Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 17 Summary

If Glory Jane episode 16 was the turning point of Seo In Woo, this episode is Jae In’s. This whole time we just think that Jae In is just a naive girl who hasn’t seen the reality of life, in this episode, I think our heroine had eventually just enough of it.

In Woo’s bravery was a real shock for both the son and the father. In Woo just couldn’t believe that after growing up with his father’s beating, it was the first time he raised his hand to hold his father’s hand and put it down. And for the father, he just realized that his son’s hand was the same big as and more powerful than his! Ha!

In the office, Young Kwang was facing a problem that the old man gave him a hard task related to an old tent. Joo Dae Seong didn’t want to help him.

In Woo’s mother blamed Jae In for her son’s choice to take Jae In’s side instead of his father. She took out all Jae In’s stuffs and told her to get out of the house, but In Woo, once again, took Jae In’s side by threatening his mom by saying, “If Jae In, i’ll go too.”

At the noodle shop, Mrs. Kim was surprised by the land lady visit telling her that the shop had been sold to someone. She told them the name of the new owner was Yoon Jae In.

This matter made Young Kwang furious knowing that it had to be Chairman Seo’s doing, not Jae In. So he stormed into Chairman Seo’s office and told him that he wouldn’t stay still about it. Meanwhile Jae In, knowing nothing, was visited by Jin Joo who came confronting her about she was buying the noodle shop while she knew it’s the place where Kim family’s biggest income came from. Coming into the office, Jae In saw Young Kwang who was cursing and looking upset more to himself. She asked him if everything was okay. Young Kwang said that everything was okay. And it’s the same answer when Young Kwang asked Jae In the same question. They both knew that everything was not okay, but they didn’t to make each other worry.

Young Kwang’s problem about the tent’s spare part problem got lucky because three people decided to help him. When they finally found out that the particular part could be found in a warehouse, all the four of them went there and started to search.

They’re working till late. While Jae In just remember that she had to attend the Seo Family dinner out event, the light suddenly off and the door was close. But fortunately, it was just another Joo Dae Seong’s doing.

In the family dinner, Jae In suddenly told Chairman Seo that she would sign the agreement with one condition: she would hold the legal certificate of the noodle shop’s ownership. Chairman Seo’s bleak face of course changed to be bright when he heard that.

Meanwhile Mrs. Yoon was visited by Seo In Cheol. He told her that he could help her fighting against Seo Jaeng Myeong. If she wanted to get revenge, she had to believe him. In Cheol then gave Mrs. Yoon the photographs of Jae In.

The agreement was signed and Jae In got the certificate.

The next day, before leaving the room, Jae In took a look at the card she got after her success in the second interview test at work. The card only said, “Hope is nowhere!” She tore it in a perfect tear that it left two pieces that change the sentence into a whole new meaning, “Hope is now, here!”

She secretly put the noodle shop ownership certificate in front of the shop. Mrs. Kim found it that morning and knew it was Jae In’s doing because that girl also left a cheering note.

Jae In went to the hospital carrying a board written her mother’s name Yeo Eun Joo and asking here and there to other patients if they knew her. She was dragged out by the guards, but the nurse who knew the truth approached her and told her that her mom was still in the hospital but at different floor.

Jae In rushed to the room, but what she didn’t know was she was actually passing by her own mother who was secretly escorted out of the hospital by In Cheol’s men. When Jae In finally came into the room, she was so surprise to find Seo In Cheol there.

Ha! My guess was right. The old man was not just an ordinary angry grandpa who nagged for his old tent. Chairman Seo had a meeting with him and faced him with a full respect manner, so this old man had to be a very important person in Geo Dae.

Jae In went deeper to the room, finding an empty bed. She found a comb and her own photographs on the table, indicating that her mother was indeed there few minutes ago. For the first time after the past 16 episodes, Jae In looked really angry. She turned back to In Cheol to scream out asking, “Where is my mother???”

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