Marry Me, Mary! Episode 8 Summary

I hate to say it,but unfortunately this episode is just too disappointing. Not only for the unimprove story line that getting me nutz,but also for the mediocre lines. I’m afraid this drama will be as tiring as Moon Geun Yeong’s previous KBS drama ‘Cinderella Step Sister’. But maybe it’s too early for my quick judgement and negative point of view. So i hope the writer will start pushing her imagination to the limit and stop depending her plane story on the good acting of the casts, because i dont think that’d be fair.

Therefore i’m gonna make it quick. 50 days have passed. Everyone’s mood had not yet really got better after the night of Mae Ri’s confession. But the engagement plan proceeded. They’re having it on Mae Ri’s birthday.

Everyone got hurt by Mae Ri’s confession. Moo Gyeol tried to get rid of the thought of her in his solitude life. He quit the job, the music for Jeong In’s drama. Jeong In always looked lost in his mind. And Seo Joon still couldn’t handle it.

Mae Ri seemed to lose her smiles, too. On their engagement dress fitting, none of them looked happy. Even the groom-to-be looked tense. Well, Jeong In never liked to smile, but people could still see the different between his being normaly cold or his being upset.

Unlike the kids, the fathers were very happy for the family unification. Wi Dae Han couldn’t hold himself for counting down to the event. He didn’t even miss the minutes. Mae Ri said she’d like to visit her mother before the important event, and Jeong In volunteered to drive her there.

Jeong In’s night was always haunted by nightmares as he had told Mae Ri. Hmm, could it have something to do with the past? Probably yes. And when he woke up in the middle of the night (you’re still wearing suit???), he took out the socks Mae Ri bought him from the market which she hoped would give him good dreams if he put them on in his sleep. So Jeong In put them on, and back to sleep…still in his suit. This man is really something.

In a freezing foggy morning Jeong In took Mae Ri to the tree park. He said he woke up that morning and a thought crossed his mind to bring Mae Ri there. Jeong In took Mae Ri’s hand, then he started to share the memories from 20 years ago.

So it was the funeral day of Mae Ri’s mom. Mae Ri’s familiarity of the house had been proven to be correct. Little Mae Ri was still laughing, sipping lollipop, and running cheerfully around Jeong In’s house. Little Jeong In was upset on the phone talking to his mom who’s on the far land, Japan.

The upset Jeong In scolded at the cheerful Mae Ri for still being able to laugh on her mother’s funeral. It’s so cute to hear Mae Ri called him ‘oppa’ that time. But her smiles soon to fade away after Jeong In told her that her mother was dead. She cried and Jeong In gave her a piggyback down the stairs. That’s when Jeong In tripped and they both fell. So then we knew how Mae Ri got her “Harry Potter” scar.

Jeong In put a bandage to Mae Ri’s wound. There he said the historical Japanese words “Bokugaeru” to Mae Ri for the first time. So from then on, little Jeong In promised little Mae Ri to always protect her, forever. And that, everyone, was the story behind the old picture we saw a few episodes back. (Wasn’t it supposed to be a very serious wound that needed more than a bandage to leave a deep enough scar that last for 20 years?)

Frankly, I’ve been so disappointed by this idea. I mean, come on… why are you selling this crap Dear Ms. Writer??? Am I the only one who think Jeong In – Mae Ri’s history is just that shallow? I mean, is THAT it? That’s how far you can go? Ms. Writer might had read too much old craps. I think you should move on to something more…….creative? Arrgh. X|

Anayway, let’s just continue on our subject here.

When they’re back to Jeong In’s place, Mae Ri got a surprise…a really good surprise if i had been her: a little library of her own with stocks of her favorite books! I’ll marry you, Jeong In. :p

They’re about to leave for Mary’s mom grave when Jeong In got a phonecall telling that Seo Jun was thinking about discontinuing her involvement in the drama. So Jeong In had to get down on it and asked Mary to wait for him home. It’s sweet that he kissed Mae Ri’s scar before leaving. (Reminded me of typical old dramas  :rolleyes: )

Soon her cellphone rang. It was Moo Gyeol. Their first meeting after that rainy night incident was quite awkward. Moo Gyeol asked to meet her to return her money. Mae Ri was about to leave when one of the band mates, who had put a hand cuff on Moo Gyeol’s hand, put the other one to Mae Ri and then irresponsibly left. So Mae Ri and Moo Gyeol stucked together. I couldn’t stop jerking when they pushed an idea of Moo Gyeol insisted on having a hair wash during that hard situation. Why should it be at this moment? Mae Ri also asked that same question. Moo Gyeol answered, “I stayed out all night. Look, ooh they even got sticky now.” So Mae Ri had no option but to help him wash her hair.

Meanwhile, Jeong In had to deal with the depress Seo Jun. This girl was really broken down. And the nice Jeong In felt responsible to comfort her. So he had to cancel his plan to accompany Mae Ri to her mother’s grave. It was a relief for her since she still got stuck handcuffed with Moo Gyeol.

Mae Ri asked Moo Gyeol for some privat moments. He put on his headphone and played music quite loudly. Mae Ri burst out her true feeling to her mom. She said she actually wished to marry someone she loved despite everything against it, just like what her parents had done in the past.

When they both went back to Moo Gyeol’s place, Kam Seo Yeong was there to have a serious talk to her son. This time Mae Ri was the one with the headphone and loud music. The mother was saying goodbye to her only son. She’s going to Paris.

At Seo Jun’s place, Jeong In was still trying to sooth her. I wondered why he cared so much for her? Was that a sympathy or an obligation or another feeling? He even played a song with guitar for her, though he stopped in the middle because of his troubled hand. Seo Jun saw the scars and asked what happened. Jeong In then told him that he used to have a dream of becoming a musician. Music brought him a real life. But his father disapproved and told him that music would only made him weak. Then from that time, Jeong In stopped playing music.

Moo Gyeol and the band had an audition…with Mae Ri still stuck with him. It’s a weird situation, but the show had to go on. So Mae Ri ended up doing some hilarious dance as Moo Gyeol’s background.

Meanwhile, the engagement time was coming in a few minutes. The fathers had already on the spot. Everything was well prepared, except for the couple. Jeong In asked about Mae Ri’s whereabout through a phonecall while he’s driving Seo Jun to Moo Gyeol’s place. Mae Ri told him that she’s around an area (near Moo Gyeol’s place).

Unfortunately Moo gyeol’s friend forgot where he had left the handcuff key. So he had to search for it, the couple had to wait. But then came a bunch of hysterical teenagers, Moo Gyeol’s guitar course students. They’re huge fans of their young talented teacher. But they seemed to dislike Mae Ri’s presence and asked sharply if she was Moo Gyeol’s girlfriend. Then Moo Gyeol took Mae Ri on a run. They tried to escape the girls.

Seo Jun failed to contact Moo Gyeol since her cellphone had gone off battery. So she borrowed Jeong In’s phone. After hearing no pick up from the other line, Seo Jun accidently saw there’s so many Mae Ri’s name on Jeong In’s phone log. She also saw saw the picture taken when they had the engagement dress fitting. So then Seo Jun finally found out that Mae Ri was actually Jeong In’s fiancee.

Back to the runaway couple…they finally got a place to hide. A narrow alley that made their body really close to each other. Moo Gyeol felt the chemistry and was about to kiss Mae Ri, but she refused. She scolded him as a playboy. She’s still upset of what he had done with the first kiss.

“My heart felt like exploding, but you ruined it. You said it was nothing.”

Moo Gyeol startled. So he thought Mae Ri had no feeling to him at all. “But you said you don’t like me as a man.”

“You said you don’t like me as a woman.”

Moo Gyeol said he did. It was when he ate ice cream at the park alone after her mom left him and then Mae Ri gave a call. That’s the time when Mae Ri spoke out the “i love you” words out of nowhere.

“You asked me not to fall in love with you,” said Mae Ri.

“You also asked me not to fall in love with you,” said Moo Gyeol.

Then he kissed her…this time a little more passioantely.

Well, I think I could see how the story would go on the next episode…

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