Marry Me, Mary! Episode 4 Summary

Ohooo…that’s definitely my favorite scene of episode 4!  B) Yeahh…but you gotta wait til the very end. I called it the Mae Ri-Jeong In Episode. The story did develop into a more interesting line, but still Ms. Writer hasn’t really surprised me with any shocking new ideas…

So, here we go

Mae Ri dragged Moo Gyeol out and not letting him ever went back again, even when he forgot to bring along his guitar.
Mae Ri assured him that she’s gonna bring it to him later on after work. He just couldn’t go back inside. I like Moo Gyeol’s expression when asking Mae Ri why he couldn’t get back inside to take his guitar.

At the office Mae Ri asked Jeong In to leave Moo Gyeol alone. She thought it wasn’t a good idea for them to work together. Their conversation then  was interrupted by Seo Jun. She came with a new cellphone and an apology to offer Mae Ri. She didn’t take the cellphone, but she accept the apology.

As a high eligible bachelor, Jeong In was a nice topic to talk about for his female employees and when Mae Ri saw him walking with Seo Jun she just wonder why this guy didn’t look for a girl suitable for him.

Mae Ri was cleaning Jeong In’s table she read some Japanese phrase on the drama script. Jeong In came in and saw it, and then asked Mae Ri her opinion about the musical drama idea. She gave an honest answer about it’d probably fresh idea but only for young people, not sure about the oldies audience.

In the afternoon…look who’s screaming “Darliiiiinnng!” from the end of the alley. No wonder Mae Ri acted in her dramatical romantic lover because Jeong In came along. He insisted on giving Moo Gyeol’s guitar by himself.  Jeong In kept trying to persuade Moo Gyeol joining his drama, but Mae Ri kept doing some distraction…until in an amusing polite way Jeong In pushed Mae Ri on the head into the VW and locked her. The guys had a talk, but it was only for Moo Gyeol to refuse Jeong In. He said he wouldn’t believe a man who put marriage as a mere business deal (or sort of).

After Jeong In left, Mae Ri lingered. But soon Moo Gyeol realized that Mae Ri’s father was spying on them…so, they ran and ran until they decided to got into a karaoke place. Mae Ri sang a song very badly and Moo Gyeol just couldn’t handle hearing it any longer. He grabbed the microphone and started to sing wel. It was actually so well til the spy Mr. Wi troubled, “Ouuggh, this man is good.”

Trying to free themselves from Mr. Wi, Moo Gyeol instantly borrowed a bike from an old friend he met on the street…Okay, another average idea…they both stopped awhile when Mae Ri found a knitting shop. So it turned out that our heroin loved to knit. (winter just few days ahead!). It’s a cute scene when Mae Ri and Moo Gyeol spent their time together, dealing with their own activities: Mae Ri knitting; Moo Gyeol reading. They really looked like any other young marriage couple. :p It’s also cute the way Moo Gyeol gave Mae Ri a body language that he wanted her to knit him a pair of wool glove.

Jeong Suk sat his son to talk about business and marriage. Jeong In had to make Mae Ri his wife by the end of the 100 days agreement. Jeong In had Mae ri the whole weekend in his father’s house. He let Mae Ri asked any agreement as long as she did her best for the weekend with father. Mae Ri started the acting by calling Moo Gyeol to tell him about the event.

However, Jeong In left Mae Ri with his father while he was busy handling the problems accured in his production. Mae Ri on the other hand, handled the father pretty well. Jeong Suk told Mae Ri about the family history, how he had known her parents, particularly her mother since very long time ago.

The father and the on-paper-daughter-in-law tried to comfy themselves between each other.  They had an afternoon tea and a little chat…Jeong Suk asked if Mae Ri played golf, she said no. Then he asked for some other activities they could do together…the traditional chess maybe? No, Mae Ri didn’t know how to do/play any of them. But she didn’t want to let down the ajeohssi so she said she knew one game.

The turned the traditional chess into marble game. Their cheerful voices attracted Jeong In when he’s just back home. They ate dinner together and we could see how much Jeong In cared for his father yet how cold their relationship was. Mae Ri found out that Jeong Suk had just recovered from a cancer and she expressed her care sincerely that it somehow moved both men.

Meanwhile…Moo Gyeol had to deal with Mae Ri’s father. He did a kind of inspection to check on his situation and told him that he didn’t seem to be a marriage guy, so she didn’t fit Mae Ri anyway. And just in the right moment, his mom called him out.

The broken heart mother had a heart to heart talk with her son. He remembered about the question of “which is the most important thing among trust, hope and love” and tried it on his mother. He then advised his mom to start looking for a dependable man instead of a man she loved.

Watching the scene Mr. Wi was mistaken Moo Gyeol’s mom as his lover.

After soothing his broken hearted mom, Moo Gyeol asked if she wanted an ice cream (it’s night, cold, and rrr…she’s your mom, not your little sister?  :? ). but the mother just left him on the ice cream parlour as soon as she got a phonecall from his man. Poor Moo Gyeol had to sit on park alone with a bowl of ice cream in a cold night…

But soon his phone ringing: Merry Christmas. She made that “lovers-daily-report” kind of thing and just exaggerated the word “Darling” (chagi ya) by saying it too much. Moo Gyeol asked her to stop saying it since he started to feel thrilled. Even Jeong In couldn’t help a smile hearing this phonecall. I wonder if he actually knew that Mae Ri-Moo Gyeol issue was all fake. I mean…he’s a drama producer! Anyway, when Mae Ri was about to hang up the phone, beyond her conciousness, she said “Love You..” instantly. They both stunned of the words for a while, but Moo Gyeol couldn’t help a smile then… that’s just too cute to handle.

The poor Seo Jun thought she’d spend her birthday alone. But then her fellow entertainers, as well as the bitchy Ms. Manager, came for a little private party. Jeong In had refused her invitation the other day. Lee An definitely had a crush on her that he even sang Elvis Costello’s “She” for her. But poor Lee An, Seo Jun just left the party as soon as she got a phonecall from Moo Gyeol’s friends.

Mae Ri was experiencing the house when she arrived in a private study room. She random picked one book and look what she found among the pages: an old picture of little Jeong In piggybacked the her! Now we know how old her “Harry Potter” scar really was…But the most important thing was: She definitely had history with Jeong In. So, keyword number one: the PAST (20 years ago).

Jeong In came into the room and Mae Ri showed him the picture. He looked as surprise as Mae Ri. So both of them had no memory about the event in the picture. Mae Ri asked about the writing. Jeong In phrased the “Boku ga eru” words. Oh that’s familiar for Mae Ri. She found the words on Jeong In’s drama lines. She then asked him what’s the meaning of that phrase. In a deep contemplated expression Jeong In said, “I will protect you…” I thought he remembered his father’s words that he was responsible to protect Mae Ri…so, the past was slowly unveiled.

At the other room, Mr. Wi reported his investigation on Moo Gyeol to Jeong Suk. They then had a nostalgia about how Wi Dae Han met Mae Ri’s mom thanks to Jeong Suk. I dunno, I just felt that the clue number two is Mae Ri’s MOTHER.

Jeong In and Mae Ri still discussed their lost-childhood-memory out side. Mae Ri, tripped once on her step, wondered why Jeong In didn’t remember any thing while he was big enough as an 8 year old boy to record moments. Jeong In was still deep in his contemplation and then suddenly he told Mae Ri that she had to choose him at the end of 100 days agreement. Why all of the sudden?? Mae Ri was about to go back into the house when she tripped the second time.

So Jeong In had to piggyback her again (oh…Ms. writer, please…) and that pleased both fathers who saw the scene.

Moo Gyeol found Mae Ri’s she-MooGyeol love scenario amusing. I was sure that Moo Gyeol started to have Mae Ri in his mind…when his phone rang, his first guess was “Merry Christmas?” But unfortunately it’s not…it’s from his mates.

Moo Gyeol joined the party indifferently. It’s obvious that Seo Jun really wanted to get back to him. But (un)fortunately once it’s over, it’s definitely OVER for Moo Gyeol. Seo Jun left. But then Moo Gyeol found her in alone in a quiet alley with some jerks bugged her. Moo Gyeol came for a rescue when the situation turned into ugly. Seo Jun just missed her ex-boyfriend so much… :(

I like the neighborhood setting. It’s very familiar that it reminds me of my own environment…alleys, gravities, fences..

Jeong In treated Mae Ri’s injured ankle. Mae Ri then tried to make a phonecall (to Moo Gyeol), but this time Jeong In made an action. He took the phone and said (more or less): “I can’t let you call him from now on. He’s my rival in this marriage.” Ooooh. And then he touched Mae Ri’s scar…Oh my God, i bet it’s not only my heart was thumping, but also Mae Ri’s…for final shot, Jeong In took Mae Ri’s breath out: he kissed the scar.

“I will always protect you. Forever.”

And I had a hunch that the phrase was our third clue.

I’m expecting Jeong In’s more action in the next episodes. And about “the unveiling the past” issue should also make a progress. What about Moo Gyeol? I think all he needs is just listen to his heart…just can’t wait for the next episode. :)

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