Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 14 Summary

Finding the truth for Young Kwang was supposed to be relieving (because he and Jae In weren’t siblings), but the fact was he felt heart broken, upset, but mostly confused. He was already fired by Heo Yeong Do if Jae In didn’t try to negotiate with Heo Yeong Do that Young Kwang must have had a good reason for not coming that morning and he would come back to the office at the end of the day. Jae In put her own position on the line for that.

So while the others were assigned to find some stuffs in the warehouse, Young Kwang was still in the cemetery, feeling pitty for himself and Jae In and his their late fathers. Jae In succeeded to make In Woo worked along with the team.

Young Kwang finally answered Jae In’s call asking him what really happened. He couldn’t hold his cry and said, “Yoon Jae In, i’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Heo Yeong Do visited Mrs.Kim at the restaurant, finishing 5 bowls of noodles before he finally said that he was In Bae’s old friend. He was there after receiving a news from Cha Hong Joo that Jae In and Young Kwang lived in the same house and Kim In Bae was Jae In’s father. He tried to ask for a confirmation from Mrs.Kim, but she refused to say anything and made him leave.

Heo Yeong Do asked Hong Joo to ask the police to find out Young Kwang’s whereabout. That man was baseball sparring. Heo Yeong Do came down there to advise him that he couldn’t give up for the sake of what his father trusted him to do. He had to survive…for his father’s trust and for Jae In.

Jae In succeeded to make In Woo worked with the team. He found it fun at last, finding things and in a rush delivered them to the presentation room. Chairman Seo looked at the scene and felt happy.

However, Jae In recognized the Chinese client’s mediator as a “pervert” she once met and had a fight with in a karaoke place. An incident happened as the old man mistake Jae In for being annoying to him in purpose. They turned into a fight. The situation was a mess and Chairman Seo witnessed the scene.

Jae In had to be responsible of what she did, and thanks to a proverb or wise words (i don’t really get those two realm) Jae In wrote to the Chinese client after a deep bow apologize. The business matter was then solved.

As Chairman Seo was interested in Jae In’s achievement, he invited her to have a tea together. But what everyone was so scared about happened. Chairman Seo asked for her name and Jae In told him her name gladly like always. She also told him in detail when Chairman Seo asked about his father. “Kim-In-Bae. The man who used to be a driver for the this company’s director was my father.”

And In Woo was too late to avoid that from happening.

Chairman Cha put the blame on In Cheol, but In woo told his father that it was his request for not telling him about Jae In. He told his father that he knew what would happen to their family’s ownership and leadership of the company, but still he defended Jae In by telling his father that she couldn’t remember anything.

In Woo asked Jae In to stop worrying about Young Kwang over herself. He also asked for her attention. He was  so upset watching Jae In tried to call Young Kwang several time and threw the mobile onto the floor. But Young Kwang finally came right in time.

Young Kwang’s attitude was different. He was calmer and a lot more caring to Jae In.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Yoon was ready for a war. She had a very high spirit and determination on doing the therapy.

Young Kwang asked Jae In to stop worrying him. He felt very remorseful.

Jae In and Young Kwang just arrived at their family’s restaurant and enjoyed the noodles Mrs.Kim made for them and Jin Joo and grandmother when suddenly Chairman Seo showed up. Young Kwang stepped forward, trying to avoid Chairman Seo stepped any further into their restaurant (but the real reason was to avoid him touch Jae In. But the bodyguards got Young Kwang and Chairman Seo started his acting skill.

He pretended to be the uncle who had been missing his best friend’s long lost daughter and had been looking for her everywhere. Jae In had no idea what he was talking about

Looked at his fake cry…

I had a feeling that Chairman Seo was thinking about making Jae In marrying In Woo in the near future to secure his wealth. But did he forget about the resurrected Mrs. Yoon?

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