront Seo Joon for this issue.

Ha Na came to the studio screaming “Yah, Seo Joon! …..” but it was a restaurant. The waiter told her that they shared the building and then showed her the way to the studio, but it was already dark inside.
Seo Joon was enjoying the sun somewhere else, but then decided to just go back to the studio with his assistant.

Ha Na was waiting in front of the studio, outside…fell asleep but still waiting, just like the other day in Japan. To kill time, she checked on the plants in front of the building and they’re all in poor condition, dying. She looked around to the back yard and found a small building there. She entered the hut and found a boy (with young Lee Dong Wook’s face) was sleeping on the couch. He was sleep talking and suddenly grabbed Ha Na. It made Ha Na screamed. In the right time, Seo Joon came and heard the noise. The restaurant waiter said she’s Seo joon’s friend. So Seo Joon, the assistant and the waiter came. “You!!” each Seo Joon and Ha Na was pointing finger towards each other.  The sleep talking boy woke up, but what he did was making Ha Na and himself fell together on the couch that made Seo Joon upset, “What the…” and caught Ha Na.


I like the nuance, the camera effect of this drama, feels warm and smooth, reminded me of instagram :) And this drama use many foreign songs as its scoring, which can be good and bad in the same time. And I don’t know why they put Yoona’s character looked so excited about T-Ara’s Lovey Dovey instead of SNSD’s -for example- The Boys. Anyway, the preview tells us that in the next episode, Ha Na and Seo Joon’s feelings maybe be developed while their parents will probably see each other again after so many years apart.


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  1. i love the story, the camera works very good angle, good effects, and very esthetic..

  2. --ChodingYeol

    OMG, meet her mother’s first love????
    Seo In Ha ??
    Seo Joon’s FATHER??? (Is it? O.O)

  3. --ChodingYeol


    SEO JOON’S UMMA ?!?!?!?!


    So their 70s still continues into this modern world aye ?? AWESOME ! XD

  4. --ChodingYeol

    I wish Yoon Hee will end up with In Ha xDDDDDD

    (Gosh, his friends are like BABO for not telling him that Yoon Hee is in Korea & survived the medical treatment in the US and asdfghjkl and that she is now a mother with a daughter who will soon fall in love with his son … and I really hope his son, Seo Joon, will love his father more… also, I wonder who will play their parent’s roles now aye, since Yoona & The-actor-who-I-forgot-his-name is playing the kids roles now ~)

    Can you also add in more screen shots so it will be more easier to visualise? ^_^

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