Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 17 Quick Summary

This week Nice Guy started with the scene when Eun Gi was in the board meeting telling the board about her condition. Secretary Hyeon was frustrated with Eun Gi’s sudden one-side decision. At first Eun Gi said it’s nothing to be worry about…but then she surprised Secretary Hyeon by asking, “That time, the other person who had the same accident as me was Kang Ma Ru and you knew it. You, Attorney PArk and Kang Ma Ru hide it from me.” So Eun Gi finally told Secretary Hyeon about her returning memories. Secretary Hyeon felt happy and sorry in the same time. She said she failed to keep her promised to do what Mr.Seo had asked him to do for Eun Gi. “What has my father told you?” asked Eun Gi. But we never heard what Secretary Hyeon  said.

Back to the park where Ma Ru gave Eun Gi her gifts. She’s receiving her 4th gift when suddenly she opened her eyes.

The next morning, Eun Gi was looking at her own writing notebook. There’s a sketch of a man and a writing under the sketch: Kang Ma Ru is..there’s no such a thing as nice guy in this world. She’s about to tear the paper when Choco suddenly distracted her.

Then Eun Gi went down to the kitchen. Ma Ru was cooking. Eun Gi approached him and hugged him from the back. She told Ma Ru that she had a dream. In her dream she saw everyone was there, including Ma Ru. But Ma Ru was the only one who didn’t say anything. She asked him to love her, but he didn’t say anything. Ma Ru stopped his cooking. His smile faded away and said, “Eun Gi shall we run away together?Just us with no one who knows us around. Just two of us.” Eun Gi, in her acting said, “I like that. I absolutely like that.”

Jae Hee kept coming to Ma Ru’s old house. The lady from the neighborhood also came to that house and found Jae Hee. She asked why Jae Hee was always around. She wondered if Jae Hee was waiting for some one and asked if the person was Ma Ru. “If I’m waiting, will he come?” asked Jae Hee. The lady said she shouldn’t do it. Jae Hee said the possibility may be difficult to make him back, but she said she would make the way. And when Jae Hee stepped out of the house, Secretary Ahn was there. Jae Hee spoke out her objection of that man like tailing her. But Secretary Ahn said they still have things to do related to Eun Gi and the company and not the right time to be emotional whatsoever.

Ma Ru was about to put the couple ring he bought on Eun Gi’s dresser  when he suddenly saw crumple of papers on the floor. He picked them up to clean them until he saw the writings: Kang Ma Ru is..there’s no such a thing as nice guy in this world. He remembered the document related to the accident that he put on Eun Gi’s desk in the office. So it was him who actually tell Eun Gi the other person from the accident was him? Anyway…Ma Ru concluded: “Eun Gi has come back.”

Attorney Prk came to show Eun Gi the wedding invitation.Secretary Hyeon asked if Eun Gi was really going along with the wedding plan. Eun Gi said she wouldn’t do the wedding. She called Ma Ru, pretending to be very very happy and excited about the invitation. Ma Ru, playing along with her…said in his heart, “Eun Gi is lying now. She doesn’t trust me.She hates me and there’s no forgiveness for me.”

Eun Gi came to visit Jae Hee. She asked her to help her preparing the wedding. Jae Hee accompanied her to the bridal. Ma Ru also came. He still smiled watching Eun Gi in her wedding dress.

In Ma Ru’s voice over we heard: “What thought, what feeling the pathway she’s heading, would she answer me when I ask her. Now I don’t know her next route. And I don’t think i will be able to be by her side..”

When Jae Hee was alone with Ma Ru, she expressed her objection of the idea of her helping Eun Gi preparing the wedding. Jae Hee accused Ma Ru was the one who asked Eun Gi to ask her to help in the wedding preparation. But their secret conversation was cut by Eun Gi coming and then Choco and Jae Gil also came to the dinner. It’s part of Eun Gi’s plan. Choco spontaneously made a harsh comment when she saw Jae Hee was there too. Eun Gi asked how could she knew Jae Hee before. And then Eun Gi also brought up the question about Jae Hee knowing about particular things about Choco and Jae Gil. They were all nervous and they all lied to Eun Gi.

At night, Ma Ru was in his deep thought. Another voice over: “Eun Gi has comeback. She’s not the same as before. Don’t know what she’s remembering, don’t know what she had forgotten. Eun Gi has comeback, I’m still waiting for that kid. I’m not tired nor in a rush.”

Jae Gil visited his father’s grave and prayed to his father to watch over ma Ru from above and let him stay alive. He promised to visit his father often if he did what Jae Gil asked.

At home, Ma Ru was ready to leave for work. Eun Gi still gave him the same morning smile. She said she’s excited about the wedding and asked if Ma Ru was happy. “Yes,” said Ma Ru shortly. “Me Too,” said Eun Gi and then she hugged Ma Ru.” Just like Choco said, after we get married, we should live a very long and happy live.” Ma Ru’s quick voice over: Lie! But in the lips he said, “You are right. We should live a very long and happy live.” Eun Gi’s quick voice over: Lie!

Ma Ru’s voice over again: “Eun Gi has comeback. I’m still waiting for that kid.”

At work, Ma Ru was coming to Jae Hee’s office to discuss work, but Jae Hee was still emotional. She suddenly in the mood of making apology to Ma Ru about the past, about Ma Ru’s sacrifice and made him lost his dream as a doctor. She said she would make amend for her mistake to Ma Ru. But Ma Ru cut it coldly. “I have erased everything till the end.”

Ma Ru made an impressive presentation and Jae Hee praised him. But to her surprise, Ma Ru didn’t take the praise and instead said the project was not his doing. Everything was actually Eun Gi’s doing, from the beginning till the end. This upset Jae Hee very much. She confronted him in his office. “In your head is there anything else other than Seo Eun Gi?? All you think is Seo Eun Gi only??” Ma Ru faced her calmly as usual. “Just stop it.” Then Jae Hee said she’s letting Ma Ru get married to Eun Gi. In that way at least she still can see Ma Ru around. That’s better than Ma Ru being away from her life.

Outside the room, actually Eun Gi was standing there. She brought lunch box for Ma Ru. Then Attorney Park showed up noticed the improper conversation inside and Eun Gi must have heard it. But Eun Gi pretended not to care and invited –then insisted– him to eat her lunchbox together.

Attorney Park kept saying that he should call Ma Ru to eat that lunch box. Eun Gi then asked something he didn’t see it coming, “How do you feel about our wedding preparation?” Then Eun Gi asked him about how well he knew Kang Ma Ru. Attorney Park was being supportive. Ma Ru saw them eating from afar.

In front of the elevator, Eun Gi asked Attorney Park, “You said that you have so many things to tell me when my memories are back?” Attorney Park remembered his own words. Then Eun Gi asked him to tell her, because sooner or later would be the same. “I will tell you when your memories back,” said Attorney Park diplomatically. “How do you feel about our wedding preparation?” Eun Gi was back to her first question. The next question was very overwhelming for Attorney Park. “Don’t you like me?” He stuttered,”I-I don’t have such feeling. W-wait…are you telling me that your memories are back??” Attorney Park was literary teary. No, he shed a tear. In public. That’s how innocent he was showing his deep feelings for Eun Gi. But the mood was ruined in an instance when Secretary Ahn stepped out of the lift and asked to speak with Eun Gi in private.

Secretary Ahn was giving Eun Gi advice about her wedding plan, considering her marriage matter was giving effect to Taesan in anyhow. “How much do you know him? Don’t you know that he was guilty sentenced for killing someone? And do you know whom he’s taking that blame for?” Eun Gi said she knew everything. Then it’s her turn to attack Secretary Ahn. She asked him about the matter about the moment of her father’s death.

The wedding day. Everyone was ready. Eun Gi was dressed and put on make up. Jae Gil was ready at home but then found out that Ma Ru was nowhere to be found. In the same time, a document arrived in someone’s hand. The taesan group scandal: Jae Hee’s past and Ma Ru.

Jae Gil was frustrated that he could not reach Ma Ru. He was somewhere in his deep thought alone, not picking up even Eun Gi’s call. Then something popped up in Choco’s phone. A news, breaking news.

Scandal about Jae Hee and Ma Ru’s past. It’s spread out fast. Reporters started to come to find Jae Hee. Of course, Secretary Ahn stepped to the front immediately to shield his boss-slash-woman he loved.

The wedding was canceled. Eun Gi stayed with an expressionless face. Ma Ru finally showed up after everyone left. “Where have you been?” she asked. Ma Ru put his jacket on Eun Gi. “Let’s talk,” he said and then brought Eun Gi somewhere else to talk. The spread of scandal was Eun Gi’s idea, Secretary Hyeon told Attorney Park.

In the car, Ma Ru talked to Eun Gi in his old-Ma Ru’s stern facial expression, “I know everything, Eun Gi, that your memories are back. And you remember what kind of man I am.”

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Arrrgh. Was it only my mood or this drama is getting more and more heartbreaking. Really, I don’t see a happy ending. Eun Gi might finally see Ma Ru’s true feeling at the end, but how the ending will eventually be is still open for many possibilities…yet, I don’t sense any good ones. :(



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  1. omg, cant wait next episode, thanx for quick summary >.<

  2. Thank you for the quick summary. I’ve been waiting for your entry since 2 hours ago. Appreciate that :D

  3. I think so. I think Eungi will finally see how much Maroo love her but it possible that Finally Maroo will have brain surgery and may be … U.,U!!!

  4. Can’t wait for the next episode ! Thanks so much ! <3

  5. Oh no. Thanks so much!!!

  6. Thank you so so much for the quick recap!

  7. no u have done super good work, thanks so much, i couldnt sleep well actually :) at 2 AM I WOKE UP And get the RAW and this summary. thanks so much. how will it end? i think the secretary has something about eun gi’S father want her to do. and jae gil please tell eun gi that maru loves her so much.

  8. If only she paused for a minute to weigh what Maru has done wrong versus what he’s done to redeem himself am sure Eun Gi wouldnt have done some of the childish things she did. Plus her expression when Maru called her out on remembering, priceless!
    And thanks drama for totally fooling me into thinking the scandal was sent by Maru! So i guess he didnt show up not because he knew about the scandal but 1) he knew EG would do sth to mess up the wedding 2) it was time to end the charade or 3)heck! who knows maybe he did some spying and already knew EG was gonna expose the scandal!
    Am so scared for ep 18 and i hope JG drags Maru’s a** to the hospital the second he sees him (which aint gonna happen is it? The writer’s prolly saving that for final ep so he can kill him off in the most tearjerking way, ugh! Writer nim miwo!!!)

  9. thanks to you for quick summary

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