Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 4 Summary

Mr. Kim’s life was in a great danger. The angry Chairman Seo order In Chul to get rid of him and find the girl.

Mr. Kim tried to call Prosecutor Oh several time but she didn’t hear the phone call.

Meanwhile, Young Kwang didn’t really take Jae In anywhere far from his house.

He brought her to their noodles shop and cooked some noodle for her.

We could see that Young Kwang was still trying to change his affection to Jae In from a mere woman into his little sister.

Out there under the pouring rain, In Chul was hunting down Mr.Kim and they found him.

A car hit Mr.Kim and made him suffered a serious injury.

The surgery went okay, but not Mr. Kim’s condition. That poor man finally died in front of his family.

Young Kwang weeped like a child.

Prosecutor Oh was way too late when she realized that she got 17 missed calls from Kim In Bae.

The next day she visited Chairman Seo to dig any information from him if he knew something about Mr.Kim’s sudden call.

She was suspicious that it might be related to the incident happened to the Yoon family years ago.

Chairman Seo, knowing that she missed the call was a little a relief, but refused to cooperate just like he always did from the first time.

At the funeral, Jae In showed up but the youngest daughter kept blaming her.

The eldest daughter and Young Kwang couldn’t say anything.

Jae In only had the grandmother to soothe her.

The Kim family’s unfortunate situation didn’t stop there. The loan shark showed up in the restaurant where Young Kwang was counting their condolence money that didn’t even meet the funeral bill.

The loan sharks were making a mess again and they beat up Young Kwang and threatened the family this time.

Their father’s debt was as high as 35 million won.

Young Kwang knew nowhere to go to make money, so he went to the baseball club.

His coach sent him away since he was still under-recovery, but Young Kwang insisted.

The injury was still in there and Young Kwang failed to hit even a single ball.

His career was over, right there.

He came home finding Jae In waiting for him in front of the noodle shop to say goodbye.

Her one week suspension was about to over and she had to go back to work the next day.

Young Kwang was actually hard to let her go. He called her again and started to drop on his knee.

“I’m sorry, Yoon Jae In. From now on,I won’t be able to show you my homerun. You asked me to kneel down if I couldn’t do it. So, please accept this.

We’re parting now,I’m not sure when we’ll see each other again.Therfore…”

Young Kwang gave a deep bow.

“I’m sorry my number one fan. I’m using this way to say goodbye to my seventeen years of baseball career.”

And there he was the mysterious man who had been following Young Kwang and observed his every move.

His name is Heo Yeong Do. He works for Chairman Seo’s company and had been the company’s most successful sales manager for 7 years.

He was a former baseball player and his team in the office consists of unusual characters of people.

There’s an anti-social genius who did everything. A talented bitch who stands as the front liner. And there’s a lousy fat man who only knew how to eat and doesn’t have any clear jobdesc.

Chairman Seo was interested in him and asked In Chul to study more about this man, since he refused to train In Woo through connection.

He was against Chairman Seo in this In Woo’s training matter, but he said he could train In Woo if he could pass all the tests in the open recruitment.

This guy managed to convince Chairman Seo to have a special open recruitment for him if he wanted In Woo to learn salesmanship from him.

Heo Yeong Do got a hidden agenda about the open recruitment. He’s planning to invite all people he had been observed secretly, including Kim Young Kwang.

Strangely, he had the late Mr.Kim’s old broken wrist watch and a mysterious note.

Back in the Kim’s house, Young Kwang was holding a family meeting when Jae In’s voice shouting from the front gate to ask a permission to get in.

The grandmother helped her in, and Jae In came with all her suitcases.

“I can help with the debt. I have this 35 million won from my savings and my place’s deposit. You can use this money to pay for the debt, and after that we can start over.”

When Mrs. Kim showed a resentment, Jae In said it’s not for free and she’s just lending the money to the family.

She had only one condition: “Let me stay here until you can pay me back the money.”

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