Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 20 Summary

The best thing I like from Glory Jane Episode 20 is the solid cool team of Heo Yeong Do. I like the way the mysterious Cha Hong Joo and the weird Joo Dae Seong can turn out to be so cool.

The old man decided to accept Young Kwang’s proposal to give his life as the guarantee to let him borrow a large amount of money. Young Kwang thought the old man wanted part of his body literally, but it turned out that the old man kind of wanted his loyalty by working for him for the rest of his life. Young Kwang imagining himself as a shoe polisher and a loan shark.

Last time Heo Yeong Do told Jae In if she continued on the fight against Chairman Seo without a solid plan he would be the one who destryoed her. But then he said “therefore, let’s do it together.” Heo Yeong Do told her that he would support and help her. He started by giving her an address where she could borrow a large amount of money from.  Surprisingly, we just found out that the man behind the idea of Heo Yeong Do meeting Jae In in the hospital was actually Young Kwang.

In Woo got cold responses from his parents the whole morning. But he had his arguments and looked very confidence that his making Jae In falling for him was the best way to save everyone. And despite the war between Jae In and In Woo’s parents, their relationship actually stayed cool. Jae In might not fall for In Woo even after the kiss, but she couldn’t ever hate him.

Jae In went arounf the whole Bukcheon area to find the address Heo Yeong Do gave her and finally arrived in the Old man’s house. Surprisingly, Chairman Seo was already there. They came with the same mission: borrowing money from the old man. Chairman Seo was so upset when the old man said that he had to lend his money to Yoon Jae In because the young man named Kim Young Kwang had given him a guarantee for doing that.

Jae In was happy at first, but after Chairman Seo left, the old man told her that Kim Young Kwang’s guarantee was actually his own life.

Chairman Seo was so upset that he planned to kick Young Kwang from the company. He ordered In Cheol to do the job and didn’t care what kind of method he would use. Seo In Cheol reminded him that Heo Yeong Do might not stay still about it, Chairman Seo said if that happened then they could dismiss Heo Yeong Do’s team as well.

Gyeong Joo knew the plan and worried about her brother. She confronted Jae In to give up her revenge because it would hurt so many innocent people, especially Young Kwang.

In Heo Yeong Do team, continuing the 100 items order in the previous episode, the team got a complain that they miscounted the items. It lack 2 more jackets. It was actually Cha Hong Joo’s doing, but Heo Yeong Do insisted Young Kwang to take the responsibility. Young Kwang was sent to the warehouse again, but alone this time.

In the dark warehouse Young Kwang was suddenly aware that he wasn’t all alone. There’s a mysterious man might be going to hurt him. But then he found In Woo who said was going to help him. In Woo convinced Young Kwang that he’s sincere. But then the light turned off , a smoke raised up and they spotted the mysterious man. They found themselves locked in the warehouse. Young  Kwang told In Woo to activate the fire alarm while he went away to catch the mysterious man. Young Kwang left his suit and his cell phone.

Jae In found out that Young Kwang was still in the warehouse while the fire alarm started screaming. She called him, but In Woo was the one who answer the phone. Jae In ran to the warehouse to open the door for them.

And right after In Woo hung up the phone, he saw this scary face from his childhood. So it wasn’t actually Chairman Seo who made him getting the seizure whenever he’s scared. It seemed that In Woo was kidnapped by this person when he was a kid. And then the man started beating In Woo.

Meanwhile Young Kwang freezed when he saw Oh Geun Bok showed up in front of him holding a wooden bar. But then in a quick move he turned back and punched down the mysterious man behind him. So it was actually Team leader Ko who was the traitor. The whole 100-items-order incident was actually Heo Yeong Do’s scheme to reveal the traitor in his team. And they couldn’t believe that it was team leader Ko.

Jae In got into the warehouse and found In Woo was badly injured. Being hospitalized, Chairman Seo accused Young Kwang as the one who beat down his son. In Cheol showed him a tricky cut of cctv video that convinced Chairman Seo that Young Kwang was the bastard. Just look at In Cheol’s smile there…scary isn’t it?

Team Leader Ko made a public apologize to his team before leaving after being fired by Heo Yeong Do. He shut his mouth for the person who made him betray his own team. But it was interrupted by Seo In Cheol’s sudden visit to the office. He told them that Kim Young Kwang was guilty for what happen to Seo In Woo and he talked about the cctv video as the valid proof. He demanded Young Kwang to take responsibility by leaving the office for good. Heo Yeong Do, and the rest of the team, knew that wasn’t true. Heo Yeong Do stepped forward facing Seo In Woo that he wouldn’t let that unfairness happen and they would put the whole team in the line to prove that Young Kwang was innocent.

Yeong Kwang confronted Seo In Cheol that he wasn’t guilty and he could prove him that. He told In Cheol that no matter how hard they tried to bring him down, they wouldn’t make it because he wouldn’t give up. Seo In Cheol found that as a silly effort and left. Young Kwang suddenly shouted out loud: “Baassssyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” Gyeong Joo looked at the scene from the upstairs corridor and smiled.

Jae In was looking for her pendant that she had thrown away in front of the office in the previous episode. She couldn’t find it, but an old security guard did and handed it back to her. Jae In asked him if he knew about the late Chairman Yoon Il Goo, he said yes. He told her about how kind Chairman Yoon to his employees. For Chairman Yoon, the company was the employees.

Then Jae In made a surprising decision. She came to the old man and told him that she wouldn’t borrow any money from him, so he could “give back” Young Kwang his life. She had Ho Yeong Do to back her up and support her decision. She went to the announcing studio and started her speech. Meanwhile Young Kwang was trying to stop her after he read her written speech given by Cha Hong Joo and Joo Dae Seong.

Jae In started her speech: “My name is Yoon Jae In, i’m the daughter of the late Chairman Yoon Il Goo. From now on, I have decided to share all my 50% shares of the company to all Geo Dae’s employees.”


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