Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 3 Summary

In the previous episode, at the ending, Young Kwang was looking for Jae In while she was meeting the nun who gave her a box of letters from her father. However, this episode started with Chairman Seo visiting his hospitalized son. He came in anger and disappointment. Chairman Seo was super scary that it even turned his own only son to have a sudden motoric disorder: his neck was twisted and stuttered very badly that he couldn’t even finish the word “father”.

We finally knew that despite his facility support for In Woo’s baseball career, he really hate it. He expected his son to enter the real business anytime soon and start to run his duty as the heir. His father insisted him to quit baseball right away.

Seo In Chul, In Woo’s cousin from his father’s side, is the right hand man of Chairman Seo. When the father and son involved in a deadly arguments like what was happening in the hospital, In Chul stepped forward to calm both men down.

On his way out of the hospital, while he was still in a great anger towards his disappointing son, Chairman Seo suddenly got a heart attack. (I was so shock: “Is it THAT fast?”). He remembered the beggar’s words in the elevator about his life is about to go down, but then slowly his condition was getting better.

In Woo was straightly back to normal as soon as his father left. Then he got the idea of making the Head Nurse ordered Jae In to clean up his room by telling him about the bucket of water she threw towards him and Young Kwang earlier that day. In Woo was interested in Jae In for her name. He asked her several personal questions and all of them related to her father.

“Does the name of Yoon Il Goo mean anything to you?” asked In Woo. Jae In just casually answered no.

“Is your father still alive?” In Woo started to be annoying. Jae In hesitated a while for the question, but then she gladly answered, “Yes. He lives in Seoul.”

After being released by In Woo, Jae In was ready to go home when she noticed someone was busy talking to himself in the dark corner of the elevator lobby. Young Kwang was cursing himself of being stupid and sorry for saying rude things to Jae In. He also promised that he would give her a very big presents to express his gratitude towards her.

“Really? You will give me a big present? Can I get it now?” Jae In interrupted and surprised Young Kwang.

“Of course you can’t,” said Young Kwang, “with my current condition.”

“But you can do me a big favor instead.”

“What is that?”

“Make another home run.”

Jae In got a week detention for self reflection at home. It was under the request from Seo In Woo who felt offended by Jae In the other night. Young Kwang found out about it and rushed to confront In Woo. He was about to explode and express his anger towards In Woo when suddenly a group of journalists approached them. Their object was actually In Woo who was discharge from the hospital that day.

For this scandal, Jae In was upset but take it as a chance to go to Seoul to have a visit of her long-lost father, while Young Kwang was so frustrated that Jae In had to received such punishment after all sincere kindness she done for him.

Meanwhile, there was another mysterious man who seemed to keep an eye for Young Kwang’s every movement that he even write down everything. His identity is not yet revealed, maybe have to wait for another episode.

Jae In arrived in front of Young Kwang’s Noodle Shop which she believed as his father’s address. She put her self together and was ready to get inside when a couple of loan shark guys pushed her aside and came into the noodle shop to make a mess. They demanded for the money, but Mr. Kim could only bowed his head down saying that they didn’t have the money yet.

Watching the two annoying guys kept breaking things and threatening the man she believed as her father, Jae In stepped forward and start to fight the guys. But soon she realized that those guys were in higher league, so she was trying to flee.

Then the three bumped to Mrs. Kim and the grandmother at the front of the shop. The guys were still trying to give Jae In “a lesson” when they stepped onto Mrs. Kim’s veggie. The lady couldn’t take it anymore. She was furious.

The result was a chaos. Mrs.Kim fighting the loan shark leader in a masculine fight and she looked cool. Meanwhile Jae In was fighting the other guy.

Mr. and Mrs.Kim, Jae In and the two loan shark guys ended up in the police station. The police sent the injured men first into the jail and then he started to ask for identity of the three people.

Jae In hesitated to tell the police her name, but she had no choice. Mr. Kim straightly realized that she was Yoon Jae In he left in the orphanage years ago. Jae In called him “Father”, which made Mrs. Kim so surprised while Mr. Kim didn’t know what to say, but to feel grateful that the girl has grown up well.

Young Kwang left a thankful letter for Jae In when he was discharged from the hospital. He left it to Jae In’s senior, but the Head Nurse saw it and demanded it and ended up reading it.

Young Kwang insisted on going to the baseball practice session, ignoring his coach’s words of not to push himself too much since he’s still under recovery. He asked for a ball…but he never made a hit. His broken ribs slapped him back to the reality that he couldn’t play baseball in the mean time.

Young Kwang finally give in and decided to go back home. At the train station, the mysterious man who’d been taking notes about him still followed him around.

Jae In was said to Mr. Kim that she was sorry to come up without notice that she only wanted to see his face and how his life is. She didn’t ask why or demand anything. This scene was probably supposed to be touching, but the thing that disturbed me the most was Mr. Kim’s reluctant of telling Jae In the truth that he IS NOT her father. He did tell her that he was not her father, but instead of explaining the situation briefly, he was saying, “I don’t have the qualification to be called father by you.”

Jae In of course took it as a self guilt expression of her father for leaving her in the orphanage. If I had been Mr.Kim, I would’ve told her probably this way, “I am not your real father, but I love you like my own lost daughter. I’m sorry that destiny had put us in the situation where I couldn’t take care of you myself and pay my debt to your father.” I try to understand the shocking Mr. Kim’s reason for keep shutting his mouth, but this man’s mind seemed to be a little complicated to read.

Mrs. Kim couldn’t handle the “truth” that her husband had a hidden daughter from another woman. But we viewers know the REAL truth, right? She was furious and told Jae In to go away and never show up in front of them anymore.

After putting herself back together, Jae In was ready to go back home when the grandmother offer her to have a dinner first before leaving. Mr. Kim’s eldest daughter faced the situation coldly and spoke no comment, while the youngest one kept resisting Jae In and spoke sharply to her and Mr. Kim.

Meanwhile, Mr.Kim was still trying to persuade Mrs.Kim to understand the situation (but your not telling her anything, mister!!). When he saw Jae In was about to leave, he called her back and told her to have dinner together. Jae In tearfully ate her rice and soup, but it didn’t last long. Mrs. Kim got off her room and sabotage Jae In’s food. Jae In knew her place and excused herself. “It’s okay. I’m happy enough that it is my first time sitting together with a family for dinner.” Then she gave the last bow at the foyer, “Thank you, Father, Grandmother, and…” she never finished the sentence.

Surprisingly, a familiar face was standing at the foyer, too: Kim Young Kwang. “Who’s exactly are you calling Father? Who??”

Young Kwang was surprised and mostly disappointed with his father. “How could you do this to mom, us and Jae In? I’m so disappointed with you as a man and as a father. Do you know that Yoon Jae In is my blood donor?” Young Kwang was frustrated with the situation.

Jae In was sitting alone in the near by park, crying for her own life. The rain was pouring down, but she didn’t move a bit. Young Kwang finally came to her.

He remember how happy and excited he was when he was writing the letter for Jae In in the hospital. He was very thankful to Jae In for being a fan and her cheering was a booster to lift up his spirit to play baseball again and be a much better player. He was also very thankful that Jae In had given up her nursing final exam just to save his life. In the closing of his letter, Young Kwang hoped to see Jae In again.

“But I never thought I’d be seeing you again like this,” cried Young Kwang silently in his heart.

“Yoon Jae In,” he said to her under the rain, “I apologize for my father and myself.”

Mr.Kim visited the memorial place of the late Mr. Yoon. He  felt a great remorse and asked for forgiveness of what he had done to Jae In. But Mr. Kim promised that since Jae In had been back, he would try to help her get back everything she once had.

At another place in a fancy restaurant, the Seo family was having dinner. Mrs. Seo was trying to persuade her husband to let their son to play baseball a little longer, but she promised to make him go to a set up date soon. Mr. Seo was still having a nerves when everyone was trying to calm him down in each of their own way when a phone call broke the tense.

“Whose phone is it?” Mr.Seo accused both young men who were checking their mobiles.

“It’s your own phone, Honey,” said Mrs.Seo. Ouuch.

It turned out to be a call from Mr.Kim. He brought a shocking bad news for Mr.Seo. “The little girl survived. We should give back everything that was taken away from her.”

Young Kwang dragged Jae In back at home, insisting that she would stay overnight in their home. His mother was highly against it. She didn’t even believe when Young Kwang said that Jae In was his blood donor when his live almost ended on the surgery table. She still insisted her to go out.

Mrs. Kim say harsh things about Jae In mother and it pissed Jae In off. Jae In asked Mrs. Kim to apologize, but Mrs. Kim was getting worse insulting her and her late mother.

Young Kwang made a surprising decision. He grabbed Jae In’s hand and said, “Okay, Yoon Jae In, let’s go out together. I’m ashamed to let you stay here with my disappointing mother.”

And Chairman Seo was so surprised by Mr.Kim’s phone call and the talk about Yoon Jae In’s name.

Frankly, I had a high hope for this drama due to the leading casts. However, just like Tak Gu’s plot, unfortunately this drama has a slow story plot too and over dramatical in many ways.

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