Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 11 Quick Summary

Nice Guy Episode 11 started with the scene when Ma Ru was trying to find Eun Gi who was kidnapped by Jae Hee’s brother. Thanks to Lady Secretary who put on a tracking system in Eun Gi mobile, Ma Ru was able to catch them up and stopped Jae Hee’s brother.

After fighting Jae Hee’s brother and that man ran away, Ma Ru scolded Eun Gi for being stupid, “Your head is broken but your right sense should still work!” Eun Gi said he trusted that man because he told Ma Ru had something to tell her. Ma Ru made sure that there’d be no such a thing from him because he had no such intention. “Do you hate me that much??” asked Eun Gi frustrated. She said sorry for being unable to remember and was thinking of dragging Ma Ru into her life to help her with her situation. And then she finally decided to give up to drag Ma Ru into her life feeling that Ma Ru didn’t want to be with her that much and was more hate her than liking her. “I’m sorry.” Eun Gi left taking a taxi, while Ma Ru was in a deep thought wondering why he sent her away in the first place.

Jae Hee was in worry hearing from her brother that he had found Eun Gi.That man was threatening Jae Hee for an officetel.

Eun Gi was in a very bad mood that night, ignoring the coming of a doctor and just listening to a music. Ma Ru was still thinking how Eun Gi told him her frustration before she left taking a taxi.

Jae Hee’s brother was gambling with a bunch of guys in some place. He was talking to Jae Hee on the phone when that place was suddenly ambushed by the police. Jae Hee didn’t tell him it was her doing, but that man kind of knew. Because the puspose of JAe Hee’s call was to tell him her position, her power and to warn him that what he had done in past to her would get a payback.

Ma Ru was in deep thinking the whole night in his car that he even slept there. Waking up in the morning, Ma Ru attempted to call Jae Hee but the line was off. He was about to open his house gate when JAe Hee’s brother came to him. He asked Ma Ru to do something to Jae Hee. He told him him knowing about Eun Gi and threatening Jae Hee for an officetel but Jae Hee stroke him at once. Ma Ru was suddenly in a rush to Eun Gi’s place, sensing that Eun Gi was in a life threatening situation.

Secretary Jo finally found out Eun Gi’s hiding place. Secretary Ahn was giving him evil plan instructions when Attorney Park came to his office. Attorney Park thought he could defend Eun Gi that much, but Secretary Ahn attacked back with his threats.

Ma Ru met Lady Secretary on his way to Eun Gi’s place and both saw Secretary Jo was in the neighborhood. Ma Ru came to pick up Eun Gi, but Eun Gi’s reception towards her was so cold. She sent him away, but Ma Ru didn’t give up. He had time just as long as Lady Secretary could distract Secretary Jo. She’s trying so hard to assure him that Eun Gi had died.

Meanwhile Ma Ru tried to persuade Eun Gi to open her door. He told her the story of their first encounter on the plane when Eun Gi got an attack and Ma Ru gave her the risky first-aid. And then the second encounter on the cliff and the doll. Then Ma Ru told her that he never met such an arrogant and cold person who didn’t know how to say thank you when being grateful or saying sorry when feeling sorry.”Is that me? Is that me?” Eun Gi was curious. That story worked and Eun Gi opened up her door.

Outside, Lady Secretary was trying so hard to prevent Secretary Jo and some men to enter the house. Thankfully, Attorney Park who was informed by Lady Secretary about the intruders came to help her. When both finally managed to hush the men away and they entered the house, Eun Gi was no longer there. Attorney Park was surprised hearing that Ma Ru was the one who helped Eun Gi ran away.

On the wheel, Ma Ru kept telling Eun Gi the story of their meeting each other. He told her about the moment when Eun Gi came to his house and confessed her feelings. But Eun Gi kept saying that he could stop because she couldn’t remember anything. She’s still acted cold to Ma Ru.  And when she turned on the radio, a glimpse of memory came to her. It’s the same song when she and Ma Ru were also on a ride, long ago.

Jae Hee was holding a board meeting again in attempt to get rid of Eun Gi’s power in the company. She showed the board Eun Gi’s picture that she got from her brother, telling the board about her condition. So instead of taking the harsh way to get the project, she used the smooth way to get the board sympathy. She acted like she’s doing it for Eun Gi and as her mother.

Jae Gil finally came home to Ma Ru’s place and was so excited seeing Eun Gi sitting alone on the terrace. He’s talking about many things excitedly until Eun Gi asked if she knew him and what’s their relationship. Jae Gil finally found out Eun Gi’s memory’s lost.
Ma Ru was packing. Jae Gil asked if Eun Gi was the reason of his waiting all this time (after the accident). “Do you really like her?” asked Jae Gil. Ma Ru didn’t say anything.

Attorney Park asked for a meeting with Ma Ru. They had a meeting in a nearby coffee shop. PArk said that he knew what kind of person Ma Ru was and he wanted to know the reason why Ma Ru helped Eun Gi this time. Meanwhile Choco was sad finding out Eun Gi’s memory lost and asked her not to hate Ma Ru for his harsh words. Back to the coffee shop, at the end of their conversation, Attorney Park finally asked Ma Ru to help Eun Gi. Ma Ru asked if that’s all what he wanted to tell him.

An uninvited guest came to Ma Ru’s house: Han Jae Hee. But when she got there, the house was already empty. Nothing much left in there. She just cried at the front door. Ma Ru and his family and Eun Gi was already on the way to their new place.

Han Jae Hee was holding Tae San’s Group company ceremony, it’s sort of her inauguration ceremony reaching the real top position in the company. She was in the middle of the speech when suddenly Eun Gi came with Lady Secretary. Everyone was in shock. Eun Gi faced Jae Hee said, “I’m sorry. I’m coming so late, right? Mother.”  Jae Hee went down the stage and gave her a hug. Eun Gi gave a speech telling everyone her condition for the past 2 years and how she had recovered now and ready to be back to Tae San. She told them that even though she’s already healthy now and recovered from the accident, she’s still not 100% fit. All the speech…and something we all waited for, the biggest surprise. It was not yet to come until Eun Gi announced the person who would assist her with her comeback to the company: Kang Ma Ru, her fiancee.

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13 Responses to Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 11 Quick Summary

  1. i’m dying to know are they really engaged or it’s just a plan. and also is maru really loves eun gi, or he doesn’t? this drama is so unpredictable. but still i hope that maru will be with eun gi in the end. :)

    • Based on this summary, EG mentioned her 2years being away to recover. Therefore it must have been a year Maru and her had been together after he saved her from being kidnapped. So maybe during these one year lots of happening in helping EG recover?

      • The subs clearly indicated this has to be a plan by Lawyer/EG/Maru, (the plea for help made by Lawyer). Apparently not missing for 2yrs but only one year.

        With more episodes to come, the discovery of her true health conditions by the two DEVILS, probably pushing for a vote of no confidence to oust her and so on.

        In the meanwhile she undergoes the process of healing which in the end succeeded and killed off all attempts to oust her out of her inheritance?

        Parts very well played to bring out the tenseness of this drama, the feelings of helplessness, betrayal, loyalties, selfishness and revenge, in each of the actors and actresses…even her cute little bro is fantastic!!

        TQ for yr quick summaries…

  2. Que emocionante!!! realmente este drama no podemos preveer donde nos dirigira …
    me encanta
    gracias por tu trabajo

  3. i can’t believe what i am reading, if this happened only so far, how is the rest going to be? i can’t wait to find out what happened in the last year she spent with Ma Ru. but most importantly, did he have the surgery or not?

  4. this drama, its so unpredictable.. but i’m so love this drama. hopefully, maru really love eun gi..
    thanks for ur summary :)

  5. i love this drama. sooo dramatic but so upredictable. i hope kang maru & eun gi will have a happy ending.

  6. im dying to know what would happen to them…remember Maru needs to go for a surgery? I’m really scared they would make him die…

    • Ma Ru probably took the surgery, he needs to live to help Eun Gi succeed the ownership of Tae San. If he didn’t, then expect the drama to show a lot of suffering or slow death of Ma Ru. :(

  7. Thanks for the quick summary! My wish came true! They are back together! When Gae Gil(Lee Gwang Soo) asked Ma Ru if he liked Eun Gi. I completely melted, that was when my intuition about Ma Ru having feelings for Eun Gi. He definitely had a “thing” for her even before the car accident.

    I just have to wait for my dream to come true. Either they marry each other or the drama has a very happy ending concerning Eun Gi.

  8. wow… Ma RU realy love her, i’m sure,
    MaRu is realy baby face, i love him

  9. I’m very curious. EG recovered, didn’t she? or it’s just a plan to bring EG back to her position.

  10. it is just a plan created by kang maru after a deal with lawyer park. Eun Gi is not yet fully recovered. Ma ru teached EG her speech.

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