Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 18 Summary

It took 16 episodes for Jae In to reunite with her mother again. And the man she should be “thankful” to was none other than Seo In Cheol. That man refused to let Jae In meet her mom at first. He even stood still when Jae In bit his hand and made Jae In gave up, broke down and cried. But the emergency phone call from Kim Gyeong Joo changed his mind. The secretary informed him that Chairman Seo summoned all shareholders for a meeting. He had only 30 minutes to get there. In Cheol let Jae In came along. On the way, she saw the bite mark on In Cheol’s hand and put a band-aid on it.

Chairman Seo thought he almost succeeded to declare his full ownership of Geo Dae after Jae In signed the agreement and the shareholders agreed with him. Until suddenly an uninvited guest came on a wheelchair. The late Chairman Yoon’s wife resurrected. Everyone was surprise and the meeting was put on hold.

Looking at Mrs. Yoon’s condition, Chairman Seo didn’t feel under threat at all. He thought there’s nothing much that sick woman could do even though she constantly cursed at him and swore of getting a revenge. Chairman Seo asked her about who had helped her out of the hospital and told her about the meeting. She didn’t tell him anything. Chairman Seo talked something bad about the late Chairman Seo (about his weakness in running the company) and it made Mrs. Yoon furious that she even managed to stand on her feet and made few steps towards Chairman Seo’s desk. When Chairman Seo was distracted, Mrs. Yoon took the envelope knife and stabbed it to Chairman Seo’s arm.

As Chairman Seo was growling, all his staffs and In Cheol burst into the room. They ran him to hospital, leaving the exhausted and frustrated Mrs. Yoon crawling on the floor. For the first time after their years of separation, Jae In held her mother again. Young Kwang and his sister just watching from out side the room. Unfortunately, Mrs. Yoon had used most of her energy while her condition was actually still weak. So she soon passed out and Young Kwang ran her to the hospital.

Mrs. Yoon was back to coma. Jae In turned cold as she witnessed everything in one day. Young Kwang stayed beside her on the waiting room. Seo In Woo saw them and approached them. The first thing he said was asking if Jae In was okay. Jae In coldly told him that how could he still ask her after all this time she’d been fooled by her father telling that her mother was dead and then she finally met her, but then she’s back to crisis. In Woo tried to defense himself, but Jae In insisted him to leave. Later on Young Kwang talked to In Woo and told him to leave Jae In alone for awhile.

In the hospital lobby, Jae In saw Chairman Seo was leaving the hospital with his staffs. She couldn’t hold her anger and was about to approach him when a hand grabbed her away. It was Seo In Woo. He told her it wasn’t the best time to confront him. In Woo then told her that he didn’t know about his father’s lie. But Jae In was still angry and she didn’t want to listen to him any longer. She just left.

Ah, anyway, In Cheol just found out that Chairman Seo was sick. That’s the reason why he was so insistence to make In Woo his successor soon, pushed Jae In to sign the agreement and all his rush plan. The symptoms he had been showing was a real thing. That evil man was badly ill.

Young Kwang discussed Jae In’s matter with Heo Yeong Do. They need to find a way in helping her fighting Chairman Seo. Heo Yeong Do then told him that there’s actually one thing that can help: money. He knew that the chairman seemed to face a financial problem in business. So money was the key.

Young Kwang visited the cranky old man to just have a chat and have his shoes polished. He told the old man that he needed lots of money to help someone. The old man right guessed him, “It must be (for) a girl!” Young Kwang said yes. When the old man asked him who the girl was, Young Kwang explained Jae In’s situation, including the scheme of helping her to fight against Chairman Seo. The old man was surprised, “Yoon Il Goo’s missing daughter is alive??” Young Kwang asked if he knew them. The old man denied.


That night Young Kwang was planning to accompany Jae In in the hospital, but found her no where. Jae In was actually going to see Prosecutor Oh. In a dark corridor, Young Kwang sensed that someone had been following him. And yes, someone pat his shoulder and Young Kwang was ready to punch him when he found a polite man asking nicely if he was Kim Young Kwang.

Jae In figured out there had to be something happened in the past that made Chairman Seo tried to keep Jae In away from her mom, made her sign an agreement related to the company, and her mother hatred towards Chairman Seo. She asked Prosecutor Oh to tell her what really happened in the past and she did.

Young Kwang was brought into a big house of a wealthy man. Young Kwang had no idea what happened and who the man he’s meeting was, until he saw the tent’s part he gave the old man the other day. He realized that the wealthy man who summoned him was actually the old man who polished his shoes!

Knowing everything that happened to her family, Jae In came to Seo residence in a heart full of anger. She confronted Chairman Seo to talked about what he had done to his father. Chairman Seo said the unfortunate event was actually his father’s own mistake. He talked bad things about Chairman Yoon. Jae In lost his patience and slapped him! She slapped him in front of Mrs. Seo, In Woo and In Cheol.

“I swear i will take revenge. I will make you and your family pay for what you have done to me and my family!”


I don’t know how Jae In would turn to be after that night. I was thinking of other characters in novels and movies, but then I remember Eugene’s character in “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”. The writer could make her changed 180 degrees, from a simple girl to be a full of revenge scary girl. I still can’t guess if they will make Jae In that way.


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  1. Thank you for posting the summary. Sometimes I don’t have much time to watch Glory Jane in each episode eventhough I really want to watch it fully. But by reading this summary, so I know the storyline of it as a whole.

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