Midas Episode 9 Summary

Frankly, this episode was not really interesting. Mostly talked about the acquisition of Han Yeong Bank.

With Do Hyeon revealing himself to one of Han Yeong’s Director, Lone Korea had to work quickly. Yoo In Hye asked for his father help to make her be able to talk to a higher in Korean economic department. He got the big influence in Han Yeong Bank and In Hye needed to win his vote.

In Hye informed Do Hyeon about Jeong Yeon dating Myung Joon. I gues Do Hyeon’s feeling to Jeong Yeon wasn’t over and he got a bit jealous. He told Jeong Yeon not to date Myung Joon regarding his reputation as a womanizer. Jeong Yeon was angry with Do Hyeon’s interferance of her personal life. She told him that she didn’t love him anymore and she quite knew Myung Joon in personal. Well, that’s hard slap for Do Hyeon.

Lone Korea-Asia started their mission. Their strategy was to make Han Yeong Bank’s share value fly down on the stock market. They push the bank for an acquisition option.

And what they did was causing the national chaos. People were getting worried, so many of them rushed to the bank to withdraw their money. This incident also affected Kim Tae Sung’s project. Poor him. He always got into the trouble of which his son was making.

Lone Korea was just one step closer of getting the Han Yeong Bank. One  of the directors had agreed for acquisition and the take-over party was of course Lone Korea. Everyone celebrated the event, even though it’s not final yet. But everyone felt they were winning already.

Do Hyeon was let out his joy. He drank, cried some laughters, sang, danced with his buddies…but as soon as he got home, he became the lonely Do Hyeon. He talked to himself, “Mom, I did it well, but i have no one to show off my success to. I have no one I love to share the moment, but you.” Then he started to sing the “money” song.

Kim Do Chul was hanging out with Yoo Mi Ran. He became a kind of a gigolo for her?? i don’t know the proper word for that, but Mi Ran gave him money and all the fancy things because she found him interesting and entertaining. But suddenly, attorney Choi’s men kidnapped Do Chul. They also took Kim Tae Sung. Attorney Choi warned both of them to stay away from the Yoo family.

Do Hyeon had showed himself to the public as the young President of Lone Korea. He got famous that he appeared on TV and newspapers. This was one of the strategies to promote Lone Korea, to gain people’s trust on the company.

Yoo Myung Joon compose a beautiful song. He said he still had no idea for the lyric, but he intended on making a record. “But it’s not for money. I just want to leave something for people I love.” And just about a minute later, he was in pain again. Jung Yeon hurriedly shot him a painkiller and that made him said, “And the only thing I can get from you is the painkiller.”

I think it was so sad… :cry:

False alarm for Lone Korea. The bank could not make the decision yet. Lone Korea had a competitor. And when the board meeting was held, the Lone Korea team was so shock when they saw who was the other party: Yoo Sung Joon and the team. Even the Ex-Lone Asia man was present. The traitor.

Do Hyeon reported the situation to In Hye. She was so shock. Then the Yoo family held a family meeting. In Hye asked his brother to step back. His father didn’t want to take any side. And Myung Joon did a walk-out action because he just fed up with what his siblings were doing. Well, a bank related to millions of people’s lives and this family seemed to make it such a light game, just because the big brother was jealous with his younger sister.

Both Lone Korea and Sung Joon’s team planed a strategy to win the directors’ vote. They did everything, from a political lobby to bribery. And then it came to this one man. He’s the cleanest among other directors and also the only one who still against the acquisition.

Do Hyeon told his team that they could bribe this man. They had to do it right with this man. Therefore Do Hyeon met the Director himself. He told him that Lone Korea could be trusted for giving the best for Korean people. He also promised that they will keep the Director because he was the best in his field. Do Hyeon even went down on his knees. He was trying to show the Director his sincerity.

The day of the final board meeting had come. The board made a vote and then set up the final decision. The result was so shocking. They chose Sung Joon’s team. And this is Sung Joon’s victorious smile:

In the next episode we will know why the Han Yeong Bank board directors didn’t choose Lone Korea. Sung Joon might be vicious, but we all forget one thing: he is also smart.

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