Marry Me, Mary! Episode 10 summary

Ouggh, couldn’t this drama be any boring? Actually i could summarize this 70 minutes something of drama into only three to five sentences. But I knew I couldn’t do that. :(

So here we are..

Mae Ri was a bit shock with the scene, yet she did nothing but pretended there’s nothing happened. She picked up the guitar pick thrown by Seo Jun. I could say that it’s kind of a symbol of Moo Gyeol. He was ditched by Seo Jun and picked up by Mae Ri…Later that night Mae Ri said she wished to do something with Moo Gyeol to spend the night like other couple.

Oh don’t get it wrong…Moo Gyeol did get it wrong. But Mae Ri meant something else. They went outside to an underconstruction building. Mae Ri shared her past. She was afraid of height and once when she was a kid, she was kidnapped and threathened by some bad guys because of her father wrongdoings.

Someone had secretly taken pictures of the kissing scene and blew it to the press the very next day. That’s not good for Seo Jun because she just out of the previous scandal. She then went disappear into hiding and couldn’t be reached by anyone. The scandal was not good for Jeong In either. The scandal messed everything. Jeong In’s drama production got a big trouble.

Seo Jun agreed to make a press confrence after Jeong In persuaded her. But in the confrence she just made a public confession that Moo Gyeol was the love of her life. Mae Ri was out walking on the street when she saw the confrence from a TV by a shop display, the exact right moment when Seo Jun made the confession.

Mae Ri was down hearing Seo Jun’s public love confession. I didn’t get her. She had known Moo Gyeol-Seo Jun’s history, so I guessed she just had known the risk. The risk of having the ex-girlfriend still had a feeling to her boy friend.

Mae Ri’s plas came by and supported Mae Ri. They suggested her to just leave Moo Gyeol and choose her wealthy husband instead. Mae Ri asked to be alone.

Meanwhile Moo Gyeol suddenly became famous. People on the street staring at him and whispered to one another. Even his fans-slash-students made a class action. His buddies weren’t any help. They jokingly told public “He’s Kang Moo Gyeol, Seo Jun’s love of her life.”

Mae Ri decided to go to Seo Jun’s house. [Whyyy??] And she saw this:

Ouuch. I thought she’s coming there to make her feeling a bit better, but Seo Jun was quite tough, so she ended up hurting her own feeling more deeply, especially because of the photos…

Moo Gyeol went here and there looking for Mae Ri. He went to Seo Jun’s place. They had a brief cold talk. then he went to Mae Ri’s house and got scolded by Mae Ri’s dad. He just couldn’t find Mae Ri anywhere.

Mae Ri was still out on the street…and Jeong In was the first to find her. They talked about how things had made each of them tired. I love the way they still be friends… Mae Ri was about to leave when she tripped her step. Jeong In spontaniously jumped off to preotect Mae Ri from bumping with the concrete. It resulted him got a scratch on his forehead..the one like Mae Ri’s wound but nothing serious.

Mae Ri treated Jeong In’s wound. Jeong In asked “do you remember?” He meant the incident 20 years a go where that time Jeong In was the one treating her not in reverse. Mae Ri did remember but said nothing. Moo Gyeol came in an upset mood.

Mae Ri refused to talk to Moo Gyeol that night. So he just came home in a very bad mood…just to find his crying mother. Kam Seo Yeong failed to go to Paris because of a couple of millions she couldn’t pay back for her boyfriend’s faults. Moo Gyeol bursted out his anger and the two caught in a fight. However, they ended up with Moo Gyeol wiping out his mohter’s tears.

Jeong In lost an ivestor because of the scandal. It went pretty ugly. Ms. manager Fang tried to tricked Jeong In by demanding this and that related to money. But Jeong In was the son of a high level used-to-be mob and he’s smart. So he threathened her back by indicating that he might know that she’s actually the one behind the scandal.

Jeong In was summoned by his dad. His father scolded him as an unreliable man: he couldn’t hold his woman and he couldn’t set the business right. Jeong Seok said he’s withdrawing his investment. Jeong In kneeled begging his father to give him another chance. Mae Ri and her father saw this scene.

Mae Ri went kneeling together with Jeong In saying that it was her fault too and she promised to help him out of this bad situation. She helped Jeong In begged the father for another chance.

Mae Ri talked to Moo Gyeol to ask  him help Jeong In again in the drama production. Moo Gyeol refused at first, but Mae Ri asked him sincerely and told him to meet Jeong In the next day together with her.

Moo gyeol came late to meeting place. At first Mae Ri and Jeong In thought that Moo Gyeol wouldn’t help them. But he came, but with a strict condition to offer Jeong In: “Let’s make this marriage life real.” Jeong In just gave a light smirk (I wouldn’t call that a smile).

Sorry to repeat it again, but this episode was very boring. But thankfully the next one was a bit light up again. That’s probably because the writer had been changed and the story had been revised in some ways…

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