Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 1 Summary

Just like “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”, “Man of Honor” also started with childhood conflict. But thankfully only 2/3 of the first episode. It started with conflict between two baseball players: Kim Young Kwang and Seo In Woo. They are a competition to the other, but In Woo was the star while Young Kwang almost considered as untalented. Because of their fight, Young Kwang was dismissed from the first string matches and only allowed to play on the second string. One day, on a match where Young Kwang wanted to show everyone that he could make a home run again after his hitting victory 7 years before, Young Kwang got an accident. He was running to a base and jumped, but landed with his head hit the earth first.

Long before that day, his story started years ago when he was still a 3rd grader…

The fate between Kim Young Kwang and Seo In Woo was stated on that unfortunate day, the day of Yoon Jae In’s 6th birthday. They are connected due to their fathers’ relationship.

Jae In is the only daughter of Chairman Yoon Il Goo. Chairman Yoon ran the company together with his best buddy Vice-Chairman Seo Jae Myeong, In Woo’s dad. Meanwhile Young Kwang is the son of Chairman Yoo’s driver, Kim In Bae.

Driver Kim brough Young Kwang to Jae In’s birthday while he was off to the office to pick up the Chairman. Young Kwang had a hard time because In Woo, the smug boy, looked down on him and said bad things about his dad. In Woo challenged him for a baseball game. Jae In was such an angelic-hearted little girl, so she supported Young Kwang and stood for him when the game turned to get nasty. Young Kwang boast that he was the home-run king at school while the fact was he never played baseball before. That’s why In Woo beat him with the ball several times until Young Kwang could finally make a homerun.

Meanwhile, Chairman Yoon was in hurry to go home when Prosecutor Oh awaited him. She said that there was an allegation that the company was involved in illegal funding. Chairman Yoon had no idea about any of that, so he ran to his friend, Vice-Chairman Seo. When he came into Seo’s office, that guy was counting his dirty money. Chairman Yoon brought Mr. Seo to the prosecutor office.

They were on the way when Mr. Seo finally realized that his friend was going to turn him in. He got panic and asked Driver Kim to stop the car. It was heavily rain out side (with thunderstorms –to make the situation more dramatical– a so-yesterday idea :? ) so the road was slippery. The men was struggling to get the control of the steering wheel… and it ended up very bad. The car flew out of the road into the water. The car sank. Mr. Seo was the first one could escape, and he dragged his friend out along with him. However, as soon as they were safe on the shore, Mr. Seo just realized that the man he saved was not his friend, but the driver.

Jae In’s mother received that bad news on that gloomy rainy evening. Jae In was treating Young Kwang’s wounds (and the kid flirt with Jae In by asking “if we’re grown up, would you marry me?”) after the nasty game when her mother picked her up to rush to the hospital. Before Jae In got into the car, Young Kwang ran after her to give her the ball written: “Young Kwang’s first homerun.” She kept the ball with her.

In the morgue, Prosecutor Oh came to ask questions to Mr. Seo and driver Kim about what really happened to Yoon Il Goo. She suspect that it wasn’t a mere accident. However, Driver Kim decided to back up Mr. Seo by saying that it was his fault for being less careful driving on that slippery winding road.

The unfortunate events didn’t stop there. The panic Jae In’s mom drove the car in hurry. She was talking to Jae In “We’re going to meet your father soon” when suddenly the road ahead was blocked by falling rocks from the mountain. The car flew out the road and flipped. The police could only find Jae In’s mom and she was in a coma. While Jae In was nowhere to be found. She was announced missing.


Young Kwang came home with the spirit of becoming a baseball player. He asked his mom to buy him baseball equipments. But that night, the television announced about the Yoon Family tragedy. Young Kwang realized that the girl he just met went missing…probably dead.

Mr. Seo ordered Driver Kim to find out about Yoon Jae In’s whereabout, to keep her away forever. He was going to be the chairman, and he didn’t want his plan to be ruined by the real heiress. Mr. Seo told  Driver Kim to do the dirty job to keep Jae In away with the price of a financial help for his family.


A little girl was found somewhere with the condition of not remembering anything, even her own name. The police reported it to Mr. Seo and then he ordered Driver Kim to do what he said. Mr. Seo wanted Yoon Jae In’s name to be erased.

Young Kwang went to the funeral and bumped into In Woo. He was looking for news about Jae In, but ended up facing In Woo who was insulting Driver Kim. The two boys ended up having a serious fight. Mr. Seo summoned them two and Driver Kim kept bowing beg for forgiveness. That upset Young Kwang. He hated when his father always kept his head down to everyone even if he didn’t do any mistake. Young Kwang said that he’s gonna grow up as man with honor and never let himself nor his father to down their heads to other people.

Driver Kim brought Jae In to an orphanage. He had doubt to do that, but he had no choice. However, he didn’t have a heart to erase Jae In’s trace of her past completely, so he told her clearly that she should remember one thing: her name was Yoon Jae In. That poor little girl grew up with only three things left from her past: her name, Young Kwang’s ball, and Driver Kim whom everyone thought was Jae In’s father.

Young Kwang joined the same baseball club with In Woo with only one spirit: he would beat In Woo through baseball and become the best baseball player.

But as time went by and they were grown up… Young Kwang never succeeded to beat In Woo.

With all his wealth, In Woo’s training was in advance from everyone. So he became the stars on the field. Meanwhile Young Kwang stayed behind as the second man who was close to the word “loser”.

And we’re back to the day when Young Kwang got an accident on the field, bumping his head to the ground. On the other game, Seo In Woo also got an accident. He got hit on the nose. Arriving in the same hospital, everyone’s attention was only to In Woo, who was only had a broken nose but screaming like he had broken ribs or got stabbed by a bat. Meanwhile the real injured man was left alone…calling out for a help.

He heard a voice of someone’s activity and called out, “Is anyone there?” several times. He tried to sit up, but fail…and on that right time, a hand caught him. A beautiful face of a nurse appeared in front of him asking, “You’re Kim Young Kwang, am I right? Number 47 who hit the winning hit on Phoenix Cup.”

Young Kwang was almost unconcious, but he asked, “Do you know me?”

“I’ve always been your fan since that game.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Yoon Jae In.”

And that name kind of rang a bell in Young Kwang’s memory…


To tell the truth, the only reason i considered to watch this drama and tried to write the summary is because it’s starred by Cheon Jeong Myeong and Park Min Yeong. The melodramatic story plot and over-dramatic intrigue is actually not my type. But I’m giving it a try here… 


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