Marry Me, Mary! Episode 13 Summary

Wi Dae Han found out that his daughter really did move in to Moo Gyeol’s place, but the couple managed to flee. Mae Ri got into her suitcase and Moo Gyeol carried her out. They finally got away.

I thought they’re going somewhere else, but Wi Dae Han found Mae Ri looking a bit unwell on her bed in Jeong In’s house. They’re really fast and Jeong In seemed to cooperate well in this matter. What made me surprise was Moo Gyeol’s presence in Mae Ri’s bedroom. What’s he doing there?

Jeong In assured his father in law that Mae Ri was gonna be okay and he’d take care of her well, Wi Dae Han finally left. Moo Gyeol, without even showing his sincere gratitude, was about to take Mae Ri out again. Jeong In told them that it wasn’t a good idea, so it’d be better for them both to stay in his house.

Inviting your own enemy into your castle??  :? Okay, whatever Jeong In…I’ve lost hope in you anyway.

It was in the middle of the night when Moo Gyeol woke up and felt thirsty. He went to the kitchen, but wasn’t familiar with the high tech stuffs there, so he woke Mae Ri to help him. Mae Ri was giving him a glass of orange juice when Moo Gyeol turned to her direction, and caused the juice spilled on to his body.

The sounds of Mae Ri hand washed Moo Gyeol’s shirt and their chattering woke Jeong In from his nice sleep. He went out his room to take a look and found Mae Ri and Moo Gyeol in the bathroom. Mae Ri explained to him what had happen, and he just looked fine with those things. He just went back to his room.

However, the scene was actually quite upsetting for him that he had to calm himself down first before going to bed. I wasn’t sure whether he upset because of the noisy chattering sounds Mae Ri and Moo Gyeol was making or because of the scene he just saw…or might be both.

Seo Jun agreed to cooperate. She and Moo Gyeol got along with each other quite well in the studio, very professional. However, Moo Gyeol wasn’t content with Seo Jun singing, so he showed her the right way to sing the song.

Jeong In was summoned by his father to set things right. He’d like the couple to proceed to real marriage soon. Jeong In asked his father the real reason behind this arranged marriage, if it had anything to do with Mae Ri’s mother…Jeong Seok just said that he wished to be family with Mae Ri and her father.

During the wedding dress fitting, Jeong In asked Ms. House Manager if she knew any history between his father and Mae Ri’s mother. That lady gave nothing to him but a diplomatic answer.

Mae Ri looked beautiful in her wedding dress, but she obviously wasn’t happy. Again, Jeong In was the one who cheer her up.

They both were talking out side when Moo Gyeol came. He had no idea about the wedding dress fitting, so he was so surprised. The bad temper Moo Gyeol was upset and didn’t even want to listen to Mae Ri’s explanation. I hate seeing Mae Ri had to run after him with that wedding dress in a freezing temperature. Moo Gyeol didn’t even turn back. I really hate this scene: Moo Gyeol’s selfishness, Mae Ri’s stupidity…and it was all completed by Jeong In’s kind heart.

Why should he be the one to save Mae Ri over and over again, but got nothing in return?

Jeong Seok came to Wi Dae Han’s place telling his discontent of his job getting things done. Mae Ri and Moo Gyeol were still together and no one could lie to a mob boss. Jeong Seok warned him to work on it soon, otherwise bad thing would likely to happen.

He talked to Kam Seo Yong to reason with her own kid. As a materialistic woman, Kam Seo Yong understood that her son could give nothing to Mae Ri. So when Mae Ri came to Moo Gyeol’s place and she was there, she asked Mae to stop seeing Moo Gyeol. She said it was a request as Moo Gyeol’s mother. So Mae Ri left the place.

When Moo Gyeol came home and found his mom instead of Mae Ri, he was upset. His mother also told him to stop his relationship with Mae Ri, but Moo Gyeol refused the idea and just left.

Jeong In was drinking alone and Mae Ri saw this. It had been a few days Jeong In was cold at Mae Ri. He avoided conversation or even an accidental meeting. And when Mae Ri was about to help him went to his room, Jeong In tried to let go of himself. He then bursted out all his burden.

This man felt betrayed, lonely…just pathetic. I agree that everyone has a limit for patience, so it’s more than fine if Jeong In felt really upset that night. Mae Ri proceeded helping him to his room, but they tripped and Jeong In fell on Mae Ri. Moo Gyeol came in the right moment to see all that.

He misunderstood the scene and just grabbed Jeong In and hit him hard. Mae Ri stopped him and explained to him what actually happened. Jeong In was deadly drunk, so Moo Gyeol helped him to the bed.

The day of “Wonderful Day” promotional concert was coming. Everyone was busy preparing for this event.

They’re making a video klip. Everyone was there, including Moo Gyeol and the band. Even Lee An finally chose Jeong In over Miss Fang. The shooting was alright until the angry Ms. Fang came to argue with Lee An and it ended with a fight. Lee An accidently hit the giant partition and it fell. Mae Ri was right underneath it, so Moo Gyeol instantly jump in to rescue her.

Moo Gyeol injured his right hand. That’s a bad situation for a guitarist and they’re facing a concert on the next day. Moo Gyeol and Mae Ri went home to get some rest. But look who ambushed them both: Mae Ri’s father!

Moo Gyeol asked for a blessing from Wi Dae Han in a more proper way this time. But that big man just refused him and dragged his daughter back home. He locked Mae Ri in her room.

The day of the concert finally came. The stage was set and everything was ready. Everyone just waited for Moo Gyeol to come.

Moo Gyeol was ready for his concert. Even though his hand was still hurt, the show had to go on. So he left his home, heading to the concert. Everyone was waiting for him, including Jeong In. He checked on Moo Gyeol, and Moo Gyeol said he’s already on his way there.

The locked Mae Ri managed to trick her own father and then rushed to Moo Gyeol’s place.

Three men in black blocked Moo Gyeol’s way and got him into the car. Mae Ri witnessed it all and panic. She cried for a help, but the car just brought Moo Gyeol away…

Frankly, I lost my sympathy to both Moo Gyeol and Mae Ri. I also lost my hope in Jeong In and the writer had been doing an unfair plot for him. Seo Jun gained my sympathy that she had strong reasons for feeling depress and upset with Moo Gyeol. I like the improvement in Lee An’s character.

This drama is so lack of a strong premis, and I think they have to work on it very very soon. The main characters are not dynamic nor growing up, except Seo Jun. I’ve lost my eagerness to watch and summarize this drama. But I’ll keep on going because i have to finish what i have started.

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