Midas 5 Episode Summary

Midas this episode is a real heartache. Do Hyeon drew a firm line. He’s not looking back. He’s leaving.

Jeong Yeon made a sweet make up recording while waiting for Do Hyeon, but ended up sleeping alone that night because In Hye made his stayed at her room to have some drink together. He got drunk. But nothing happened, not even close to whatever dirty thought you had in mind. They just had some drink together and Do Hyeon shared his troubled mind with his boss.

Unfortunately, Jeong Yeon had to see Do Hyeon and In Hye stepped out of In Hye’s room in the morning. So when Do Hyeon called her, she just ignored him.

Kim Do Chul had to suffer because of his dad recklessness. The loan shark had him as a hostage and they beat him so bad. They refused to let him go before his dad paid his debt, even though Kim Tae Sung begged on his knees…

Meanwhile, Yoo Sung Joon found an IT freak to investigate who was behind the stock market incident. This guy just out of prison and was running an ordinary life as a butcher, but the chaebol made an offer he couldn’t resist.

The loan shark threatened to demand the money from Tae Sung’s other son, Do Hyeon. So Tae Sung gave a visit to his son to talk about it in an elegant way, but Do Hyeon resisted him. He couldn’t let go of the memory of his poor mom. He didn’t want to know whatever happened to Tae Sung. He said his real dad had died long ago, the day he decided to left him and his mom.

I don’t know what made Jeong Yeon had an idea to invite In Hye for a personal meeting. She asked her to let go of Do Hyeon. But this woman was a genius that Jeong Yeon wasn’t in the same level with. Jeong Yeon said Do Hyeon became an “unstable” person, he was like someone possessed by something. But In Hye beat her argument by saying, “In my opinion, Attorney Kim is the firmest person i’ve ever known. I don’t think you should have anything to worry about. That’s why I don’t understand what your problem is.”

The Yoo family meeting was held. Everyone looked tense. In Hye announced what Yoo family business everyone would be handling. The fist son got what he’s been handling. Myung Joon got the shopping mall. Mi Ran got a time to think about what she wanted to do, while Sung Joon, In Hye said things would be assessed first. Sung Joon was really unhappy with it.

Yoo In Hye asked Mr.Choi to retire. She prefered to have Do Hyeon than his senior family attorney. Mr.Choi looked a bit surprise and I could see in his eyes that he’s discontent with the sudden decision. In Hye asked him respectfully, but everyone knew what that really meant.

The loan shark approached Do Hyeon and told him about Tae Sung’s problem. Do Hyeon didn’t want to know. The loan shark tried to threatened him, but Do Hyeon’s current position was above the cloud…no one could or should threatened him. In Hye was there when the loan shark approached him, so she sent her personal bodyguard to find out what was really going on.

So the cool bodyguard came to the loan shark’s office to rescue Do Chul. He beat the whole bad guys, even the boss, and paid for Tae Sung’s debts. All of it. Do Chul came home safe.

Yoo In Hye challenged Do Hyeon if he was ready to look forward. She said she’s sending him to Lone Asia’s branches in New York, London and Hongkong to let him learn more about the company. That’d take the whole year. Do Hyeon came to the hospital, gave a surprise to Jeong Yeon. And Myung Joon finally knew who Jeong Yeon’s fiancee was.

Do Hyeon said he was sorry about the last time. He told her that he really loved her and would always do and would never let go of her hand forever. But Jeong Yeon said she couldn’t. She said Do Hyeon was running to fast that she might not be able to run together with him. Do Hyeon said he’s going abroad for a year. He asked her to go with him. But we knew the ending…

Jeong Yeon didn’t accept his proposal this time. If he couldn’t let her go, so she was the one who had to let him go… The moment was so sad…  T_T

Yoo Sung Joon  got a good news that his IT specialist got the name of the “bastard”. They got someone as a hostage.

The IT specialist said he got the name after beating that hostage. Sung Joon was shock like a freak when he heard a very familiar name: Kim Do Hyeon.

And the hostage was none other than Do Hyeon’s right hand man. Poor him.

Sung Joon burst in Do Hyeon’s office like crazy. He freaked out, almost lost his mind. But when he got to Do Hyeon’s room, he found no one…and nothing. Everything was cleaned up. Mr.Choi told him that Do Hyeon had resigned. He’s going abroad with Lone Asia. Sung Joon was furious, but Mr.Choi said he could help him. Sung Joon asked why he wanted to do that. Mr. Choi said, “Because i’m helping myself too.”

The tension is getting stronger. I can’t wait to watch the next episode, but i’m just very busy this week. Hopefully soon…

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  1. thanks for the recaps! Ep 6 coming up?

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    • Hi Jay,
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