Marry Me, Mary! Episode 2 Summary

You really can’t be not falling in love with this drama. With all its cuteness : the casts, the story line, the scenes, even the soundtracks…this drama is just so entertaining. And I love Kim Jae Wook here as much as I love Moon Geun Yeong and Jang Geun Seok. They all have unique characters that make you hard to take any side…

Anyway, let’s start the summary..

Moo Gyeol was finally kicked out, but soon Mr. Wi also needed to be out in a run again.

The fathers came up with the idea of arranging both of their kids to a marriage. Mr. Wi said he’s not selling his own daughter to pay his debts, but obviously he was. But Mr. Jeong was pleased anyway, since Mae Ri was pretty and so much resembled her late mother (whom I suspect as Mr. Jeong’s old love).

Mr. Wi set Mae Ri up for a meeting with Jeong In. However, she was caught in an unlikely sitaution with an actor and actress Jeong In supposed to have meeting with. They first encounter was not as dramatical as Mae Ri’s first encounter with Moo Gyeol. But Jeong In was such a polite wealthy man that despite Mae Ri’s bad situation, he treated her quite well, but that just made him more irritating…

Mae Ri finding out about her father’s plan to arrange her a marriage with a wealthy stranger. She refused and left the hotel right away. And that made their arranged date to be impossible. Jeong In never made to see her future fiancee that night, even though he actually had.

Mae Ri was pushed by her father for the marriage arrangement and she just hated it. Therefore she decided to run away from home. But when she’s about to step out of the house, she saw Moo Gyeol’s belonging: a guitar case with a picture of a woman inside and a cellphone.

Moo Gyeol was having an audition, which later on he rejected because the producer only wanted him, not the whole package of the band. Moo Gyeol might be indifferent person, but when it comes to music and his band, he couldn’t be more serious. He’s very loyal to both matters.

Mae Ri went to give Moo Gyeol his belongings. The rest of the band teased her as “Sister-in-law” since they heard they spent the night together. Mae Ri was about to leave when Moo Gyeol right-guessed her being running away from home and did left a letter for his father. Mae Ri naively took that in full surprise and thought that Moo Gyeol might be some sort of a mind reader or something and Moo Gyeol was more than amused by her. He shook her and said “ really are cute!”

They all ended up eating together with the whole band. Mae Ri called for her friends. Mae Ri asked to leave immidiately, but the other girls insisted on staying a little while since they saw who Mae Ri had been were: a bunch of boys and the handsome “homeless” they hit by car the other day.

But soon everything got messy when one of the drunk boys let out his bad temper. They went outside and made a noise. The indifferent Moo Gyeol just sat on a calmer corner, but it soon to be not calm anymore when Mae Ri joined him.

He asked, “Your name is Marry Christmas, isn’t it?”

Mae Ri argued, “Not Marry christmas! It’s Mae Ri…Wi Mae Ri!”

Moo Gyeol then said that Mae Ri was a name for a dog and then started to make sound like a puppy. Mae Ri defended herself by saying that if she were a dog then Moo Gyeol was a street cat. And they both ended up by joking each other with “Maeng Maeng!” (sound of a puppy by Moo Gyeol) and “Yiouw Yiouw..” (sound of a cat by Mae Ri).

But the cute argue didn’t last long. A police came and they had to run. Moo Gyeol and Mae Ri split from their friends and caught up with two drunk men that Moo Gyeol ended up fighting with one of. He had an issue with the word “Unlucky jerk” above all other insults.

All of them were brought to the Police station, but the drunk men issued this matter seriously while Moo Gyeol refused to say sorry. But Mae Ri helped him by making his nose bleed by his own fist. She said it always worked with her father. ;)

The pack continue their hang out together. Mae Ri shared her troubled mind with others. And her friends just gave her a bright idea by telling that she should make a fake wedding so that her father wouldn’t continue on the idea of arranged marriage with the stranger guy she never met. And who’s the eligible fake groom for her? Oh, no need to ask! Of course it’s Moo Gyeol :)

And there they go with the fake wedding photoshoots. I couldn’t stop laughing watching this scene. The indifferent Moo Gyeol was caught up in this bizzare situation with black suite and a cute bride on his hand.

And to make everything more convincing, their friends also joined them for the photoshoot.

Meanwhile…on the other side of the city, an actress was signing a drama contract with her producer. Somehow I felt that Jeong In was interested by Seo Jun’s character whether he really realized it or not. He smiled several times listening to her opinion about the contrast of marriage and free life.

She also quite open with Jeong In since she shared her heartbreaking experience with her ex-boy friend. Hmm…I’m absolutely sure there’s gonna be something between the two in the future. Let’s just see..

Mae Ri was summoned home, thinking her father had changed his mind. But she was wrong. Her father had signed a marriage agreement with the other party on behalf of her! Things were pretty ugly for Mae Ri…she’s then someone’s wife on the paper!

Meanwhile, Jeong In asked his father why it had to that particular girl (he hadn’t seen) above so many other girls to be his wife. The Jeong had heard about Mae Ri’s marrying someone else, but Jeong Suk insisted on this marriage. He said he wanted this girl to be his daughter in law. He said he needed Jeong In to protect this girl. The obidient son just couldn’t argue, let alone saying no.

Mae Ri persuaded Moo Gyeol to help her play along for the next 100 days. Moo Gyeol refused. They just went to a playground where Moo Gyeol performed a song (a whole song!). This scene was so sweet…

Mae Ri was determined, but Moo Gyeol kept saying No! Marriage was not his type. He said he would never ever married someone in his lifetime. Mae Ri persuaded him that she wouldn’t demand him anything. But Moo Gyeol still said no.

Mae Ri tailed Moo Gyeol until she finally lost him and injured her own feet. But when Mae Ri was about to caught up with another two drunk men, Moo Gyeol came out of nowhere to help her out of the situation.

Seeing Mae Ri’s injured feet, Moo Gyeol offered her a back ride. (ahh, they didn’t miss this so typical Korean drama moment of back riding!). On their way, Moo Gyeol finally agreed to help her as long as she would demand nothing from him. He made that (another) typical Korean drama statement: “Don’t fall in love with me.”

Mae Ri assured him she wouldn’t. They both don’t hate each other like other couples in other this kind of dramas, but they just don’t like each other as lovers. They were pretty good as friends and that just what made this drama more adorable.

If on the other dramas the (fake) marriage agreement was made between the fake couple, here it’s between the father and daughter. Mr. Wi told Mae Ri that the Jeong family wouldn’t let her go and asked for a 100 days of spare time instead to see the possible progress. So she had to be both Jeong In’s wife and Moo Gyeol’s wife within that 100 days.

Her father had made her 24 hours time division. morning till afternoon with Jeong In. Afternoon till evening with Moo Gyeol. But night time at home as her father’s daughter.

Mae Ri had to start her 100 days schedule started the very next day. She just found out that her on-paper husband was a real wealthy guy. Mae Ri loved television for its drama shows so much and that just exactly what she’s searching at home at first. The TV was huge… :D

And there he came the husband! When Jeong In came, Mae Ri was sleeping in front of the TV. And when she finally woke up, she realized that her stranger husband had already present. Both of polite people greeted each other in a very nice way. But Mae Ri’s big messy hair still blocked each other sight.

And when it came to Mae Ri to clear up her face…there they go! They knew each other!

“Oh, the polite jerk!” Mae Ri pointed Jeong In…

Really love this drama…and just hope it won’t turn to be the full of angst and frustation like any other dramas. And I hope to see less or none at all the typical-Korean-drama stuffs in any single part of this drama: lines, scenes, anything. Just give us loads of brand new things dear Ms. screenwriter…

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