Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 12 Summary

In the last scene of episode 11, Young Kwang was badly drunk and carried home by Seo In Woo. Jae In took care of him and then he finally sobered up. He was disappointed of himself and felt ashamed. But what made him sad the most was the “fact” that Yoon Jae In was his younger sister.
“Yoon Jae In, why should you be my younger sister? Why can’t you stay be the nagging nurse assistant?”
Jae In knew where it would lead. She was about to flee, but Young Kwang caught her hands and made her stay.
Then he held Jae In’s face and leaned forward to kiss her…but Jae In looked away.

“Yes, it’s supposed to stop right here, right? If I had gone any further then I’d be the trash.”
Young Kwang said it’s made him crazy, but having Jae In right there as his younger sister was enough for him. Then he laid his head on Jae In’s lap.
Gyeong Joo saw the scene from outside the room.

Meanwhile Mrs.Kim came home with a devastated heart. In episode 11 she paid a visit to her old madame in the hospital. There she found out that Yoon Jae In who stayed with her these whole time, whom her late husband told her to give her a good life…was Yoon Il Goo’s long lost daughter. She finally put the whole puzzle together and realized that her husband had done a terrible sin towards Jae In and that’s what made him felt so remorseful toward that girl.
Then the imagination of Mr. Kim appeared in front of Mrs. Kim, just saying he’s sorry. Mrs. Kim couldn’t help but break down and cry.

In the morning, Young Kwang pretended that he didn’t remember anything from last night. Jae In bought that lie, but not his noona. Gyeong Joo came into Young Kwang’s room and asked how was his feelings. Young Kwang pretended he didn’t get what Gyeong Joo said, but she just gave him some words, “Don’t just give your heart to anyperson. You can’t give your heart to that girl.”

In the office, as the second interview task was reaching the deadline, everyone was busy to find out the way to complete the task.
Young Kwang still couldn’t sell his jacket to the Chairman, as the Chairman told him to first made him laugh so that he would buy Young Kwang’s jacket.
The company was holding a party for a new product launching. Everyone was going there. Jae In had to be the mascot, while Young Kwang had to find the right time to approach the chairman.

In Woo who came with his mother suddenlt got the seizure. The worst was he lost the medicine. He hid in the bathroom until In Cheol’s people found him. Mrs.Seo was frustrated and ordered her men to move In Woo into a quiet place and In Cheol to find the medicine no matter what. The driver actually found the medicine, but strangely In Cheol lied to Mrs.Seo that he couldn’t find the medicine.

Jae In heard about In Woo’s condition and finally decided to interfere. In Cheol let her in, and Jae In called the doctor to instruct her what she should do to In Woo.
Jae In successfully made In Woo a bit calmer. The she told him to close his eyes and remember any good memory from his childhood, or any present memory that made him happy, or any person whom he felt comfortable with the most.
In Woo recalled the memory when he gave the small bag as Jae In’s 9th birthday present, then he remembered the day he forced kiss Jae In and the person that made him comfortable was the girl right in front of her: Yoon Jae In.
In Woo soon got better and ready to go back to the party.

Back in the party, Young Kwang was given 5 minutes by the Chairman to make him laugh.Young Kwang’s plan was actually to make the Chairman as pissed off as he could. He did it by giving Chinese proverbs about how the good will beat the bad at the end -sort of. Chairman Seo ordered his men to drag Young Kwang out.
“What? Are you afraid of me, Chairman?” challenged Young Kwang.
Spontaniously, the megalomaniac Chairman Seo laughed himself out loud in front of everyone. Ms. Cha’s timer showed 3 seconds before 5 minutes. Young Kwang won.
This incident of course, made Chairman Seo furious as ever.

The first person Young Kwang shared his victory was of course Jae In.They made a spontanious celebration and forgot themselves for seconds that Young Kwang lifted Jae In on the air before the two realized what they’re doing.

There were only 4 people to pass the second interview challenge.
The ex-loan shark guy, Kim Young Kwang, Yoon Jae In, and Seo In Woo.

In Woo came down Jae In’s place that night.
He came to apologize for everything he did to her, including the way he disrespected her the other day.
He sincerely apologized and BEG her to be back working as his personal nurse.
He said he would trusted himself to Jae In wholeheartedly.

On the other place, Young Kwang was given a number of a safety box in the office.
He opened the box and found a small box waiting for him.
He was so surprise to see his father’s old broken watch in there.


If you’re looking for summary episode 5 to 11 and you can’t, don’t get confused. It’s true that I skipped 7 episodes. I hesitated many times about continue writing summary for this drama. But just like what I did with “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” where I started at episode 17, I think it’s okay to wait till this far as the story started to be more interesting.

I still don’t know if I’ll be going back to those skipped episode or not. But I think I’m gonna go forward from here.

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