Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 2 Summary

Man of Honor episode 2 started with a little flash back to that unfortunate night when Jae In lost his father, her mother went coma and her memory was gone. Injured Jae In was still stuck in the flipped car. She was crying for her mom when she saw a light. And there was also a sound of ringing bell from that mysterious savior.

After being found by Driver Kim, in order to save his family, Driver Kim had to put her in an orphanage. However, instead of erasing Yoon Jae In’s name from the any record like Mr. Seo had ordered him, Driver Kim assured that poor little girl that she shouldn’t forget her name no matter what. “Your name is Yoon Jae In, never forget that.”

Before he died, Jae In’s father had prepared a birthday gift with a sincere pray for his daughter. Viewers was seeing Jae In was crying in the middle of the night while listening to her fathers’ pray:

“Dear God, please protect my daughter. Don’t let her get injured. Don’t let her cry. Let her understands tolerance and forgiveness. Let true love open her heart. And lastly, let her find happiness.”

Mr.Seo found the necklace and threw it away. But later that night, when the cleaning service had thrown away the garbage to the collecting place, a mysterious man with some bells picked the necklace up.

Jae In has grown up to be a very cheerful and active junior nurse who worked at a hospital. She’s always in a trouble facing the Head Nurse since she has an eccentric way to treat her patients. She let a patient went out of the hospital because the patient wished to breathe a fresh air but ended up coming back to the hospital with a flu. She also always put flowers for her patients, which was quite dangerous if any of them got a certain flower allergic. However, she’s a very likeable person, within her seniors or patient.

She was very enthusiastic to do the final exam in Seoul the next day, but she had to do a detention first for her reckless attitude. She was in her detention in storage near the emergency ward when she heard someone was crying for help. It was Kim Young Kwang, a baseball player she recognized and adore. She helped him right in time when Young Kwang was about to collapse. He asked her who she was, and Jae In told him her name. Young Kwang vomit before he lost consciousness.

Jae In burst into the operation room were doctors and the head nurse was about to undergo In Woo’s plastic surgery for his nose. Jae In told them that there’s a more emergency patient who needed their help. She told them the brief of Young Kwang’s symptoms and the doctors hurriedly go to check his condition. Thanks to Jae In, doctor quickly found out that Young Kwang’s injury was very serious and they need to do the surgery for him.

Jae In was ready to catch the last bus to Seoul for her to do the final exam to make her officially a senior nurse. But when she was standing in front of the elevator, something caught her intention.

Young Kwang’s condition was critical in his surgery process. He lost a lot of blood, but thankfully a bag of blood donor came right in time. Young Kwang had his father who came from Seoul to accompany him. Mr. Kim had to lie to his wife, telling that it was his friend who was injured, not their son.

But bad news came along with Young Kwang’s condition. Because of his 4 broken ribs, he needed about 2 months of recovery period. But Young Kwang didn’t have that much time according to the coach. This second-to-loser baseball player already got his final warning and resting for 2 months would probably equal to get fired right away. His father beg the coach, but the coach didn’t have enough power to back up Young Kwang. He suggested Mr.Kim to talk to Seo In Woo, another baseball player who’s hospitalized in the same hospital.

Gaining consciousness after the surgery the next day, Young Kwang seek for his father when he saw Mr.Kim’s broken old wrist watch. He went out to the corridor and saw his father was walking towards another room: Seo In Woo’s. Mr. Kim brought the most modest fruit parcel (in comparison with other parcels) and begged In Woo to let Young Kwang kept playing for the club after his 2 months recovery. In Woo didn’t only refuse to do it, but also insulted the old man. Unfortunately, Young Kwang had to listen to all that from behind the door.

Young Kwang was upset to his father because he cared for him so much. So after his father left for home, Young Kwang burst into In Woo’s room to make a mess. He was looking for his father’s parcel for In Woo to take it away with him. But Young Kwang’s action made the nurse panic. Jae In tried to separate the men but got scolded by both of them, so she threw a bucket of water onto them.

Mr. Seo paid a visit to his son in the hospital. Just right after he entered the elevator with his men, a beggar came along into the elevator too. That old man carried his chanting bells on his belt, so we finally could see the mysterious man’s face.

Seo In Chul spontaneously protected Mr. Seo when the beggar started to say something to Mr. Seo. He was saying things in analogy, regarding Mr. Seo as a fox and about how the fox would have a bad ending for his sins. The beggar finally got beaten in the elevator.

Jae In was in hurry to meet the Head Nurse when she bumped into Mr. Seo and found the injured old man in the elevator. She rushed him to the doctor and that made her late to come to Head Nurse. She got scolded again, but as always…Jae In got her best reason.

Meawhile, Young Kwang was looking for a bandaid for his injured hand when he accidently heard Jae In being scolded by the Head Nurse.

What he didn’t prepare was after the Head Nurse was gone, Jae In would burst out from behind the curtain with the cart. And Jae In also never thought that a patient would be right there.

As the result from the incident, Young Kwang’s broken ribs got broken again and it cost him the whole two months for recovery. Young Kwang blamed Jae In for this no matter how hard that nurse said sorry.

Young Kwang said rude things about Jae In that she’s just no more than just a helper in that hospital, not even a real nurse. Jae In lost her patience and let out the fact about how sucks Young Kwang had been as a baseball player. Young Kwang was offended, asking, “Who do you think you are talking about me like that??”

“I’m a fan.”

Young Kwang really didn’t see it coming, so he just startled there.

“I’m going to have another nurse taking care of you. I’m sorry,” said Jae In.

When Jae In felt down, the old man approached her and said that the money she gave him was used for buying some snacks and yogurt. He invited her for snack time together.

The old man said, “Let’s play a wish game.” Then he asked Jae In to tell him all his wishes. Jae In said she had many wishes.

“How many?”

“Three wishes.”

“Then just tell me all of them.”

Jae In started: “Firstly, I wish I can see my family. The second one is I want to be a great nurse like Nightingale.  And lastly, I want to experience a true love. When I meet that person, we will get married, build a family and live a happy life.”

Then the old man said, “There’s no blessing and prayer more earnest than your parents’. It’ll be a good protection. From now on, this key will help you achieve your wishes.”

The key necklace was finally arrived in Jae In’s hand after so many years.

As Jae In had promised him, Young Kwang was treated by another nurse. She did some checking on her condition, making sure that his body received the blood donor just fine. Young Kwang had no idea about blood donor during his surgery.

“Hasn’t Jae In told you anything?” asked the nurse.

She finally told Young Kwang that Jae In was his blood donor. And because of this, she missed the first bus taking her to Seoul and that meant she missed the final exam that she had prepared for years…just to save Young Kwang.

Young Kwang was surprise and straightly felt sorry for every rude words he had said to her earlier. He rushed down to look for Jae In, but she was no where to be found inside the hospital.

Jae In was still with the old man when the nun from the orphanage came to visit her. She asked Jae In what she was doing outside sitting on the bench alone. Jae In said she wasn’t alone, but when she was going to introduce the old man, he has gone.

The nun brought her something that would change her life. She said it’s something that the late Head of Nun wanted Jae In to have: letters sent by her father.

Finding out that her father didn’t really abandoned her all this time, Jae In was more than being surprised. Her first wish is about to become true.


Watching episode 2 I wrinkled my forehead as the story contained “magical” aspect. That beggar was a kind of Jae In’s guardian angel…Harry Potter image just suddenly popped up in my head.

I hope this story is not gonna emphasize more on “beyond logical” story plot and just got more realistic. I have watched episode 3 and 4, and as spoilers…you can’t expect a happy story for that next two episodes :( .


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