Marry Me, Mary! Episode 7 Summary

Jeong In didn’t stay cool this time after Moo Gyeol making such a scheme. He took Mae Ri leaving the party, but Jeong In ran after them. He gave him a hard punch. Yeah, that’s what Jeong Seok’s son should do! fight fight fight. The shocking Mae Ri tried to separate the men, but she ended up being hit and fell down.

She treated Moo Gyeol’s wound at her place. Mae Ri had no idea why Moo Gyeol could do such a thing. He said he just wanted the agreement to end up soon for her.

The next day at the office…what the??…i hate Jeong In’s messy hair. Could anyone lend him a comb? For the first time in this drama, Jeong In looked like a mess. However, he still convinced Mae Ri that he’s fine.

The situation was pretty ugly for the three of them. the fathers were there and had to interfere, as always, especially for Jeong Seok. what made things more complicated was their professional relationship. Not wanting Moo Gyeol lost his new job, Mae Ri decided that she’s the one who had to leave. For everyone’s sake. She asked Jeong In to forgive about the incident and let Moo Gyeol continued on the project.

Visiting Moo Gyeol’s place, Mae Ri found a suitcase. His mom was there and again, asked her to buy ice cream and make kimchi. They got along with each other well, but the way Moo Gyeol’s mom treated her was just too much. Thankfully Moo Gyeol came for a help of the kimchi.

But the situation turned to be bad when Wi Dae Han came. He protested Moo gyeol and his mom for making Mae Ri worked for them,even if it’s just making kimchi. He also critisized Moo Gyeol’s mom way of dress up.

She still visited Jeong In at home on weekend, but had her girlfriends for companies. Nothing really changed with their marriage agreement, but I guessed she knew that things would be very awkward if they’re alone after all those things. Before Mae Ri left, the curious Jeong In asked her one thing: “Do you and Moo Gyeol really love each other?” Mae Ri just ran out in a rush without giving him any answer.

Mae Ri hurried to Moo gyeol’s place under the rain.When she got there, Seo Jun had awaited her. She demanded Mae Ri to tell her the truth since she knew Moo Gyeol just too well to accept that Kang Moo Gyeol was a married type. No, he’s not. and Mae Ri was not his type. Mae Ri neglected to give any response, so she just left.

Moo Gyeol arrived home wet. Seo Jun didn’t give any time to breathe. The same thing she did with Mae Ri, she spoke out her disbelieve that Moo Gyeol she knew was a married type–with Mae Ri. Moo Gyeol said that Mae Ri for her is a family.  Seo Jun argued that it couldn’t be possible. He had nothing to set up a family.

Jeong In who’s tailing Mae Ri to give her the umbrella finally found her in a book store. Then the two spent their evening together, could be counted as a date: at the bookstore, at the market, and at a cheap restaurant…They’re just comfortable with each other. Mae Ri had him tasted a new food, showed him another side of the city, and made him tell the story of his childhood. Jeong In said his father was everything for him, a god. He said when he was a kid he was kidnapped and his father came as a rescue. From then on, his father raised him to be a tough man. So that’s the reason behind his “ever-say-yes-dad” and sorrowful look? Hmm… as a “gangster” crown prince, being kidnapped was one of his top list risks and rescuing his only son till the far-end of the globe was a responsibility of all daddy in this world…could you explain to me why he had to be that almighty? Well, you’re probably just a very well-educated son who loved and worship his father too very much.

At first i thought Seo Jun was gonna nurse Moo Gyeol since he’s trembling. But after Moo Gyeol said he’s okay, Seo Jun left to get her answer from Moo Gyeol’s friends. The bandmates held to their lies, but Seo Jun didn’t buy it and there we got a traitor. He just care for the noona so much.

Just like any other kids, the sick Moo Gyeol called for mommy. But mommy didn’t pick up the phone,then he called Mae Ri.

The date had to be over since Mae Ri was so worry about the sick and hungry Moo Gyeol. Jeong In drove him there, while Moo Gyeol went out to pick up Mae Ri somewhere else. This situation pretty much reminded me of the 2009 movie ‘My Wife Got Married’.

Before going inside,Mae Ri said nice things to Jeong In about taking it easy with his dad that it touched his heart. Mae Ri was about to leave when Jeong In suddenly came up with an idea of…kissing her! And Kang Moo Gyeol arrived in just the right time.

If earlier in this episode Jeong In was the one throwing a hard hit on the face, reaching the end, Ms.writer gave the chance to Moo Gyeol. They fought again.

Mae Ri rushed Moo Gyeol inside while Jeong In decided to go brooding outside. The sick Moo Gyeol bursted out a break up. He said ‘let’s end it’. With tears in her eyes Mae Ri said sorry for making him tired and thank you for helping her.

I thought Mae Ri was gonna leave, but she was back to nurse Moo Gyeol. I couldn’t say that Mae Ri had fallen for him over Jeong In. I thought she just felt guilty and remorse. Even the upset Moo Gyeol couldn’t refuse that.

Seo Jun arrived and rushed to go inside. But Jeong In blocked her way. Then i guessed they went out somewhere else to talk (very typical drama). I guessed Seo Jun was telling him the truth.

Then came the two fathers. Wi Dae Han was furious knowing her daugther stayed overnight at Moo Gyeol’s face. Bursting in, he confronted the weak Moo Gyeol and this time involving a physical contact.

Mae Ri couldn’t handle the load anymore. Finally, she said it out loud… ‘Moo Gyeol and I, we’re not married.’ And to make it more typical-drama, Seo Jun and Jeong In came just in the right time to hear all this.

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