Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 12 Quick Summary

Eun Gi was practicing her speech with Ma Ru’s guide through the phone. In her room she had a board of many people’s profiles  to remember.And she left the house together with Ma Ru.

And then the scene was back to the time when Eun Gi made a sudden comeback to Taesan Group. Not only made a comeback for herself, she introduced Ma Ru as her fiancee who would help her coping up with the work in the company.

Jae Hee was still in shock when she and Secretary Ahn were back to her office. “What was I seeing? I don’t know what I saw. I don’t know whom I saw. And I don’t know who that person was bringing along? Was he Kang Ma Ru? I didn’t really know if he’s Kang Ma Ru.” Secretary Ahn confirmed her everything and everyone she saw were true, Eun Gi and Ma Ru.

Eun Gi was with Ma Ru in her office. She’s almost fainted but Ma Ru helped her. “You’re tired aren’t you?” Eun Gi nodded. Ma Ru hugged her gently. Eun Gi asked if Jae Hee was her step mother and if she and her had a bad relationship (fighting). Ma Ru said yes. Eun Gi wished she could remember everything soon.

Ma Ru’s mind was back to the time when he was having meeting with Attorney Park. Attorney Park shared his plan to Ma Ru about Ma Ru helping Eun Gi. He asked him to help Eun Gi until her memories come back. When they’re back, Ma Ru was going to disappear. “From the first time it wasn’t love at all, wasn’t it?”he said. Ma Ru argued, “What if now is the real love?” “I know what kind of a person you are,” said Attorney Park. So this agreement was only between Attorney PArk and Ma Ru because the Secretary Hyeon (Lady Secretary) just knew that Ma Ru had a deep feelings for Eun Gi.

Jae Hee got into an elevator where there were already Eun Gi and Ma Ru. Jae Hee asked if Eun Gi would go home with her. Ma Ru held Eun Gi’s hand and said that Eun Gi would stay with him. But Jae Hee didn’t give up. She invited them for dinner. Ma Ru kept holding Eun Gi’s hand tight even after Jae Hee got off the elevator.

That night Ma Ru drove Eun Gi to her house. The first thing she wondered was about her father’s death. She said she wanted to see her father (missed him). So when Jae Hee greeted her, she asked for her father’s room. Jae Hee asked why she didn’t know her father’s own room. Ma Ru helped her with the speech related to Eun Gi’s being away for along time. Jae Hee said Eun Gi should visit her father and apologized to him for giving him up for her crazy blinded-love for a man.

Jae Hee was having wine with Ma Ru. She asked why he’s back. Ma Ru said he’s back because of Eun Gi and he wanted to protect her from Jae Hee. “So you think I will kill Eun Gi?” asked Jae Hee. Ma Ru said Jae Hee was a scary person so he didn’t know what scary thing she’s capable of doing. He also reminded her that everything she owned now and her position in the company nothing actually belonged to her. Jae Hee argued that and said the opposite thing.

Ma Ru came to Mr.Seo’s study where Eun Gi was talking to her father’s picture. She wondered if the man her step mother was talking about who made her give up her father was Ma Ru. Hearing that, Ma Ru looked a bit teary and said, “Yes.” Eun Gi was crying and Ma Ru was taking her home and had dinner there instead of in Seo Mansion.

Secretary Ahn was checking on some books alone in the dark. He read a notebook with many writing exercise in it. He got that book when he visited Eun Gi’s place and got into her room and managed to hush the Secretary Hyeon away for some moments. So Secretary Ahn was curious if what Eun Gi’s speech meant when she’s saying being ill for the past year after the accident got something to do with her memory and other brain abilities. He’s calling Secretary Jo to help him digging out more information about what had happen to Eun Gi for the past year.

Eun Gi was writing down her feeling sorry for her father. Meanwhile the secretly sick Ma Ru was staying up late working to study some documents. He was stopped by an attack on his head.

MA Ru was really working hard in Tae San Group in the name of Eun Gi. Han Jae Hee was trying to act friendly to Ma Ru, but Ma Ru just responded her cold.

Secretary Ahn was meeting Eun Gi outside, knowing that she’s about to go to a hospital. And Eun Gi said so when she was asked. They had a conversation in a coffeeshop and Secretary Ahn managed to push away Secretary Hyeon again. Secretary Ahn handed Eun Gi’s notebook and Eun Gi admitted the book was hers, from school time. Secretary Ahn didn’t buy that story and requested Eun Gi to write down something for him to confirm her writing. “You know me, don’t you? You don’t remember me?” asked Secretary Ahn. Eun Gi’s mind was pushed so hard, but that resulted some pieces of Eun Gi’s memory to come back. So Eun Gi wrote down something with a little hesitation. “You are a bad person.”
And then she excused herself. Outside the coffee shop more memories came back to her about Secretary Ahn. She remembered the incident in Japan when she was fighting with Jae Hee and Secretary Ahn about their plan to sell the resort.

Kang Ma Ru attended Taesan meeting on behalf of Eun Gi to discuss a project. He made a scene by hitting Jae Hee’s argument about the plan related to Yeseong group that it surprised everyone about his finding. Attorney Park asked how could he find out such an information, Ma Ru just asked back “You don’t know?” Ma Ru was acting as an ass like usual, a genius ass.

Eun Gi was visiting her doctor and told him that some memories started to comeback. She told him they’re back when she was meeting someone and when she was listening to a music with someone. The doctor asked her to push herself hard in order to call back her memories. She had to let her suicidal and tired of life old Eun Gi, and not to be afraid of it, if she wanted her memories to come back.

When Ma Ru came back he overheard Choco and Eun Gi were chatting about travel together with the person they love. Choco asked if Eun Gi and Ma Ru had gone traveling together. Eun Gi said she didn’t remember anything. Choco told her to ask Ma Ru for a traveling together, having a date. Eun Gi said she couldn’t. “Because i’m shy,” said Eun Gi. Ma Ru just smile hearing that.

Secretary Ahn told Jae Hee that he would do his job well and Jae Hee had nothing to worry about related to the surprising come back of Ma Ru and Eun Gi.

Ma Ru was already on his bed when he was smiling remembering how Eun Gi blushed when saying she’s shy to ask Ma Ru for a traveling together. Then he heard Jae Gil was still whistling under his blanket, so he got Jae Gil had something to drink. Jae Gil was surprise when Ma Ru asked him about what kind of activity should someone do when he’s bringing a girl for a traveling together. “Should there be a game?” Ma Ru asked innocently. “Are you crazy asking me this?” protested Jae Gil. Well don’t blame Jae Gil considering who’s asking…But looking at Ma Ru’s serious face Jae Gil asked, “Are you sincere with this travelling plan?” Ma Ru’s answer indicate a yes. Then Jae Gil asked him to remember the time when he dated Jae Hee. Ma Ru said he don’t know when he’s dating her, he never thought about it.

Eun Gi was surprised finding herself waking up in a car, on a seashore area. Outside, Ma Ru was sitting waiting her to wake up. Ma Ru was being romantic. He overheard Eun Gi and Choco’s conversation and was giving Eun Gi a surprise. So they were dating outside Seoul. they’re having a good time together. Aaaah how good it is to see Seong Jung Ki’s charming smile agaiiiin.  X|

Along with the happy scene, we can hear Ma Ru’s narration about his true feelings towards Eun Gi. He’s talking to his late father.

“Father, today I walked together with a woman. No matter how harsh saying I had said and no matter how hard I had tried to push her away, this woman walked back to me again. This woman is pretty similar with me. Watching this woman, I see myself. The wound I have in my body, this woman also has. The tears I have in my head, this woman also has the same tears in her heart. (And those are) the wound and tears I gave to her ( I caused). This woman was not the one I met. This woman was not  the one whose life a guy like me came into. There will be a regret. This will be the first regret in my life.”

At the end of their date, Ma Ru was playing a harmonica. It was the heart-breaking harmony of “Grandfather’s Clock.” (I don’t know the Korean title for this song, but when you hear it, you’ll recognize it). And I think I heard this one long ago in Park Shin Hye’s “Heaven’s Tree”?? Was it the same song that Lee Wan’s character played with harmonica?

Anyway, on their home, the car went through a tunnel….I think the same tunnel. And Eun Gi’s eyes suddenly were blinded by the lights from cars that coming from the opposite direction. At that time, it seemed that her memory of the moment she had the accident just came back. She looked at Ma Ru.

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I think Ma Ru’s case here is what people say “if only love had come earlier…” I have a bad feeling about Eun Gi’s memory come back, but let’s just see what kind of surprises the story will show us again…

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  1. just kill me and put me out of my misery; she’ll remember that he was her step mother’s lover, and that’s why they broke up. how about he’s head injury, it’s going to kill him isn’t it?

  2. thanks for the super fast recap !
    lol.. always had an adrenaline rush on wed and thurs !!

    i can’t wait for the next few episodes to air.. it seems like we are going to get very sad for the next few weeks as the show doesn’t look like they’re going to give us a happy ending.. :(

    and i myself having a sadist fanfic story out of this already !
    EunGi getting kidnapped and raped by Jae Hee’s people. She died at the end and donated her brain to Maru.. FULL STOP.. Ops! sorry i am super sadist..

  3. really..hope they are together at the end… dont want kang maru die..please

  4. Beautiful_Disaster

    Awh’ Hope it dont end with a sad ending with MaRu died.

  5. I can see this story turning into tragic one..Is the memory of Ja hee & Ma ru in his brain regiin already gone..Thanks for quick recap

  6. i’am really worry about maru’s healthy, and i’m so happy seeing maru’s charming smile again… :)

  7. kind of sad while reading the recap..i know maru love eun gi now.but what will happen when eun’gis memory comes back?..ahhhh’can’t wait til next week for this!!!

  8. i want a happy ending with Kang Maru and Eun G. i hope this drama will have a good ending.. i like to watch this drama because the nice drama.. i hope i won’t disappoint the ending of this drama.please the script writer do every episode to be exciting and more romance with kang maru and eun G.

  9. Thank you so much for your recap in english.i like this drama but i watch ep 12 with no eng sub and its really killing me not have a clue whats they talk about.good job and again thank you

  10. Can i know what english song play when seon eun gi tune the car radio with kang maru. That song really sentimental.

  11. Can i know what english song play when seon eun gi tune the car radio with kang maru. That song really sentimental…

  12. kang maru pliz dont die!!!

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