Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 21 Summary

Glory Jane episode 21, the real war between Yoon Jae In and Chairman Seo Jae Myeong starts now.

Young Kwang couldn’t stop Jae In from announcing her plan of distributing her 50% company’s shares to all GeoDae’s employees. He just waited outside to give himself a space to breathe and think about everything. Meanwhile, the furious Chairman Seo sent all his troops to the studio. Young Kwang stood still and tried to stop them from coming into the studio. He thought he was alone, but one by one the other Heo Yeong Do’s team were coming and made a human barricade (Young Kwang excluded Cha Hong Joo from the line) to block Chairman Seo’s men attempt on breaking into the studio. But 3 men against many was a bit hard. Fortunately, by the time they broke the door, Jae In had just finished her announcement.

Young Kwang narrated: “To be honest, I don’t understand why you’re doing this. But seeing your smile is back, for me that’s enough.”

Seo In Cheol called Jae In to meet. He told her to take back her announcement and told her that it was a very lame idea. Jae In refused to cooperate and she insisted on proceeding her plan. Seo In Cheol was ready for the war, too.

Heo Yeong Do team thought they’re untouchable. But I wondered why the didn’t see it coming at all? The team was disbanded. Joo Dae Seong and Cha Hong Joo were each appointed to other departments. And the open recruitment was cancel, so that meant Young Kwang and Geun Bok wouldn’t be the employee of GeoDae company. Everyone was upset. But Heo Yeong Do, in bitterness, said that the company is an organization. They should obey what the leader said.

Seo In Cheol told In Woo about Chairman Seo’s disbanding Heo Yeong Do’s team and his plan to sue Young Kwang for he did to In Woo in the warehouse. In Woo was angry, knowing that his cousing had to up to something. “Are you going to use me again like when I was a kid? I know it wasn’t Kim Young Kwang who beat me up.” Seo In Cheol just left with a smile on his face.

Watching Heo Yeong Do’s team was disbanded in front of her eyes, Jae In confronted Chairman Seo. “What are going to do next after this??” asked Jae In. Chairman Seo said he would make Jae In lost everything. He was about leave the office when finding out that In Woo was actually behind the door. “If you do that to her, you will lose me as well,” In Woo said. “Are you threatening you own father?” asked Chairman Seo. “No, as a son, this is a request, Father.”

In  the elevator Jae In told In Woo not to do that, fighting his own father for her. But In Woo said he would protect her no matter what, even though the truth was he was actually so scare. He had no idea where it would lead him, but he would go on with it.

Grandmother’s is suffered from Alzheimer, the doctor had confirmed that to Mrs. Kim. Then at home, she made the announcement to her three kids. Jin Joo was the most hysterical. The Grandma kept thinking that Jae In still lived at their house. She asked Young Kwang to also look for Jae In since he said he was going out for a fresh air.

Young Kwang was sitting in front of the noodles shop, thinking about the problems in his life and in his family’s life, when Seo In Woo came. He said he would sue him because Young Kwang had beaten him in the warehouse. I was sure that they’re up to something with that case.

Jae In was opening the department that would handle the share’s distribution to the company’s employees. She brought along her group of attorneys. However, no body appear to claim their rights. She didn’t that Chairman Seo was trying to convince all the managers that Jae In’s just joking around and the president of the company was still him. Heo Yeong Do watched the situation and decided to start doing some actions too. He took out his mobile and started calling his old team.

Joo Dae Seong and Cha Hong Joo responded immediately as they received the text. Meanwhile Young Kwang and Oh Geun Bok were summoned and ordered to follow him to the lobby. He was making a public protest about the sudden-with-no-solid-reason cancellation of the open recruitment program and if the program was just a kind of joke. Young Kwang and Geun Bok followed his action. Other employees started to question what had the company done to this most solid marketing department that contribute to 30% of the company’s profit?

Cha Hong Joo’s job was to publicize the provocative posters showing how Chairman Seo’s man tried to beat Young Kwang in front of the studio when Jae In’s making the announcement.

And Joo Dae Seong was in charge in creating a buzz among the netizens.

And then Heo Yeong Do put on a show when Chairman Seo’s men were using violence when trying to send him away from the lobby. Heo Yeong Do pretended that he collapsed due to his high blood pressure. Cha Hong Joo called out the paramedic while Joo Dae Seong was screaming like crazy to everyone watching, “Does the company has to go this far to us while we just asking them to give an explanation for the cancellation of the open recruitment program?” After the paramedic took away Heo Yeong Do, Young Kwang and Geun Bok continued on the protest action. Other employees started to follow them.

Meanwhile, Jae In’s worry finally ended when the old security guy was the first man to come to claim his right of the share. Then when Jae In checked outside, team leader Go was there along with other people who eventually showed up.

But then Jae In was informed that something bad happened to Kim Young Kwang. When Jae In arrived at the lobby, two police officers were handcuffing Young Kwang and brought him away.

Meanwhile In Woo was meeting Prosecutor Oh. I bet the two boys were working together to help Jae In…

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