Midas Episode 7 Summary

After the incident on the protest field Do Hyeon went to the hospital to meet Jeong Yeon. I don’t think he had a face to meet Jeong Yeon’s father at that time. He said sorry for Jeong Yeon and asked her to say sorry to his dad.

He felt bad afterward,but In Hye always found the words to ‘sooth’ him. She said that Jeong Yeon would never change. If Do Hyeon decided to go back to her then she asked him if he could just let go everything he came this far?

Lone Asia had another big project to run: taking over Han Yang Bank. That’s the biggest bank in the country and to make come true the Lone Asia’s ambition to become the empire of Korean economy, they had to get that bank. And for this job,In Hye had made Do Hyeon as the General Partner, the chief of this project. That decision made one of In Hye’s man very unhappy. He’s been with Lone Asia way longer than Do Hyeon, but In Hye picked a newbie instead. In Hye said this project required politic more than skill. Do Hyeon was the only person among them who graduated from Korean institution, while others were US graduate, so he had more network in the country than others.

Kim Tae Sung’s plan to frame Yoo’s eldest son was a big success. Their target was getting the land on a particular site, and yes they got it. The woman slept with Mr.Yoo and Kim Do Chul and the other man burst in taking pictures of them having affair. On another hand, Kim Do Chul thought he had a chance on Yoo Mi Ran.

Jeong Yeon summoned to the Director’s office. He’s sending her to a VVIP patient who had to be hospitalized at home. Jeong Yeon went to the pointed place and found the patient was Yoo Myung Joon. At first she thought it was just one of his dirty trick, but then she found out that Myung Joon was really sick. He had a serious illness and only few people knew it. His scream told us that he was so much in a real pain.

(how can a sick man look so beautiful in this scene?  X| )

Do Hyeon set his old team again. This time he had his old buddy along in the team. The men thought it was gonna be an almost-impossible mission to buy such a huge bank as Han Yang. But the sky was the limit for Do Hyeon. He’s very optimistic with the project. However, his old buddy seemed to look very worry.

Yoo Sung Joon didn’t want to give up on his revenge to his sister. He still digged up Do Hyeon and In Hye’s weakness points. He proposed In Hye’s disappointed man to join him bringing down Lone Asia.

Myung Joon made a visit to his sister, In Hye. They talked about the business and inheritance issue. On his way out, Myun Joon met Do Hyeon. He asked Do Hyeon to handle the problem his facing, but Do Hyeon politely refused by saying he’s working for Lone Asia then and handling a big project. He suggest Myung Joon to go to Attorney Choi.

Myung Joon then brought up a fable stroy about a monkey that’s trained by a prince. The monkey was very talented that it could walk on two feet. The monkey then thought it was a human. He then be able to get some good food. He got peanuts and things…but at the end, he’s just no more than just a monkey.

Do Hyeon asked him why Myung Joon told him such a story. Myung Joon said, “Nothing. It just came out of the blue.”

Do Hyeon got two presents from Yoo In Hye: an unlimited credit card and a brand new car! On his test drive, he recalled the memory when he was first driving his own car with Jeong Yeon. I think deep in his heart, he still loved her. But his ambition was something he couldn’t handle.

Jeong Yeon kept nursing Yoo Myung Joon. They got along quite well then, even though it’s in the professional frame. Myung Joon knew that Do Hyeon and Jeong Yeon was history, then he asked her, “Do you want to take a revenge to him?”

Jeong Yeon said if there’s a person she wanted to take a revenge to, it wasn’t Do Hyeon. It was the person Do Hyeon was serving.

Myung Joon then remember what his sister had planned for the couple. How she separated them in a very smart way. He also recalled what his sister said in his latest visit that she had no turning back. In Hye was like the goddess of war. There’s no word “stop” in her dictionary.

So Myung Joon went in a rush to catch up Jeong Yeon. He said, “You can use me for revenge. I’ll do everything you ask.”

Jeong Yeon said, “Really? What if I want to hurt Lone Asia’s president, Yoo In Hye?”

Sung Joon knew about Lone Asia’s plan to take over Han Yang bank. He’s planning to crush down Lone Asia through this project. If things didn’t go well with the project, Lone Asia’s name would be expose to the public and the impact would be huge.

However, the smart In Hye decided to  establish another company for the project. It’s called Lone Korea and she appointed Do Hyeon as the president. Do Hyeon seemed very happy about it, and so was his team. But his good old buddy seemed to be worry. He reminded him that since all legal documents would be in his name, if everything went wrong in the process of taking over Han Yang Bank, he was the one who got to take the responsiblity. But Do Hyeon was once again very optimistic. “Everything’s gonna be alright,” he said.

Sung Joon looked for so many ways to bring down In Hye and Do Hyeon. He found an old case that include Do Hyeon in it. The case was about an investment money for a congressman campaign. The money came from stock manipulation Do Hyeon did. Sung Joon contacted a public prosecutor, whose junior was Do Hyeon’s tight competitor at uni.

The confident Do Hyeon was very cool when he was summoned for investigation in this matter. He was a bit surprise when he met the prosecutor he’s facing. He knew this man ability, but his too smug to be scare. Do Hyeon said back then he was way better than him (the proscutor). But, i think inside his heart, he knew he was in trouble.

The bad news arrived at In Hye’s desk. She talked to someone very seriously about Do Hyeon’s matter. She said this kind of obstacle was unacceptable and couldn’t be on their way. It had to be eradicated and there’s no exception for this matter.

Well, i don’t really know what she meant by that. I wasn’t sure she was talking about Do Hyeon or the documents that tells Do Hyeon’s matter or Yoo Sung Joon. I guess episode 8 answers the questions…

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  1. Hi! I read your summary and I’m in shock because I think it is so detailXD Btw do you know the song that Myung Jun played in this episode?

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