Marry Me, Mary! Episode 11 Summary

I go against Moo Gyeol’s idea! What the heck he’s talking about? The idea of having Wi Mae Ri living with both of them in turn sounded disrespecting her. Why Mae Ri agreed to do this idea was another big question in my head. However, I found some improvements in this episode and I hope it’s just the sign for a better future…we’re still in the middle of the show, so everything can still happen. Please give us surprises.

Anyway, i’ll go on with the summary.

Jeong In delivered Moo Gyeol’s idea to his father. Well of course in his own words that didn’t involve Moo Gyeol in it. Jeong Seok was more then please with that idea. So they’re having Mae Ri living in Jeong In’s house pretty soon.

Mae Ri told Moo Gyeol about the update. Jeong In agreed to share Mae Ri with him 3 days of the week. These men were really…Mae Ri was not something to “share”!

Jeong In made a proper visit to Mae Ri’s house, asking formal permission from Wi Dae Han, just like any other future-son-in-laws who’s marrying someone’s daughter. Mae Ri also did the formal farewell. They both acted like they’re real soon-to-be-married couple.

Jeong In had the study room changed into Mae Ri’s bedroom. The book collections were still there and I envy Mae Ri for having those in her personal bedroom without any real effort.

It turned out that Jeong In had managed to read probably the whole collection. He sticked a post it note on every first page of the book about his impression of the book and about how he hoped Mae Ri would think about the book. And she wasn’t touched at all??

Moo Gyeol got anxious to hear from Mae Ri. Well, it was his idea but Jeong In was the one who got the “first night”…who didn’t get anxious for that?

Jeong Seok welcomed his dreamed-daughter-in-law cheerfully. He gave a beautiful engagement ring as a present. The diamond was huge! He asked Jeong In to put it in Mae Ri’s finger, as a symbol for their official engagement.

Of course there’s no such a thing as “the first night” for Jeong In and Mae Ri. She did stay up late, but for knitting Moo Gyeol’s  sweater. She knitted it the from dark till the sun rised high up in the sky.

This drama had finally succeeded to bring a smile on my face again. Remember Jeong In’s weird action when he’s planning to leave a note in front of Mae Ri’s room when she stayed over in his father’s house? He did it again here, but it’s not a note this time.

He did a weird action preparing the table for both of them having breakfast together. He prepared the meal and everything. It’s quite funny to see our super cool tae pyo nim practiced his romantic-to-be phrases with Mae Ri watching his silly action from behind. And yes, she got him again this time.  :rolleyes:

Moo Gyeol had agreed to work on the drama soundtrack again, and he’s quite the man of his words. The situation was a bit awkward, but these rivals tried to be professionals.

Mae Ri enthusiastically went to Moo Gyeol’s place on the second day. She met Moo Gyeol’s mom there. Accidently, the badly-need-money Ms. Kam saw Mae Ri’s fancy ring. I smelled a fishy thing when she asked for borrowing the ring for awhile, but unfortunately the innocent Mae Ri just let her took it. So Kam Seo Yeong rushed out to pay her debt. What a bitch.

Mae Ri’s plan of staying in Moo gyeol’s place had to put on a hold because her father said he’d stop by the house. So Mae Ri rushed back to Jeong In’s house and pretended to be a devoted fiancee.

Meanwhile, Moo Gyeol found out that her mom used Mae Ri’s ring to pay for her debt and freedom to go to Paris. Moo Gyeol got furious. He even said he wished for his mom to go away and never come back for good. The upset Moo Gyeol then called Mae Ri for a meeting.

He went for Mae Ri outside Jeong In’s house. This upset man scolded Mae Ri for showing off and let his mom just took the ring. Mae Ri defended herself, but Moo Gyeol said the words “Break up.” You know what, i think i’ve had enough of this man. He is selfish, bad temprament, and very easy to say the taboo word of “break up”. Really not an ideal partner in real life.

Moo gyeol went back to his place and found a present in the fridge. It’s the sweater! In sad mood he wore it and went to the skate rink alone…

Mae Ri waited for his dad to fall asleep before going to Moo Gyeol’s place. But when she got there, she found no one. Seeing the empty present box, Mae Ri recalled Moo Gyeol’s wish to go skating wearing his girlfriend-made sweater. She soon joined him on the ice.

Meanwhile, Lee An found Seo Jun’s hiding. He asked her to stop playing hide and seek with everyone. Seo Jun said she wished to be found by someone, but that person was definitely not him. Manager Fang joined them and scolded Seo Jun. Seo Jun accused Ms. Fang as the brain behind her scandal. The bitch denied, but Seo Jun splashed the water onto her face. She got angry and started a physical fight with Seo Jun. She ended up being the one whose head got bumped on to the wall and bled.

So it was Moo Gyeol’s birthday and the pack made him a surprise. They did silly things when they’re together, but Moo Gyeol and Mae Ri managed to find their way out. They spent the night together outside at a park. Moo Gyeol said he had a song for Mae Ri, but he still sang it with “nananana nanana…” because he had not had the lyric yet. He asked Mae Ri to write it for their love song.

The next morning Mae Ri rushed back to Jeong In’s house. after dealing with her father, she started writing the lyric right away. She’s determined in writing matters…

On the other hand, Moo Gyeol got a phonecall from someone who asked him to pick up Seo Jun in the club. She was deadly drunk. Moo gyeol brought her to her house, and he advised her to at least pay her gratitude to Jeong In instead of disappearing from the surface and got drunk while everyone in the company was working deadly hard.

So that morning everyone stepped into the company one by one…and they finally, incidently, met in the lobby. Mae Ri came from the same side as Jeong In, while Moo Gyeol came right behind Seo Jun. Voilla! This bizzare love quadrangle was gonna work together again.  :o

Seo Jun was ready to sing Moo Gyeol’s song in the studio. Jeong In and Mae Ri were present. They seemed to get along with each other well and very professional…

…until Seo Jun saw the names written on the paper and realized that the song she was about to sing was actually Moo Gyeol and Mae Ri’s love song. She quit.

And instantly bursted out her anger to everyone.

Moo Gyeol said, “Aren’t you an artist? Shouldn’t an artist be professional?”

Hey dude, an artist also has a heart. She’s not in her best mood and she had to face this and you asked her to take it easy? I could get why she’s angry….

I’m so sorry if i’ve been very emotional in this episode. But Moo Gyeol character was just a pin in the ass for me so I couldn’t hold it. :D hope the next episode will be more interesting and better story line…

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