Midas Episode 2 Summary

I really had a bad feeling about this drama ever since the first episode. I’m not saying this drama is bad, no, not at all. In fact, this drama is interesting though the atmosphere tends to be pretty serious. It’s about business and ambition, which actually suites me…BUT, I’m pretty sure there’ll be so much heartache on the way or the worst is…a sad ending.  T_T

However, as I said before, I can’t jump into conclusion this fast. And regardless the rating is just so-so so far, I still think this drama is worth watching. Jang Hyeok, Kim Min Jeong and Kim Hee Ae are very excellent in acting …they made me buy the story they’re telling, though the urge of continue on watching is not very big.

Spoiler of a spoiler, Jang Hyeok is showing some skin in this episode. So be prepared ;) :mrgreen:

Anyway, let’s start episode 2..

Jeong Yeon and Do Hyeon didn’t greet each other in the presence of Do Hyeon’s bosses. She just passed them and when Do Hyeon was alone, she asked, “What happened?” Do Hyeon told him it’s something came up in the work and then he left after seeing Mr. Choi was leaving.

Do Hyeon get the point of his job. But he demanded the best reason of why he should be Mr.Choi successor, why Yoo family was very important. Mr. Choi gave him a stack of files about the family capital and all the heirs and heiresses.. He said Mr. Yoo’s wealth is almost…intangible(??) and he’s announcing his last will soon, so Mr.Choi needed the best man ever to protect all the Yoo’s capital. Do Hyeon buried himself studying each of the Mr.Yoo’s child profile.

At another place, Yoo In Hye was finding her younger brother Yoo Myung Joon. He’s the typical wealthy-and-good-looking young man whose life was no more than partying ang surrounded by pretty bitches. Ms. Yoo informed him about their youngest sister being hospitalized and about their dad’s last will announcement.

Jeong Yeon was checking the hall for their wedding ceremony at the law training institution. She met Do Hyeon’s pal on her way back. He told her about Do Hyeon’s friends found him a little strange and the company he’s working at was a bit fishy. That left Jeong Yeon many things in mind.

Yoo Myung Joon visited his sister at the hospital and was interested in the sexy nurse, Jeong Yeon. As a super wealthy womanizer, he didn’t hesitate to ask her out on a date, but of course Jeong Yeon refused him politely cold and told him that her fiancee was a very good lawyer.

Meanwhile, Do Hyeon was introduced to the Yoo’s capital. This guy never prefer property as the best sector to invest your money. Even though his point of view was quite an opposite from Chairman Yoo, that old man seemed to like him. He even introduced Do Hyeon to his children.

On that family (short) meeting, Myung Joon was obviously the black sheep of the family. His father resent him and he didn’t seem to care  either. The recpetion from the other children was good to Do Hyeon, though the second son, was a bit cold to him.

Outside of work, Do Hyeon still managed to be the good future husband for Jeong Yeon. But his busy schedule never let him be at one spot for a long time. It was a call from Yoo In Hye.

The dinner was pretty intimate, but we’re getting to know Ms.Yoo’s characteristic more. This lady was scarier than we thought. Since they both like the same movie, The Godfather, Ms.Yoo told him that she’d like to be like Michael Corleone, the next Don Corleone. She wanted him to help her make that plan came true and she had “an offered that he couldn’t refuse.”

Do Hyeon spent the night drinking. I think he knew that he’s making a deal with the devil and he might be dragged to the unimaginably hell. But he did it anyway. So he spent the next day releasing his stress by going boxing.

On his way out of the boxing place, he was approached by a young man. (the previous Secretary Kim from “Secret Garden”). He said his name was Kim Do Chul and his father’s name was Kim Tae Seung. That made them brothers. He informed Do Hyeon that their father was in jail.

By the sudden news of someone from the past that he wished to forget all this time (his father), and along with his heavy loaded job, Do Hyeon seemed to turn in to someone else. His fierce look was quite scary…

yeahh…beautiful abs, as always! ;)

Do Hyeon decided to take side to Ms. Yoo regardless Mr.Choi instruction to always put his objectivity in order to protect the Yoo capital. He told Ms.Yoo that he’s able to bring down all her enemy. Then Do Hyeon met his old buddies and formed an “intelligent” team.

They kept their eyes on the second son, Yoo Sung Joon, the strongest candidate to be the next chairman. This guy was a true business man, but he was also a high class mob slash loan shark. Bottom line, he’s the bad guy.

Jeong Yeon made the at-least-once-a-day-darling-call to Do Hyeon. She talked about their wedding preparation. Do Hyeon was super busy with his discreet mission, but confirmed her that he would make his way to the wedding at all cost. He’s talking as if it was some one else’s wedding. Jeong Yeon looked worry and said, “Yoo seem to be like some one possessed by some kind of spell.”

Kim Tae Sung was finally released from jail. It was the same day as Do Hyeon wedding. So he and Do Chul went there to meet Do Hyeon. But Mr. Kim was surprised to see Choi Guk Hwan among the guests. I smell something fishy between their connection, and pretty sure we’ll find out in the next episodes.

Kim Min Jeong was so pretty! I can’t envy her more… T_T

She was so excited and was ready to walk the isle. The only problem was, Do Hyeon was still on his way. However, he promised to make it there on time. She looked very happy, while Do Hyeon looked very tens.

And I had  a very bad feeling about it…

Do Hyeon was receiving another phonecall. It was from Ms. Yoo. They’re talking about business when BAMM! a truck came out of nowhere and hit Do Hyeon’s car.

Oh No…

It’s exactly like what I had thought. You really won’t find a passionate love story in this drama. It’s all about the dirty business and money. And I don’t believe that accident was a mere incident. Some gotta be behind it and the question is who.

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  1. why dont u watch the crime squade??????????? ithink crime squade change to good love story!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hey bahar, wow…thanks for the feedback. well, i’ve been thinking about giving crime squad a try, so hope i can work on it soon. thankss. ;)

  2. tnx a lot
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  3. hiii,do you know where can we watch the full episodes?

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