Marry Me, Mary! Episode 14 Summary

Even though I was so reluctant to watch or write about the last three episodes of “Marry Me, Mary!” I don’t think it’s fair if I have to worsen everything with my lame writing. That’s why I try my best in the remaining episode of my most disappointing drama of 2010. So sorry for being too late.

Let’s just get down to the business.

Moo Gyeol was kidnapped and we must have known who’s behind it. Mae Ri saw the scene and immidiately ran to the nearest police car that just passed by. She asked them to run after the kidnappers. Meanwhile, everyone in the concert set was wondering where Kang Moo Gyeol was because he was gonna be the center point of this concert. However, the police and Mae Ri finally succeeded to make the kidnappers gave up Moo Gyeol. They dumped him in a quite alley.

Moo Gyeol and Mae Ri arrived at the concert in the right moment, just when the audiences were screaming for Kang Moo Gyeol’s name. The concert ran well, despite Moo Gyeol’s injured hand. Everyone was so hysteria when he shouted out loud: “Merry Christmas…saranghanda!! (I love you!!)”

Moo Gyeol was still in a trauma after the kidnap. When he woke up, he found himself in Mae Ri’s room at Jeong In’s house. Jeong In said Moo Gyeol collapsed right after the show. The three finally sat down together to talk about their love triangle issue. They had to stop fooling everyone, in particular the fathers: Wi Dae Han and Jeong Seok. And it didn’t take long…Wi Dae Han surprisingly showed up.

Wi Dae Han might not be the best dad ever, but he surely loved his only daughter. He was furious knowing that the two men had been “sharing” Mae Ri all these times. He even felt so disappointed finding out that Jeong In had Mae Ri lived in his house to get the funding for his drama production. Wi Dae Han soon reported it to Jeong Seok, but this man seemed to be confident that Mae Ri would end up with Jeong In in anyway.

Mae Ri treated Moo Gyeol’s wound back in his place. Mae Ri reminded him that his birthday was coming, then she asked what he wantedd for birthday. The naughty Moo Gyeol said, “Le’st rip off the curtain?”

Jeong In was troubled by the shadow from the past in his dream. The little him saw his parents having argument about another woman. His father defended this woman over his mother and when Jeong  In saw the picture…it was Mae Ri’s mom. So that’s why he looked uncomfortable when he saw Mae Ri’s mom picture in his father wallet.

Oh, I wonder how Kim Jae Wook managed to have such a beautiful pose in his sleep. :rolleyes:

His father insisted that Jeong In should marry Mae Ri no matter what. But for the first time in  his life, Jeon In opposed his father. He said that his father had gone to far in Moo Gyeol case and that made him afraid of seeing  Mae Ri in the face.

Moo Gyeol’s mom was telling his son’s fans that the star was her son when she overheard Wi Dae Han talked on the phone to Seok hyung about him had taken care of “the bastard” and the invitation card. When she visitied Moo Gyeol, she told him about it. Moo Gyeol then concluded that the man behind his kidnap scheme was Jeong In’s father.

Moo Gyeol confronted Jeong In about the kidnap and complained about his tight schedule with the photo shootings and interview. Jeong In said though he’s not a model, Moo Gyeol was famous then and it’s good for their drama promotion.

Mae Ri went back home and saw his father was busy with the wedding invitation. She also finally found out that Jeong Seok was the man behind Moo Gyeol kidnap. She then directly asked Jeong Seok not to hurt Moo Gyeol because of her.

Moo Gyeol reluctantly did the photoshooting with Seo Jun. But no matter how busy he was, he always had time to came by his place to see Mae Ri.

Moo Gyeol was in his way for another interview when he stopped by a jewelry store. There he found this small cat locket and recalled the memory when Mae Ri did the “puss in boots” innocent look.

Moo Gyeol was really really famous. His fans was then more than just a bunch of school girls. Manager Fang even tried to persuade him joining her agency with the promise of making him a Hallyu Star who’s more shining than Lee An. Moo Gyeol ignored her. And when he’s out of the tv station, the press had waited for him there.

It was Christmas eve…and also Moo Gyeol’s birthday. Mae Ri cheerfully decorated their place with all th christmas decoaration. Jeong In found his home unusually empty, so he called Mae ri if she’d come home late. Mae Ri said she’s not coming anymore and we could see how Jeong In suppressed his emotion and that made me feel more sorry for him. No one was suppose to be alone on christmas eve…and yet, he’s all by himself.

It was more sad when Jeong In begged Mae Ri to come for the last time and she kept rejecting him. He said Mae Ri should at least had the last dinner together with him. Mae Ri said she couldn’t because it was Moo Gyeol’s birthday and she’s waiting for him. Jeong In said Moo Gyeol had a schedule in a distant ski area so he’d come a bit late. Mae Ri still refused to come. (Ohh,she’s really cruel!!)

And when Jeong In was pittying himself for being alone in christmas eve, Mae Ri finally showed up. They sat together in an awkward situation, and what Mae Ri asked next wasn’t pleasant at all: “Director, please divorce me.”How would you feel if the woman you love asked you to divorce her in a lonely cold Christmas eve??? Poor Jeong In…

Mae Ri was leaving, but Jeong In ran after her and held her from the back! he said let’s stay like this for a while…for the last time. Meanwhile, Moo Gyeol managed to pay for Mae Ri’s engagement ring back and he’s about to give it back to Jeong In when he entered Jeong In’s house and saw that “unpleasant” scene…

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  1. am really wanted that wi mary and kang moogyeol become coulpe..both are perfect andromantic couple…

  2. i want wi mary to stay with Jeong In….
    poor jeong in…

  3. i love both the leading man…but my heart melt in when jeong as her to stay that way hugging her for the last time..T_T

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