Marry Me, Mary! Episode 9 Summary

As much as my reluctance of watching episode 9, I lost my eagerness to write its summary. Everything I saw in this episode was what I called as the typical of 20th century drama…surprisingly very old fashioned.

Most of us might have guessed that Jeong In’s reaction would be quite plain. He’s cold as usual, even when Mae Ri said she’s not going to get engaged. Normally I would scream at my screen scolding Jeong In for not being a real man, but I think i’ve accepted his character as it is… So Jeong In went to the engagement place without Mae Ri. That made Wi Dae Han furious and Jeong Seok collapsed from a terrible shock.

Back at home, Wi Dae Han tried to talk some senses with his daugther. He found out that Mae Ri was going the same path he and his wife once went through. He told her that marriage was not only about love. And that her mother had been through a hard life. Mary said she had a firm decision in this.

Jeong Seok just couldn’t let Mae Ri go. On his sick bed, he urged his son to hold the marriage tightly and never let Mae Ri go.

Meanwhile, Moo Gyeol had to deal with the saying-goodbye mother. He’s making so many paper planes. It’s his way to call out her mother when he was a kid. But then he went to call out Mae Ri with those planes.

You know what, this scene is probably a century old. Well, we’ve read or seen this kind of calling-out-the-princess-from-the-balcony ever since the Romeo and Juliet era. And it got a worse “booooh” when they added the lovers-under-the-moonlight scene…Oh come on!!! Could you think of anything else?

So Mae Ri managed to tricked her guarding-in-front-of-the-door father who eventually fell in a deep sleep. She went out all night with Moo Gyeol. After watching the moonlight on the bridge, Mae Ri was thinking about going somewhere else. Soon they’re on the road with Moo gyeol’s old combi.

Early in the morning Wi Dae Han got a surprise guest. Jeong In said he needed to see Mae Ri. But both were disappointed finding out that Mae Ri had gone. She couldn’t be reached by a phonecall since the phone was still with Wi Dae Han himself.

The upset Jeong In spent the morning with another woman: Seo Jun. He took her to the bookstore, a place where he once spent the day with Mae Ri.

While our heroin was still on the road with Moo Gyeol. The old combi had an engine trouble. So the couple had to wait for it to be fixed before continuing their journey to the mountain…

Wi Dae Han didn’t give up. He took Mae Ri’s friends in “custody” to lead him to his daughter. And yes that’s just the best way to find the couple.

The couple finally arrived at their destination. They booked a wooden small room. Moo Gyeol was going to make out with her, but Mae Ri was too nervous that she said they better spend the morning outside.

The next place Jeong In visited was the market. He obviously recalled his sweet date with Mae Ri the other day. But this time he had Seo Jun with him and that just made the two of them got closer (without they both even realized it).

There our happily new couple spent their day doing outdoor activity: cycling, walking down the bridge in woods, camping…

Meanwhile Jeong In and Seo Jun ended up at the office…

Moo Gyeol and Mae Ri talked about something they never had talked before: the future. Mae Ri said how nice it’d be to be loyal to each other until they grew old together. And Moo Gyeol responded that it’d be lovely if he would share those moments with her… Wait, Moo Gyeol was not a marriage type, was he?

Mae Ri took a nap first and Moo Gyeol soon fell down to sleep next to her. But when he woke up in the afternoon, he found Mae Ri’s father instead. They all went back to Mae Ri’s house. The couple asked Wi Dae Han for his blessing,  but of course the father didn’t say yes.

Moo Gyeol left and Mae Ri was about running after him, but Jeong In was the one she found standing out side her house. He asked her to with him somewhere. Mae Ri refused, but soon agreed when Jeong In said his father was sick.

Wi Dae Han thought Mae Ri went to Moo Gyeol’s place, so he ran down there. He ran into Kam Seo Yeong in front of Moo gyeol’s place and the two caught in a parental argument as usual. But Moo Gyeol’s mom told him how much she had suffered from having Moo Gyeol on her 17. And Wi Dae Han also shared his story of raising Mae Ri without a wife for 20 years.

Jeong In asked Mae Ri to consider his sick father. He said, “If you couldn’t do it for me, please do it for my father. He liked you so much.” Mae Ri didn’t say anything to Jeong In, but when she met Jeong Seok, she promised to make a regular visit.

It’s clear that Moo Gyeol was sad that his mom was really going to Paris. He never had a chance to live with her ever since he’s a child and she’s going far away from him then. He asked why she never got married. She said it’s just not her style and part of her was always scared to be tight down in a serious commitment such a marriage. But as time went by, she grew old, the thought of spending the rest of her life alone was quite terrifying. That’s why she decided to go to Paris with her boyfriend.

The drama production was ready to start. They’re having the studio set and the casts were there to check on everything. Ms. manager got more annoying by demanding this and that, and she could smell something between Jeong In and Seo Jun as she saw them got closer. But Jeong In said nothing.

Mae Ri and Moo Gyeol continued to have their relationship like before. Mae Ri acted like a good wife cooking for her working husband and told him to come home soon. But Moo Gyeol got a surprise guest: Jeong In had waited for him. Jeong In said he needed to talk about two things with him: work, and firstly about Mae Ri. Jeong In reminded him that he’s still Mae Ri’s husband under the law. So it needed his agreement to cancel the marriage, and he would never do that. That meant Jeong In decided not to let Mae Ri go.

Back to his place, Moo Gyeol had Seo Jun awaited him. Seo Jun came to said good bye. She returned his guitar pick, but Moo Gyeol told her to just throw it. So she threw it. And then she said she could no longer came as a friend and she’s saying goodbye. She kissed him…

And yes, Mae Ri witnessed the scene.

I hope the writer replacement would bring a good improvement with the story. I’m afraid I will give up watching this drama if the story goes on this way till the end… Please give us something new, otherwise it’ll be just a waste of so much great talents.

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  1. I don’t wanna see jeong in end up with seo jun… :(

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