Marry Me, Mary! Episode 15 Summary

I can say that episode 15 is about Moo Gyeol being childish. He didn’t want to listen to explanation, yet didn’t want to seek for the truth, abandon his professional work just because a personal issue, and lack of consideration. He’s definitely selfishly childish.

Let me show you what I mean..

Moo Gyeol refused to listen to Mae Ri’s explanation and just left. Mae Ri waited for him at home. She even refused to join her friends in christmas celebration. But what she eventually got? Moo Gyeol sent her away. What a jerk. X|

The next day Moo Gyeol came to the office just to accuse Jeong In that he had planned it all and that’s why he’s withdrawing himself from the drama production. It seemed that Moo Gyeol wasn’t only a jerk, he’s very amateur. Didn’t he know the meaning of “professional”?? He couldn’t just leave as he wish. The contract worth millions of Won and when it came to business, it’s no more about he and Jeong In alone.

So it’s no wonder if the polite Jeong In mocked him as an irresponsible person. He said, “I thought I was able to let Mae Ri go to you. But finding out that you’re such an irresponsible person, I don’t think Mae Ri would be happy with you.”

The childish Moo Gyeol asked, “Do you love Mae Ri or something?”

Jeong In, “I won’t say i don’t.”

Meanwhile, Mae Ri went to the bookstore to ease her troubled mind. She thought she was sitting there all alone, but she’s not. It took her awhile to realize that Jeong In was there, sitting not for away from her. They didn’t talk, just stare at each other. But suddenly Jeong In’s phone vibrated. (yeahh, busy busy Mr.Director  :rolleyes:  Like if you kill off your phone for awhile the world will fall apart).

It turned out to be an emergency call anyway. His man reported about Kang Moo Gyeol’s missing from work. that man couldn’t be found anywhere.

Moo Gyeol was expressing his emotion through playing guitar like crazy on this particular place. His bandmates tried to calm himdown, but just like an upset child, he pretended not listening anything. Until suddenly someone plug off the wire and everything stopped. It’s Jeong In to confronted Moo Gyeol. However, no matter what Jeong In told this guy, he just wouldn’t listen.

The gang was sorry for Moo Gyeol and Mae Ri had a fight. They’re looking for the way to make them get together again. You know what, if this drama failed to entertain me, not for this people. They always had an amusing way to make me  smile.

The boys called Moo Gyeol, pretending that they’re facing problem: Hyung nim was badly drunk and he said he wanted to quit the band because of the issue (Moo Gyeol quitting from the drama project). He asked Moo Gyeol to come and calm him down. Ji Hye called Mae Ri that So Ra was crazily sad and she needed Mae Ri to come. So Ra made a crazy fake crying-sound.

When Moo Gyeol came to the coffeeshop, it was dim and he found that heart-shape candle decorations. He instantly realized that it was his buddies’ trap. He walked out and found Mae Ri was heading the cafe too. Mae Ri tried to talk, but Moo Gyeol said they’re strangers. He refused to talk any further and just left. I agreed when So Ra yelled at him “You cheap jerk, Kang Moo Gyeol!”

The company was having a workshop prior to the production. They all went to a resort on the mountain and Mae Ri was invited. Jeong Seok had Ms. Yoon sent the wedding invitation to the company so then everyone knew Jeong In was marrying Mae Ri. They started to address Mae Ri as samonim /madame. I hate that word to be applied to a young woman. It felt like you’re 60 and fat and had jewelries in your body… :rolleyes:

At first Jeong In and Mae Ri sat in the separate seats. But everyone started to nag why they seemed to be distant to each other while the wedding day was coming. They dragged Jeong In moved to Mae Ri’s seat. Ms. Secretary even took them a picture.

And yes, we had that “Sleeping on your shoulder on the bus” scene. Remember the scene in “Cinderella’s Sister” where that time it was Moon Geun Yeong as Gu Eun Jo who fell asleep on Chon Jeong Myeong’s shoulder. This time she had the scene too…but she’s not the sleeping party.

The sleeping Jeong In’s head fell onto Mae Ri’s shoulder. She tried to keep his head straight back up. But it didn’t take long for the head to be back on her shoulder… :D

While everyone was enjoying the moment at the workshop, Mae Ri looked unhappy. She withdrew herself from the crowd. And at that moment Seo Jun approached her and talk about the love triangle matter.

She said she couldn’t see Mae Ri’s feelings clearly. She said Mae Ri probably neither love Moo Gyeol nor Jeong In. She harshly advised her to make up her mind soon.

So Mae Ri had a walk up to the mountain to clear up her mind. What she didn’t know was Jeong In was in some distance walked behind her. He was worry…as usual.

Mae Ri let out her feelings to the air. She cried out, “I’m sorry Moo Gyeol for giving you so much trouble. I’m sorry…” She broke down and cried. And it’s always Jeong In who was there beside her, calmed her down and said “let’s go.”

Unfortunately they lost their way on their journey back down the resort. Everyone was out looking for them both. None of Mae Ri or Jeong In brought their cellphone, so noone knew what actually happened with them. The worry and regretful Seo Jun called the brooding Moo Gyeol to come up there. Moo Gyeol rushed there and searched for Mae Ri.

Meanwhile, the lost couple were still searching for the right path leading them to back to the resort. Mae Ri said sorry for Jeong In, but he then said, “Maybe it’s the last time I hear you say sorry to me.” And just right after that, Mae Ri tripped her step and Jeong In in reflex protected Mae Ri. The couple rolled down the hill and stopped with Jeong In’s head bumped to the rock. He was unconscious.

Mae Ri cried for help, but of course no one heard her since she’s still far away in the middle of the woods. She couldn’t leave the unconscious Jeong In either. And just the right moment when she’s almost desperate…came Moo Gyeol, overwhelmed by the scene.

Moo Gyeol was desperate. Mae Ri stood by Jeong In’s side because he’s in coma. The company was a mess. Seo Jun worked hard to hold the director of the drama stayed in the company. Everyone worked very hard, except for Moo Gyeol who kept being ignorant and insisted on withdrawing himself from the production.

It took Seo Jun to slap him with harsh-yet-real words to wake him up. “Do you have to do this, Moo Gyeol? You always let the misunderstanding continue and never tried to ask for the truth. You always run away from the problem, instead of looking for the solution. That’s what you did to us. And now, though i hate to say it, I sincerely ask you not to do that to Mae Ri. Stop being childish. Start to grow up, face your problem and set things right.”

It’s been four days Jeong In stayed in his deep sleep. And it’s been that whole time Mae Ri didn’t go from Jeong In’s side. She felt responsible. Jeong In was always so kind to her, but what he got in the end?

Jeong Seok insisted Mae Ri to go home and take a little rest. And when she’s about to go, Moo gyeol had already in the hospital, waiting for her. They sat down and talked. I thought after what Seo Jun had said to him Moo Gyeol would be a little mature. Apparently I was wrong.

In that very moment, that hard situation for Mae Ri, he asked her to choose between him or Jeong In.

What the heck Moo Gyeol?! X|

Mae Ri asked him to wait at least until Jeong In gained his consciousness back. It was definitely not the right moment. How could he be such  inconsiderate? Mae Ri was facing a very difficult question of choosing between Moo Gyeol and Jeong In in that very moment, so it’s no wonder she couldn’t say anything. But Moo Gyeol just jumped into conclusion that Mae Ri was choosing Jeong In.

Someone please…give him a hard slap on the face X|

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