Rooftop Prince Episode 1 Summary

I actually put more curiosity for “Rooftop Prince” because of Yoochun, of course. On his previous dramas, he always played as serious guy, cool, neat, chadonam typicaly, but for this rom-com i hope he can perform something different, looks comical and shows his witty side.

The story begin from the crown prince in Jeoson era. Very early in the morning when the day still dark, the Crown Prince was hysterical seeing his beloved wife, Crown Princess, floated dead at her favorite place, Bu Yong pond .

Then back to the past, The King was looking for pretty girl for the Crown Prince’s wife. In one of the noble families, there were two sisters, they were so pretty, Hwa Yong (the big sister) and Bu Yong (The little sister). Hwa Yong is too ambitious to become the crown princess, because of that she looked so frustrated and angry when their father decided to choose Bu Yong to be introduced to royal family. In other words, Bu Yong who will be the crown princess.

On the modern days, there was a new family, Park Ha and Se Na who become step sisters because their parents got married. And too obvious, Se Na wasn’t a good step sister for Park Ha, she often trapped  Park Ha into troubles.

One day after scolded by her step father, Se Na let Park Ha slept on the truck and didn’t wake her up when the truck run. She let her step sister went missing, she did it on purpose.

Then on Joseon era, the arranged marriange between the crown prince and Bu Yong still continued. Bu Yong was really happy, but she still humble since she keeps her sister’s feelings. She knows that Hwa Yong wants her place.
But Hwa Yong had an evil plan to ruin her sister’s life. She accidentally dropped a hot iron on the Bu Yong’s face, once again she did it on purpose. Bu Yong has an eternal-terrible-scar on her face.

So, Hwa Yong had to replace Bu Yong. Then Hwa Yong who becomes the crown princess.

The crown prince (Yoochun) was so happy when he talks with his sister-in-law, Bu Yong (Han Ji Min), even though she never showed her face because she always wearing the veil. But for the Prince she’s so smart. And actually, Bu Young did many thing for the Crown Princess and let her claimed it as her works. However Bu Yong helped her, the Crown Princess hated to see the Prince and Bu Yong proximity.

Before leaving, the prince gave Bu Yong a riddle, she had to solve the riddle in two days, the riddle was “What dies when it’s alive and is alive even when it dies?”

Back to the crime scene, the prince was devastated, he had really strong desire to uncover the mystery of the death of his wife. He believed his wife was murdered.

On present time in New York city, US, Tae Yong (Yoochun) was enjoying the beauty of a fruit seller girl. He even sketched her face in the post card. When a couple of naughty kids stole her fruits, The fruit girl aimed to throw an apple to those kids, but landed hard on Tae Yong’s face.

Tae Yong also met that girl in the cafe, she’s the waitress. Tae Moo convinced him to approach her, but Tae Yong was too shy to do that.

The girl was so happy after getting a phone call from Korea. She could go back to Korea soon. Finally she found her long lost father.

Tae Yong and Tae Moo went on a little cruise with a private yacht because the rich kid wanted to do his hobby, sketching. Tae Yong rejected when Tae Moo asked him to go back to Korea, and  their conversation changed into an argument and Tae Moo punched Tae Yong and his head hit the hand rail then eventually his body fell into the sea. At first Tae Moo wanted to help him but after thinking the condition was better for him,Tae Moo decided to let Tae Yong drowned.

Actually he hates his step sibling. Tae Moo was his father’s son, Tae Yong’s mother’s new husband and Tae Moo knew he would only got 50% of the heir while Tae Young got all of the fortune and power. To get rid of the final evidence, Tae Moo threw Tae Yong’s cellphone, with which the earlier day they took some pictures together.

Tae Moo was back to Korea and said to the family that he never met Tae Yong in New York. Tae Yong was missing. The grandmother looked so sad, then the uncle decided to send other person to find  Tae Yong. But Tae Moo looked worry about that idea.

The sadness  was covering Park Ha, the same day with her arrival in Korea her father died. She cried so badly at the funeral. At first Se Na didn’t recognize her, but after her mother said that she was Park Ha, Se Na looked surprised and worried.

But she relieved because while she was missing Park Ha got an  accident which made her head injured and lost her memories. Park Ha didn’t remember who made her separated from her beloved father

No one believed that the princess was murdered, even the King, because no evidence and witnesses, they believed the princess just slipped that night.

The guards who escorted the princess that night had been murdered before being arrested. The Prince was getting suspicious, so he decided to hire some experts to help him solved the case and find the culprit. The experts are Song Man Bo (Lee Min Ho) the genius investigator, Woo Yeong Seol (Jung Seok Won) the brave swordman, Do Chi San the eccentric(could be bi-genders) socialite. The four together tried to solve the mystery behind the Princess’ death.

The prince recalled to the night before the Princess was killed, there was nothing suspicious that night but before they slept, the sister-in-law, Bu Yong, came to their room to answer the prince’s riddle. Actually that night the princess looked worried when she heard Bu Yong’s answer for the riddle.

Song Man Bo found the clue that that night the Princess was poisoned by cyniade, and Woo Yeong Seol found the death body of the poison seller. From Do Chi San they got some information that there was one person who saw the murder.
They four went to find that person, but actually it was just trap. Suddenly they were attacked. They ran until the abyss. And when they jumped over a cliff with their horses, a strange thing happened. They were sucked into the eclipsed moon and disappeared.

On modern day in Seoul, after enjoying the full moon outside her apartment Park Ha was very surprised when she saw four men wearing hanbok sitting in her apartment.

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