Marry Me, Mary! Episode 1 Summary – an Introduction

The highly anticipated drama this November has finally aired! Oh, I’m so excited. This drama has three great actors and actress as the leadings: Moon Geun Yeong, Jang Geun Seok and last but NOT least the cool Kim Jae Wook :D I like the idea of the drama opening. It takes the idea from the Hollywood animation movie “The Corpse Bride.”

Everyone, meet Wi Mae Ri. A poor girl whose house was cleared out by debt collectors thanks to her own father. She’s strangely positive despite her condition. When trouble had passed she always sat herself down, closed her eyes and counted from one to ten…and when she opened her eyes again, the tough world seemed to fine for her.

Meanwhile, across the ocean, in Japan, there was this wealthy Korean family: the Jeong. The only heir of the family,  Jeong In, the young man with sunglasses, was the kind of Simon Cowell of Japanese Multinational Talent Agency. The family ran an entertainment business and Jeong In was the person in charge. He’s cold, straight to the point when speaking, well mannered -though not the kind of typical arrogant wealthy man, tough with his actreess, and an obidient son. His father praised him for his good work all these time, but that’s just not enough. In order to receive the family throne, he had to have his own family first. In simple word: you needed to be married soon, son.

Although the Wi family was poor and troubled, Mae Ri loved her father so much. They only had each other since the mother had passed away. Mae Ri was more than willing to protect his fugitive father from the debt collectors.

And that night Mae Ri went out with her girl friends. Mae Ri was the one behind the steering wheel (of her friend’s car) when they accidently hit a passer by. Everyone, please meet a boy who had guitar on his back: Kang Moo Gyeol. This young man was just… weird.

However, somehow I thought Mae Ri’s character was weirder. I didn’t want to call her stupid, but this 24 year old girl was just too naive to believe her friends that the young man would probably sue them later on, even though he kept saying “I’m alright” and then left. So Mae Ri, thinking she’s the one responsible for everything, decided to run after Moo Gyeol (whom she thought to be a handsome homeless man) to apologize and make sure he’s not gonna sue them for the accident. She kept running after him…and ended up in front of a music club, the point where Moo Gyeol was lost from her sight. She decided to step in, had a look and found out the assumed to be homeless man turned to be a cool vocalist of a rock band.

(So…de ja vu) :p

Among the crowd, Mae Ri spotted a famous actress, Seo Jun. There she was, our fourth leading character. Seo Jun was actually Moo Gyeol’s ex-girlfriend who kept coming to the club to watch his performances.

Mae Ri waited for Moo Gyeol after his performance. The problem was, she wasn’t the only there. Moo Gyeol seemed to had a bunch of loyal girl fans even though it’s just an indie band perform in clubs. Misunderstanding Mae Ri as one of them, he gave her a hug, just like the way he did it to all his fans. And that was  a shock for Mae Ri.

Outside, Mae Ri witnessed the fight between Moo Gyeol and Seo Jun and ran after Moo Gyeol to a cafe then pretended to be a fan asking for an autograph.

The clever Mae Ri then used Moo Gyeol’s autograph as a signature of a waiver she wrote herself, saying that Moo Gyeol agreed the incident was just an accident and he wouldn’t charge anything to Mae Ri in the future. What she didn’t know was, Moo Gyeol was there watching her writing the waiver. Moo Gyeol tore it off and they both ended up drinking together and got drunk.

The sober Moo Gyeol didn’t talk much, but the drunk one quite the opposite. He revealed a scar beneath Mae Ri’s bangs and said she’s like Harry Potter (poor Mae Ri didn’t know who Harry Potter was? Oh come on…) And the next thing Moo Gyeol did was another surprise: he made a quick kiss on her scar!

The scene couldn’t be cuter…they both looked adorable when they drunk. Mae Ri and Moo Gyeol ended up sleeping on the street together, but strangely in the morning, Mae Ri found herself waking up at home. What she didn’t realize was she wasn’t home alone.

Running out of money, she made an academic leave and went for work as a cleaning service instead. But that didn’t last long either. That day she was fired and went of in disappointment. She did the counting again and when she opened her eyes, she found something wasn’t right. There’s some one else at home. And when she checked on the bathroom…she found the young man from last night.

“Don’t you have any hair conditioner?” Moo Gyeol asked. (what the…?)  :lol:

Intended on sending out Moo Gyeol out, Mae Ri found out that Moo Gyeol got a wound from the accident. She then had no choice but to treat his wound and let him stay home with her. They became good to each other and acted just like friends. Moo Gyeol said Mae Ri was a weird name. Mae Ri said “Marry Christmas” was the words she hated the most.  This scene was quite adorable:

The Jeong family finally came back to Korean after 20 years leaving the country. The obidient Jeon In was ready for business and arranged marriage as well.

And look who apparently were old pals: the fathers. Beaten by the debt collectors on the graveyard, Mr. Wi was saved by Mr. Jeong’s men.

Mae Ri went out the whole day to find a work, but ended up having a very bad day. She went home and welcomed by the barking land lady demanding the rent money. Mae Ri did the counting again, but that time she didn’t stop at ten. For the first time in the drama…this cheerful tough girl cried.

But her cry didn’t last long because the drunk Moo Gyeol showed up and came in. He refused to leave and asked for permission to stay at the house for the next three days. When they’re arguing, Mr. Wi was knocking on the door. Mae Ri hid Moo Gyeol at the bathroom, but it only took an instant for Mr. Wi to find out there’s another person at home since there’s a sound of toilet splashing from the bathroom. And when he opened the door, he found this young man:

This is a very cute drama I had to admit, regardless my disappointment of Moon Geun Yeong’s decision to take the role as a cute lovable girl. I was very entertained and enjoyed the whole show that I smiled and laughed a lot. I bet you guys will love this drama too..

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