More Couple Pictures from “Rooftop Prince”

“Rooftop Prince” also failed to start running on white day, March 14th. The drama is re-schedule to March 21st, but for anticipation more teaser pictures from this drama, especially the pictures that showed the main couple Han Ji Min and Park Yoochun, surfaced on public. Most photos came from posters photoshoot.

Their poses and wardrobes (the traditional costume and the casual outfit) on these pictures make them look so cute. Han Ji Min wearing hanbok, she looks so adorable as always Yoochun wearing that red tracksuit was so hillarious, with those comic faces and the vegetables, Yoochun looked so dorkable. :lol:

And i love the photo below, this couple looked so cute and make us so envious.

Actually i also put high attention for this drama, because so far i think this is really pure romantic-comedy drama with the light issue. Frankly, sometimes I still need drama that doesn’t make have to use my brain to digest the story.

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