Marry Me, Mary! Episode 6 Summary

As I had guessed, Jeong In responded to the scene just coldly. He just left with a slight of smirk on his face. Moo Gyeol really had no idea what he had done. It’s Mae Ri’s first kiss! It’s probably not a big deal for Moo Gyeol, but it was supposed to be very special for our heroin. Mae Ri ran out side feeling so upset about the situation. Moo Gyeol was too late to recall the game they played the other day, reminding himself that Mae Ri had never been kissed. He apologized to Mae Ri, even offered a piggyback, but Mae Ri was too upset that she just cried and punching Moo Gyeol’s back.

[the gesture below seemed to be Mae Ri’s favorite. we’ll find many of these. you can start counting from now on]

The next morning Jeong In just acted as usual to Mae Ri, plain but caring underneath his stare. They held a meeting with the drama production staff, as well as with Ms.writer. Jeong In handed an alternative idea to Ms.writer and when she asked whose idea was that, Jeong In told the truth. That’s Mae Ri’s, and Ms.writer was very impressed.

When Mae Ri was about to enter Jeong In’s room,she overheard Ms.manager was on the phone talking to Moo Gyeol about the contract he’s still bound.

On her next visit to Moo Gyeol’s place, Mae Ri found Moo Gyeol’s previous contract with Ms.manager and put it in her bag. She felt awkward in Moo Gyeol’s presence and still recalled the memory of the kiss watching Moo Gyeol drinking…she blushed. Moo Gyeol asked if she’s sick or something, she just quickly said she’s okay and left in a hurry.

Mae Ri handed Jeong In Moo Gyeol’s contract, and he helped him out.Ms. Manager agreed to let go of Moo Gyeol.

Moo Gyeol was thankful but offended in the same time. He still refused to signing a new contract with Jeong In. But when he’s about leaving Jeong In’s office, he heard the sound of a guitar play. It was Jeong In! So that cold appearance man had a sense in music…no wonder he seemed to be ambitious about this musical drama, and all those guitars in his office.

[this is my favorite scene from the drama…nice figure of the cool Kim Jae Wook playing the guitar and cool pinkish city sky] :left:

But soon he stopped playing. Something wrong with his hand. Oh, we hadn’t seen that big scar. I assumed it had something to do with the mysterious event 20 years ago that also left Mae Ri her Harry Potter’s scar.

Jeong In’s music must have touched Moo Gyeol that he finally agreed to sign a contract with Jeong In.

Moo Gyeol was drinking with his mates when he got a phonecall from Mom. She still demanded the money. Mae Ri accidently overheard the conversation, and both ended up sharing their similar bad-parental issue. Seo Jun who had joined the buddies while Moo Gyeol outside was surprised by the presence of Mae Ri. But it’s also the other way around. Mae Ri asked what’s relationship between them. Seo Jun said, ‘lovers……..ex’ (exboyfriend). But during the event Moo Gyeol and Seo Jun showed their friends-intimacy that it somehow brought Mae Ri a jealousy.

After the bar, Mae Ri excused herself to just go home while Seo Jun and the band asked her to come along. Moo Gyeol quickly decided to accompany Mae Ri by saying there’s something he wanted to do with her. The next scene was quite tricky…

,..but don’t take it wrong. They just playing the drama taken from the ‘Wonderful Day’ (Jeong In’s drama project) script. These two were hilariously like children.

[oh, that plastic hair wrapper was amusing :rolleyes: ]

Mae Ri was meeting with her two girlfriends, sharing her burden thoughts. Her friend was saying that Mae Ri probably started to like Moo Gyeol more than a friend. Mae Ri just denied it quickly.

Jeong Seok opened a small restaurant for Wi Dae Han to run. But he demanded Mae Ri-Moo Gyeol issue to be ended as soon as possible.

Moo Gyeol brought along his band to work on the soundtrack. Jeong In was quite strict for business.

Lee An made a sensation by throwing a scandal rumours to the media. He asked Seo Jun to cooperate, but she refused.

Jeong Seok summoned his son to talk about business and marriage. And the obidient son had no other answers than ‘yes, father, understood.’

Jeong In took Mae Ri to a beautiful restaurant for lunch. The place so much reminded me of the old movie ‘Il Mare’, though it’s not that similar. Both of them spent sometime together there before going back to work. Oh, it’s nice.

Moo Gyeol worked on the drama soundtrack with Seo Jun in the studio, while Mae Ri did the housekeeping, finished her knitting and even cooked dinner. She mms her cooking to Moo Gyeol, very much like a wife telling her working husband: ‘dinner’s waiting for you. Go back home early.’

Mae Ri’s dad was alarmed by Jeong Seok about Moo Gyeol’s issue. He actually had people put their eyes on Mae Ri and reported to him regularly. Well, that’s the creepy thing about dealing with a very wealthy person.

And for that reason Mae Ri’s dad confronted the just-arrived-home-from-work Moo Gyeol. They both found Mae Ri inside the place. The daddy never had enough critisizing his undesireable son-in-law.

I couldn’t stop laughing Moo Gyeol’s new haircut and almost believed that was for real. Well of course it’s not! It’s just a wig..blahh.

Jeong In had to handle the scandal created by Lee An. This guy might be a soft hearted and a yes-father type son, but he’s pretty strict in handling business.

The JIEntertainment threw a prior-production party. Jeong In acknowledged some people in his speech, but his attention pointed on Mae Ri who looked fabulous that night.

Party was not a party without music, and this party wouldn’t miss it. They introduced the drama soundtrack! Moo Gyeol and his band performed…oh, so that’s the pink shirt Blossom was talking about.

And while Moo Gyeol was performing on the stage, Mae Ri was talking to Jeong In so closely (and almost intimately) that Moo Gyeol noticed it. His eyes was on both of them. And Seo Jun who saw this smelled something fishy among the three.

Moo Gyeol demanded a private talk to Mae Ri. He was upset that it confused Mae Ri. Moo Gyeol was definitely jealous! Jeong In overheard the fight and decided to interfere, but Moo Gyeol didn’t let him to. He took Mae Ri leaving the place, but this time Jeong In didn’t just stayed still. He hold Mae Ri firmly and not letting her go. The situation was pretty tense among the men, that once again confused Mae Ri.

And the public showed up. When I say the public, I meant almost everyone from the party seeing the scene. Seo Jun was the most surprised one. Jeong In let go of Mae Ri first, then Mae Ri let go of Moo Gyeol.

However, Moo Gyeol grabbed Mae Ri’s hand back. He then made a very surprising action. He announced to everyone: “Wi Mae Ri is my woman. We’re married.”

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