Midas Episode 3 Summary

Everything is getting more fishy in Midas. This drama has been making the audience stay alert as well, in my opinion. With the car accident happened to Do Hyeon, we kind of knew that things would be getting harder and harder for him and also for Jeong Yeon.

Kim Tae Sung surely knew Choi Gook Hwan. It seemed that they had worked together or at least worked at the same place or sort of. However, he kept himself invisible from him. I guess they had a kind of unfinished business?

Meanwhile, Jeong Yeon and everybody received the bad news about the accident. She wasn’t hysterical, but just couldn’t stop crying a river on her way to the hospital. Thankfully Do Hyeon didn’t suffer from any serious injury, but Jeong Yeon couldn’t be a little cheerful. She was scare to death for almost losing her groom for good and upset for the wedding cancelation at the same time…well, who didn’t? If it had happened to us, we would’ve probably felt the same complicated emotion too.

Kim Do Hyeon’s condition wasn’t that bad and he seemed to be more upset about the suspicious accident than the wedding cancelation. He thought the accident was intentional and he got to hunt down the bastard behind it all.

Kim Tae Sung and Do Chul went to the hospital too, but they didn’t dare to get inside. Jeong Yeon was about going somewhere when they stopped her and told her who they were. Jeong Yeon was very surprised because Do Hyeon always said that he had no more living family member…and then suddenly came the father and the step brother? Tae Sung asked Jeong  Yeon for not telling Do Hyeon about their coming. He just wanted to make sure he was okay after the accident. Tae Sung also said that he’d work hard to show Do Hyeon and Jeong Yeon that he deserved to be addressed as the father.

Kim Tae Sung visited his old friends at this particular club. He’s planning to play on the stock market. And since he just out of jail  and had no money, these friends might be handy for him.

Yoo In Hye visited Do Hyeon at the hospital when Jeong Yeon was around. They’re abit awkward since Jeong Yeon was Mi Ran’s nurse in Injin Hospital the other day. Jeong Yeon felt uncomfortable being among them, you know…the atmosphere turned to be serious and business-smell when your lover’s boss is around. But I think what Jeong Yeon felt was a little more than that. She’s the one who should go while she must have thought that she’s supose to be the one who had the fullest right to be next to Do Hyeon.

It didn’t take long for Do Hyeon to get recover. He then straightly get down to business. He’s running the mission to bring down Yoo Sung Joo. For that reason, he had to use all possible weapon he got, and one of those was the club hostest network.

Jeong Yeon was back to work earlier than her leave permission. I think that’s the best idea for her at that time…to keep her mind busy with work to forget about all the upsetting moments. She was informed that another Yoo family was staying at the hospital, as a patient. He was Yoo Mi Ran’s brother, Myung Joon.

Jeong Yeon went to check on him. She knocked on the door and when she opened it, she saw this:

That’s really the most unbelievable scene that you could imagine seeing in the hospital. So no wonder Jeong Yeon had her jaw dropping moment for quite a longer time than any other surprises.

The bitch took off and Myung Joon summoned Jeong Yeon to come  in. She stayed cool when she did her job to check on his condition, but the womanizer just could resist his nature to seduce her. He said he heard about her wedding cancelation and it actually didn’t matter for him. He said she could still be his date even if she’s already someone’s wife.

And that’s totally a bad idea. Jeong Yeon got more upset. “Do you think just because you’re the Chairman’s son and have more money than me you have the rights to make fun of me? You really don’t know empathy.” Bottom line was, if he thought that she’d fall for him for those stupid words, he was absoloutely wrong.

In Hye joined Myung Joo at the graveyard. They’re visiting their mother. They shared the same mother, the second wife of Godfather Yoo. Myung Joo asked her why thier mother left them when he was still so young (so then we knew how he got his womanizer nature from…lack of mother’s love). In Hye finally told him the truth. She said their mother didn’t leave them in her own will. She was kicked out of the house. She got an affair and chose that man over the Yoo’s wealth and her own children. She broke free of herself.

Do Hyeon went for the first option mission. He’s bringing down Yoo Sung Joo’s stock on the market that tha shock would leave him a bad damage. His mission through the spy-hostest worked well. She was invited, as the VVIP hostest, to the secret meeting of some leader businessmen that organised by Sung Joo. She reported to Do Hyeon what she witnessed.

Jeong Yeon had a big doubt about Do Hyeon’s love to her and their current situation. She thought there’s too much shock in their relationship, but mostly because she was sure that Do Hyeon had changed alot. And he was late for their meeting…

Do Hyeon asked Jeong Yeon to move in with him, but she refused. She said he didn’t sincerely want to live together with her. He just want to save his image to her. She said he just felt sorry for what happen so he thought he’d be excused from his mistakes if he had Jeong Yeon live with her.

They were in the middle of an argument when Do Hyeon spotted there’s someone nailing him all these times. He fought him and finally got the camera. He checked on the pictures at the cafe, together with Jeong Yeon. She looked very worry, but soon turn to be jealous when she saw there’re many pictures of him and In Hye. He said they’re just working partners. But Jeong Yeon was just very upset with all this. She asked for giving them sometimes not to see each other to evaluate themselves.

So Do Hyeon was confirmed that he’d been watched. He informed his man to stay alert and moved to another office. But the big question for this matter was, who was behind it all?

Tae Sung and his fellows met this shoe polisher man who worked at a stock market office. He might be no body in that office, but his access as an office cleaner was undeniably good. Tae Sung asked for some advise for this man. And since Tae Sung used to take care of his son very well, that man was willing to help. He told him that Bio Sejin’s share would be the trend on the market. He suggest buying it, wait a little, but not too long…and then sell them all.

Do Hyeon was on the way to a make-up-date promise with Jeong Yeon when he got a phonecall from In Hye. He was invited to the Yoo’s children family meeting. The first son seemed to be very humble, but Yoo Sung Joo was just the big bastard. The eldest son said they’re having this meeting to make sure that everyone would support Sung Joo and if he got the Chairman position he’d take care of his siblings, and that’s why he thought their very own Attorney Kim should be present. But the evil Sung Joo barked that once he got the Chairman position, he would kick all the concubines’ children out of his family. That counted Yoo In Hye, Yoo Myung Joon and Yoo Mi Ran. Those words surely left a wound in Myung Joon’s heart and Mi Ran just couldn’t stop crying.

Yoo In Hye looked calm but solemn. Surely it hurt her the most hearing those words and watching her younger siblings brokenhearted. I think it was not only about the money matter, it’s also about aknowledgement that they were also the Yoo family and they deserved to be treated like ones.

Sung Joo left the room and he’s brother went after him. Do Hyeon just stood there rigid seeing the family drama. In Hye then told him to go for the second option instead. That meant In Hye was about sending her oppa to jail.

Money money…it’s scary isn’t it? And yeah, the poor Jeong Yeon had to be the innocent victim. I had a feeling that if she was about to make Do Hyeon choose between her and his current job, he’d probably to be more likely to let go of her… I just hope she won’t ever push him that far…or else she ends up hurting herself.

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