Marry Me, Mary! Episode 3 Summary

Both Mae Ri and Jeong In finally found out their on-paper spouse. Unsurprisingly, Jeong In took the situation very calmly as if there’s nothing ever happened before. Jeong In put Mae Ri for a help in his office, being a sort of his personal secretary but without any real job.

Mae Ri found out that Seo Jun was working with Jeong In and she just couldn’t hold herself to act like a fan. Seo Jun was pretty nice actually, but not Ms. Manager. She and Lee An entered the office while Seo Jun was giving Mae Ri an authograph. She recognized Mae Ri from the other day incident and just seemed to dislike her as ever.

Jeong In didn’t really get Mae Ri any real job on her first day and just send her home early. Mae Ri was about to enjoy herself in front of the TV when her father nagged her and ended up asking her how did they meet and fall in love in such a short time. Then our drama lover heroin started telling a lie to her father in a very dramatical way. She said it’s the love on the first sight from a car accident. Well, it’s probably not a lie at all if she dismissed the word “love”.

Mae Ri visited Moo Gyeol and asked him to let her make a regular night-visit. [would someone tell me why Jang Geun Seok really has a weird taste in fashion??] Moo Gyeol refused even when Mae Ri offered him money for visit-payment.

Oh I really loved it when Mae Ri begged and made that Puss-in-Boot’s innocent expression on her cute face.But Moo Gyeol just shrugged it off and kept saying no. Oh, come one…how could you resist such a face!

But the landlady came just right in time. She told him about the payment due date. And that’s the exact moment for Mae Ri to make her offer was hard to refuse anymore.

Mae Ri lingered and offered him a help to decorate that messy garage. They picked up some useful things from the street and worked out the place. And it apparently resulted quite beautifully. It’s a kind of place I’ve always dreamed of having actually…a cool transformed garage.

The band made a visit and asked for Mae Ri to call over her girlfriends too.
And they ended up get together again in Moo Gyeol’s place.

Then a woman paid a visit. Mae Ri at first thought it was Moo Gyeol’s girlfriend, since she recognised the face from the picture in his guitar case. But Moo Gyeol’s friends just clear the issue that it’s actually his mom. Well, it seemed that Mae Ri and Moo Gyeol had one thing in common about their troubled single parent.

The pack (though it’s quite unproper for addressing the combination of Moo Gyeol’s band and Mae Ri’s gang, but i think it sounds OK) started to drink and played a kind of game I’ve always seen in Happy Together KBS show. Each person has five fingers and when someone (in turn) tells a statement, those who experience that statement need to ‘eliminate’ one finger.  and the first person lost all fingers need to drink. Mae Ri was beaten by the statements of “Who never date” “Who never been kissed” and I couldn’t get the rest.

The game resulted Moo Gyeol as the most sober one while Mae Ri was badly drunk. He drove her home but his old VW broke down on the way. He had to take her on his back ride once more and seemed to get so much trouble with it. In the middle of the situation, his mom called and it quite interesting because he talked to his mom sweetly like talking to a girlfriend.

Arriving at Mae Ri’s house, Mr. Wi had awaited frustratedly. And it was quite funny when he asked Moo Gyeol to confirm that they hadn’t gone out of the line in their relationship. “Directly see my eyes to confirm what you say!”

Seo Jun seemed to keep missing her ex-boyfriend often. And I like the way they still having their relationship well as an old friend. Moo Gyeol was such a nice and cool guy (if only he ain’t too pretty :p …)

Day two at Jeong In’s office. Mae Ri asked for a real job, even if it just a little help. She said she’s not gonna agree to the marriage by the end of the 100 day agreement anyway. So she started to help out in the studio for the drama production.

Everything went well at first until Seo Jun mistaken Mae Ri for being the one to bad-mouthed her on the phone in the ladies room. She threw Mae Ri’s cellphone to the mirror and broke both materials. The innocent Mae Ri just confused of what happened…

The bad Mood Seo Jun ran to the cafe where Moo Gyeol and the band performed. Jeong In (as well as Ms. Manager) ran after her and seemed to be impressed by Moo Gyeol’s performance. He waited until Moo gyeol was about leaving the cafe and introduced himself as CEO of a wellknown agency, but just as always, Moo Gyeol refused.

The band just really loved to drink and getting drunk. Just the right moment when Moo Gyeol remembered Mae Ri’s questions about which one was the most important: Trust, Hope or Love…he got a cute text from Mae Ri. She’s saying thanks and sorry for putting him in a hard situation because of her. She also expressed some cares by saying he had to stay healthy if he loved music so much. and It’s so cute when she ended it, “Annyeong…Merry christmas. Yiaoww.”
And actually Moo Gyeol was calling her, but there’s no response. Mae Ri was actually working late at the studio.

At a break she approached Seo Jun with a head up. She really got the guts and that’s cool. She talked about the misunderstanding and stated it wasn’t her. Seo Jun then asked the real bad person, but Mae Ri answered in a more diplomatic way.

Meanwhile, Moo Gyeol and Jeong In ended up drinking together. And when morning came, Moo Gyeol woke up, shirtless, in someone else’s bedroom. A man came out of the bathroom: Jeong In. Oh, No! How could Ms. Writer framed Kim Jae Wook in such an ambigous situation? Does the image of gay fit him so well even after all these times?
Dunno,just felt like the scene was dragging that way.

And Moo Gyeol…omo! Jang Geun Seok was actually pretty sexy…as a female. Hahaha. Look how pretty he was!
And for some moment I changed my mind about Kim Jae Wook being framed situation. The question changed into: did Ms. Writer intended to make it look like a gay-like scheme or a male-female scheme?

And look who’s coming: Mae Ri! The sleepy Mae Ri heard Jeong In proposed someone about partnership (people could be mistaken!), and the other voice was male’s. So, she thought Jeong In was a gay (which was a good news for her)…but to her surprise, it was Moo Gyeol she found shirtless on Jeong In’s bed.

“You, Kang Moo Gyeol!”
“Yah, Merry Christmast!”

Jeong In: “Do you know each other?”

Mae Ri approached Moo Gyeol and said to Jeong In, “He’s my husband.”
“Ah, the wedding one.”
“And you’re the on-paper husband?”


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