Midas Episode 10 Summary

Do Hyeon’s side lost the battle actually because Sung Joon played a dirty trick. He sent a bag full of money with Lone Asia’s business card to the vice president of han yeong bank. The vice president himself told Do Hyeon. He was so upset. Another very upset person was In Hye. Her dream shattered as soon as her bodyguard told her about the failure. He also informed her that someone called James was in town.

It’s so unpleasant to see Sung Joon’s victorious smile..

In Hye met a someone that day to talk about business. From their gesture, I can tell they’d known each other very well for a long time. Was this James? I don’t know…

Han Do Hyeon couldn’t accept failure. He’s not giving up yet. Before the contract was sign, everything was still possible.

There’s been this lady hospitalized at Injin hospital. She really likes Jung Yeon. I already had a feeling that she’s an important person. She suddenly called Jung Yeon in. She said she knew Kim Do hyeon was Jung Yeon’s ex and the person who made her be unhappy. She said coincidently she’s related to him and that she had a way to save him. But when she’s not finish with her words, Yoo Sung Joon came to ask for her cooperation in the process of Han Yeong’s take over. It turned out that she’s the president of IJ investment, an important corporate in Han Yeong’s share purchase.

Do Chul found Do Hyeon and made him came with him to see the father. It turned out that Kim Tae Sung didn’t know that Do Chul would bring along his brother. Do Hyeon seemed to be reluctant at first, but then his father warned him about Choi Guk Hwan. Tae Sung told him that he should be very careful dealing with people like Choi Guk Hwan and Yoo Pil Sang.

Do Hyeon and Jang made a visit to the lady in the hospital. Having the unpredictable encounter had made Jung Yeon and Do Hyeon looked very awkward.

Do Hyeon was very surprised that the lady knew about his relationship with Jung Yeon. And to make it more surprising, IJ president lady called Jung Yeon in to the room to ask her opinion about Do hyeon. She wanted to know his personality. Jung Yeon then told her, “Kim Do Hyeon is the person who takes money as a very big responsibility.”

Do Hyeon said thanks to Jung Yeon later on. But Jung Yeon said she’s actually scolding him. And when Jung Yeon was about to go, Myung Joon came to pick her up. Do Hyeon looked very upset. However, Jung Yeon told Myung Joon that she’s not goint to get a revenge againts Yoo In Hye. She’s not blaming her anymore.

Sung Joon didn’t get the investment. The lady had decided to be on Do Hyeon side. A support also came from In Hye. She used her foreign network in this matter. Lone Korea fought back. Sung Joon was furious and burst himself to Lone Asia’s office. He went crazy over there, threatening Do Hyeon and In Hye.

However, Lone Korea wasn’t yet the winner. The Han Yeong Bank’s board wasn’t convinced yet that they could trust Lone Korea, especially the vice president. They’re also still facing the issue of the protest workers. Do Hyeon worked hard to get the vice president’s trust. He tried to persuad him in many ways, including going down to meet the protest workers, listened to their demands and made a proposal of how to work the issue out. This way seemed to work. The vice president looked a bit swayed.

Do Hyeon was very optimistic that he would get it this time. Lone Korea would eventually win with the vice president turning his side to him. Do Hyeon was ready for the big meeting with Han Yeong Bank that morning when he was suddenly approaced by a couple of men. They were the policemen. An important person had been murdered.

My closure for this episode is: should this drama be this tiring?? They should’ve had a more a dynamic plot. T_T

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  1. hye.. you should continue your recap.. :D I really want to know what happens later.. :D

  2. please ep 11

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