Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 13 Summary

Kim Young Kwang finally found the box that kept by Heo Yeong Do, which held his
late father’s old broken watch and a miysterious note. Young Kwang asked Heo Yeong Do how he could posess those items. Heo Yeong Do finally told him about the night Kim In Bae died. He was there and witnessed everything, and Mr. Kim left those items for him to keep and to give to Young Kwang. Meanwhile, Chairman Seo threatened Young Kwang not to proceed his career at Geodae.

Seo In Woo expressed his feelings towards Jae In. He said he liked her and  wanted her to be the person he’s open to and helped him to become better, both as a man and a patient.

Young Kwang just tried so hard to supress his feelings towards the girl he thought as his half-younger-sister. When Jae In asked him if he was sick or something, Young Kwang just couldn’t hold his desire to hold Jae In’s hand, and he did.Unfortunately, his mother came and saw the scene.Each of them tried to deny what they did or saw, but everybody kind of knew how’s Young Kwang’s feelings for Jae In, including his own mother. Mrs.Kim started to treat Jae In as part of the family. She even made Jin Joo to address Jae In with “onnie” instead of calling Jae In by name.

Seo Jae Myeong visited Jae In’s mother and caused her to have a shock again. He ran into Prosecutor Oh.

Jae In pretended to be sick to avoid Mrs.Kim, but ended up having her treat Jae In very well. She even suggested to bring her to the hospital, but Jae In, Young Kwang and the grandmother tried to convince Mrs.Kim that it was just a minor fever.

In Woo called Jae In’s phone but Jin Joo received the phone, telling him that her onnie was sick. In Woo rushed to Jae In’s place. Surprisingly, he met Cha Hong Joo in front of the Kim’s resident. She was there to meet Young Kwang.

The family was surprised by the uninvited guests, one for Young Kwang and another was for Jae In. Young Kwang couldn’t stop thinking about In Woo in Jae In’s room while he tried to keep polite to Hong Joo. Jae In finally confessed to In Woo that she faked the sick to avoid the ajummeonni, and that made In Woo insisted on staying in her room. He laid on her bed and kept refusing to go despite Jae In’s beg, until Young Kwang stepped inside and almost threw a fist if Mrs. Kim didn’t stop him.

Mrs. Kim made Jae In and Young Kwang sit to talk the matter with her. Young Kwang took all the blame and Mrs.Kim sent Jae In out of the room first. Mrs. Kim asked Young Kwang not to be out of the boundary towards Jae In. She wanted him to keep caring her as an older brother, and nothing more. He couldn’t have any other feelings for her. Mrs.Kim said she would treat Jae In as part of the family for real from then on. Young Kwang kept denying his mother, but Mrs.Kim said, “You are my son. A mother will always know what her son’s feels.”

Jae In was listening to the son and mother conversation. And when Young Kwang was out of the room, she asked him to go out together and have a drink.

Jae In ended up drunk and Young Kwang had to carry her into her bed. That’s when he looked at the photograph of little Jae In with the nuns in the orphanage. He recognized that face. And when he took the photograph, an old baseball ball dropped.
He straightly recognized the writings “Young Kwang’s first homerun” as his own.

In the morning, when Jae In came to his room before they go to the office, Young Kwang acted cold to her. But he asked her about the ball. Jae In told her that the ball was with her from the beginning, from the time she started to live in the orphanage. Young Kwang asked how old she was then. Jae In said she was nine.

Young KWang let Jae In go to the office first, while he confronted his noona. He blamed her for keeping her mouth shut all this time, then asked what’s the name of their father’s late chairman and where’s his cemetery. Gyeong Joo told him everything.

Jae In decided to help In Woo again and informed him early in the morning before office about that. In Woo was childishly happy.

Heo Yeong Do was upset because Young Kwang was the only person who didn’t come to the office. He right then announced that Young Kwang had failed.

Meanwhile at Yoon Il Goo’s cemetery…Young Kwang finally got the message. The mysterious note actually referred to Yoon Il Goo’s ash’s place number. And there he saw Yoon Jae In’s photographs.

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