Marry Me, Mary! Episode 12 Summary

Why do i feel disappointed with this drama over again? I found no surprising progress. I think i have enough with it,but i just can’t let it go. We’re already in a half way.Please dear writer, you gotta do something soon…

Seo Jun refused to sing the “Hello Hello” song and just left. That’s how we started this episode.

Mae Ri was sad, but life always goes on for her and Moo Gyeol,right? It was the time for Mae Ri to stay in Moo Gyeol’s place. It was their first night living together. Mae Ri was setting up the couch, when Moo Gyeol saw it and then insisted on sharing the bed instead. They set up a curtain as their border and made the bed into two part.

Jeong In had a heart to heart talk with Seo Jun during lunch. He asked why Seo Jun couldn’t just forget about Moo Gyeol so she worked on this project professionally. Seo Jun then told him about how broke up a year ago. Seo Jun came from a wealthy family. Her parents wanted her to break up with Moo Gyeol and went for an arrange marriage her family had set up. She refused to do that, and they ended up fighting. From then on, Seo Jun’s relationship with her family was never recover.

Moo Gyeol saw the scene when Seo Jun was fighting with her dad. He knew what that was about. So he went out drinking with another girl, and Seo Jun was furious seeing what she saw. Moo Gyeol then said that they’d better end everything right there, and then he really did leave.

Lee An then also came joining the two for lunch. He tried to assure Seo Jun that Miss Fang wasn’t the person behind the scandal. But i hate to found out that it was actually Miss Fang who told Lee An to tell Seo Jun those words. What a bitch.

Moo Gyeol’s mom eventually still in Korea. She went to Wi Dae Han restaurant, saying that she needed a shelter and her life was a mess. She told him that Mae Ri was still visiting Moo Gyeol and she might be moving in.

Wi Dae Han was coming to check on them. They fled, but there’s not much time. An emergency hiding place was needed and a garbage container near by was their only option. Both were stuck in there for quite some minutes. And it was a freezing December. Mae Ri finally decided to call Jeong In for a help. she asked him to just find any reason to make Wi Dae Han gave up Moo Gyeol’s place. And the kind hearted Jeong In did help them. He called Wi Dae Han saying that he’s sending something for him at home. This trick did work.

When they were finally out of the garbage container, they just realized that they’re stinky. Unfortunately, there’s no running water in Moo gyeol’s place. So he had to get the water from another place. However, when he arrived back at home with a bucket of water, Mae Ri was already asleep.

Kam Seo Yeong finally admitted her sin, about the ring, to Wi Dae Han. He agreed to give her shelter and place to work, but she had to retrieve Mae Ri’s ring. They had a written agreement to make it official.

Moo Gyeol and Mae Ri shared that small bed. Mae Ri was already asleep while Moo Gyeol was still having trouble closing his eyes. He peaked at Mae Ri, absorbing the reality that he was sharing bed with her, and then finally went to sleep.

Wi Dae Han – Kam Seo Yeong started to like each other as sharehouse-mates. They got along with each other quite well. Wi Dae Han then told her that he really wished Mae Ri could marry Jeong In, he’s more depandable, while Moo gyeol was not a married type man.

Moo Gyeol and Mae Ri were on their way to Jeong In’s house when they’re almost caught by Wi Dae Han. After the hide and seek situation, Mae Ri managed to outrun her father and be at Jeong In’s house before him. However, she got spanks by her father for all the mistakes she’d done (still in relationship with Moo Gyeol, and lent Kam Seo Yong her ring), but was soon saved by Miss House Manager.

Ms. Fang negotiated with Jeong In about the scandal. She wanted to get rid of Seo Jun from the production. She said it’s not gonna be good for Lee An’s image as a Hallyu Star. But Jeong In was always smarter than her.

Jeong In and Moo Gyeol started to act like real competitors in winning Mae Ri’s attention. Moo Gyeol was on the wheel with Jeong In when he receive a text from Mae Ri. The text was actually not so special, but Moo Gyeol exaggerated it in front of Jeong In.

Jeong In’s turned came not so long after that. The two men were checking on a meeting hall when Mae Ri made a call. She talked about cooking dinner and their plan having dinner with Jeong Ajeossi. It was actually not a very special phonecall, but Jeong In made it as if they’re really intimate. Moo Gyeol was crazyly jealous about it.

Then the score was even for both of them.

During dinner, Jeong Seok found out that Mae Ri was not wearing her ring. When he asked about it, Mae Ri couldn’t answer it well. Thanfully, Jeong In backed her up, so Jeong Seok didn’t ask any further.

The father was handing Jeong In a pair of tickets when Jeong In saw Mae Ri’s mom in his father wallet. It left Jeong In a big curiosity. He asked Mae Ri about how their parents had met. Mae Ri told him that her mom had known Jeong Seok before she met Wi Dae Han.

Mae Ri told her father that Jeong Seok was asking about her ring. Wi Dae Han then asked Kam Seo Yong to get Mae Ri’s ring back immidiately. So she rushed to a cheap jewelry shop to find an immitation for Mae Ri’s ring. She then delivered the ring to Mae Ri in Jeong In’s place and realized that Moo Gyeol might not be the best choice for Mae Ri.

Seo Jun finally agreed to sing the song.

There was an awkward situation in the morning in Jeong In’s house. Mae Ri had just waken up, still in her messy big hair while she accidently ran into the aftershower Jeong In. I was quite surprise as well finding Jeong In that bathrobe and wet hair…I like that hair style more than his usual style!!

The family had dinner together that night. Mae Ri was wearing the immitation ring. At first no one noticed it, but Wi Dae Han finally did. That drew Jeong Seok’s attention and he asked what’s going on. Wi Dae Han had no option but to revealed Mae Ri’s ring. None of the Wi could explain the situation,but Jeong In was once again acted as a back up pretty well. He said he’s the one who bought Mae Ri the immitation because Mae Ri felt uncomfortable wearing the real one. Jeong Seok just bought the story and let this matter drop from conversation.

I hate that Jeong In was still too kind to Mae Ri after what she and Moo Gyeol had done to him. He drove her to Moo Gyeol’s place. Mae Ri and Moo gyeol was about to had a peaceful night together when suddenly they heard a bang on the door.

It was Wi Dae Han coming for both of them…

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