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One thing I have to admit good from Love Rain is the songs. Well, as I always say it, I love the 70s where Seo In Gook often sang and also JKS with their guitars. The C’est la Vie song that opened this drama on episode 1 quite mesmerized me, so I also put the cut scene here. Anyway, I just realized that among other dramas we’ve been recapping we don’t have Love Rain OST yet. As a singer himself, of course JKS sings for the main OST of this drama, Love Rain.

Seo In Gook’s cut “C’est laVie”


Na Yoo Kwon: “Love is Like the Rain” the opening song

Jang Geun Seok: “Love Rain”

SNSD Tiffany: “Because It’s You”

[Youtube 1, 2, 3, 4]


9 Responses to Love Rain OST

  1. Do you know the name of whistling song??

  2. Honestly,I love ‘love rain’ but i dont like the ost except the Because Its You by Tiffany of Snsd :)

  3. I like the whistling part.. what is it’s title?

  4. The wistling song calls “Verden vil Bredas – Sigvart Dagsland”

  5. tshoyang teayang

    i jt love dis drama

  6. jennilyn lamadrid

    i love rain promise is so kakakiliq :)

  7. i want the whistle that which appears in 2nd generation

  8. i think in episode 6 at ending .

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