Midas Episode 8 Summary

Kim Do Hyeon was in trouble. In Hye didn’t like the situation. It could endanger their big upcoming big project, taking over Han Yeong Bank.

The Yoo family get together for a meeting at the Yoo mansion. Myung Joon caught the news that Do Hyeon was in trouble. He knew his sister too well that In Hye would never let anything be her obstacle. He said, “I heard that if a horcerace was sick,it would be executed. Would you do the same thing to Do Hyeon?” In Hye just coldly said that she had no choice. After In Hye leave the room, Myung Joon called Jung Yeon to tell her about Do Hyeon’s situation.

Jung Yeon came to Myung Joon’s office for a regular check up. She said she couldn’t understand why wealthy people still determine to make money (to work) even when they’re so sick. Myun Joon said he’s not making money. He’s just trying to put things back in the right order. I don’t really know what he meant but the look in his eyes seemed so meaningful.

Myung Joon also asked Jung Yeon if she had considered his offering. She thought it’d impossible for him since her intention was to bring down his own sister. However, Myung Joon responded so casually, saying “Let’s say I think my sister needs someone to hold her down from her big obsession. So i’m gonna do everyting you said.”

Kim Do Chul was hanging out with Yoo Mi Ran…i was like, what?? How could they? Mi Ran brought him to the mall and told him to shop everything he wanted. The shameless Do Chul was too happy to let the opportunity go, so he shopped like crazy. And not only that, Mi Ran spoiled him with expensive watch.

Do Hyeon couldn’t lose this war. He had to find the way out…anykind of way out. He and his close mates investigated who brought that old case up and the blokes got pictures of someone connected to Yoo Sung Joon. So Do Hyeon finally knew who’s trying to drag him to hell. But it’s not gonna be THAT easy, for sure.

Yoo Sung Joon pushed smoothly Mr. Prosecutor to finish Do Hyeon, even though the prosecutor target wasn’t really Do Hyeon. They’re after the Congressman. Yoo Sung Joon tried to convinced him that he’ll be his full supporter to the director in the prosecutor office.

In Hye was so disappointed in Do Hyeon for being caught in the middle of this issue. She said she couldn’t let anything jeopardizing her obsession to buy Han Yeong Bank. “Even if I acknowledge your ability, if this case is bad for the project, I won’t be able to walk with you in this.”

Do Hyeon was of course so upset. But he promised In Hye he would clean the mess, so she would continue on trusting him for the big project. He then tried to talk to the Congressman, but he resent Do Hyeon. He didn’t want to be dragged in to any of this,

Kim Tae Sung tried to persuade his loan shark buddy to join him in the gold mine business. Well i don’t really understand about it,but i don’t have a good feeling in it. So let’s just see.

I put this still just because I HATE Ricky Kim’s hair style there!!! Ugghh could he please stop having funny hairstyle in this drama??  T_T

Do Hyeon visited his mother cemetery. His longed for so much money pretty much related to his mother’s obsession in wealth too. That “Money” song…stayed in his heart forever and that song really ruined his soul.

Outside the cemetery he met his dad who just visited Do Hyeon’s mom’s cemetery, just right after Do Hyeon left. He saw his father came so he just waited outside. Do Hyeon just wanted to know why he was here. Tae Sung didn’t answer it, he just mumbling…but then said thanks for his help last time. Do Hyeon said it wasn’t him who gave them the money. His father then told him that he would regret breaking up Jeong Yeon. Do Hyeon just left.

When you’re tricked by a devil, you need a more evil plan to get out of hell. That’s what Do Hyeon did. He beat back the Prosecutor by bringing up his old black files. He threaten the prosecutor that if he continue on this old case, Do Hyeon would open the same black files of him on the court. Final word, Do Hyeon won it.

As soon as he’s out off trouble Lone Korea started to work on the Han Yeong Bank project. The team proceed on targeting Han Yeong Bank’s highers.

It’s another medical check up day for Myung Joon. This time he made an improvement in approaching Jung Yeon. He asked Jung Yeon to have a walk in the sun where they could have a light conversation…and then when they got back inside, just look at how cute Myung Joon look at Jung Yeon. He did really have a big crush on her.

But then there’s a knock on the door. The ajumma informed that Yoo In Hye came. It was a surprise for everyone. When Mung Joon was about to step out of the room, he asked Jung Yeon to come along. Jung Yeon refused at first, but Myung joon said it was the perfect time for debut show of their scenerio.

And this was the surprise face of In Hye when she saw Jung Yeon came down together with Myung Joon to the living room.

She asked why she’s here. Myung Joon just casually said, she’s a friend of mine. He explained that both of them met at the first time in the hospital when Mi Ran was hospitalized. He wasn’t telling pure lie.

In Hye talked to Myung Joon in private, saying that Jung Yeon was Kim Do Hyeon’s ex-fiancée and it’s not a good thing for them to be such close friend. She asked if he love her and if she love him back. He was open to her by saying he did have a quite deep feeling for her and he’s still trying to get her heart fully swayed.

In Hye then confronted Jung Yeon, showing her disapproval of their relationship. However, surprisingly, Jung Yeon stood still saying that she’s a free woman. She said that her relationship with Do Hyeon was over and In Hye knew so well about it.

The prosecutor reported to Sung  joon about his failure. There’s no other ways. Sung Joon finally decided to leave this minor thing and focus on Han Yeong Bank project scheme conducted by Lone Korea.

Lone Korea team once again manipulated the stock market, causing Han Yeong Bank’s points rocketing down. And when the price reach the limit, Lone Korea bought gave a hit to the bank. Actually Do Hyeon had tried to persuade one of the bank’s directors to sell his part to him, but he refused it. So he was so surprise when finding out that Lone Korea’s President was Do Hyeon.

Do Hyeon had the winner smile.

I’m so glad to finally back on midas summary… :) i’ll see you in the next episode ;) soon

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