Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 13 Quick Summary

Nice Guy this episode started with Kang Ma Ru was having a shower and Eun Gi was happily cooking. Ma Ru wrote on the mirror: Happy, then erase it but with a smile on his face.

Eun Gi remembered what her doctor told her to be brave if she wanted her memories to come back. She actually remembered the suicidal moment in the tunnel that night, but some fragments still missing. She was trying to remember hard when Ma Ru suddenly approached her from the back and helped her stirring the food on the stove. Not long after that, the bell rang. Some prosecutors came to their place for an investigation related to Taesan Group matter. It’s Secretary Ahn’s doing, for sure.

One of the prosecutors found something in Ma Ru’s laptop and asked Ma Ru to go to their office for further investigation. But MA Ru said he’d leave after taking his breakfast. “It’s her first time cooking for me and she has prepared it from early morning. I should eat her cooking before going,” said Ma Ru. The prosecutors gave him time. Eun Gi kept asking Ma Ru what happened, but Ma Ru didn’t tell her anything but not to worry about anything. After finishing his breakfast, he contacted Jae Hee. And then instead of going with the prosecutors he left alone somewhere else.

Ma Ru visited Jae Hee. While Jae Hee was trying to persuade Ma Ru to have brunch with her, she got a call from someone asking if Ma Ru was with her. So from that call she knew  there’s something wrong, Ma Ru was being investigated by the prosecutors. Then Jae Hee once again warned Ma Ru to better go before he fell too deep after going this high.

Attorney PArk was the one who burst into Secretary Ahn’s office and got angry. Secretary Ahn said game is over now, but Attorney PArk said no. Secretary Ahn kind of knew that bringing Ma Ru into Taesan was part of Attorney Park’s plans in order to put Eun Gi back to her place in the company.

Ma Ru finally went down to the prosecutor’s office for intervew. He’s accused for fraud and something to his past case with Taesan Group under Jae Hee’s name. Ma Ru explained to the prosecutor that the old Kang Ma Ru was suicidal because of his hard life, but the now Kang Ma Ru has a reason to live. “The reason to live has occurred.”

Eun Gi decided to recall her memories in her own way. She visited Seo Mansion, but hesitate to push the bell. Suddenly, Jae Hee’s son just came from school with the maid and he begged her to get into the house even though Eun Gi said she should leave soon. Ma Ru came home and got panic. Choco helped him looking for Eun Gi. They had no idea where Eun Gi was because she left her mobile at home.

Jae Hee came home and found her son was playing game with Eun Gi. A rare scene. When Eun Gi saw Jae Hee’s her smile faded away.
Meanwhile Ma Ru was so desperate to find Eun Gi. And he finally got the clue after Jae Gil came home and told him what the doctor had told Eun Gi about what she should do if she wanted her memories to come back. Ma Ru hurriedly headed to Seo Family’s house.

On the dining table, Jae Hee asked how Eun Gi liked the bean sprout now while she used to hated it. Then she ate another side dish. The maid asked if Eun Gi was okay,so the nervous Eun Gi decided to go to the toilet. Jae Hee noticed something weird with Eun Gi, especially after the maid said that Eun Gi seemed to be a different person. Then Jae Hee told the maid to get one particular side dish Eun Gi used to hated the most because of the smell. Ma Ru finally came and when Eun Gi was back from the toilet, Jae Hee told Eun Gi to eat that dish. Eun Gi almost took it but fortunately the maid came in a hurry telling Jae Hee that her son was having a stomachache after copycatting Eun Gi’s appetite. The maid came to give more side dish and told Eun Gi that she had changed a lot now that she’s now liking dishes she used to hate, especially that particular smelly dish. Ma Ru and Eun Gi decided to leave the house without waiting for Jae Hee. They just left a message for Jae Hee.

On their way back, Ma Ru told Eun Gi to just create new memories with him if her old memories never come back. Eun Gi refused. Other memories might be okay, but not for the memories she had with Ma Ru. Then when the music on, the “San Francisco” song, Eun Gi asked if Ma Ru remembered that song. They used to listened to that song while on a trip long ago. Ma Ru was surprised.

Ma Ru told Jae Hee and Secretary Ahn that he had proofs of what they did to his laptop.

Secretary Ahn ordered Secretary Jo to dig in Eun Gi’s medical information after the accident and her surgery. He’s very curious of what really happened to her.

Eun Gi remembered the suicidal moment in the tunnel but what she couldn’t remember was another driver whose car came from the opposite direction. Suddenly Jae Hee came into their house. In the same time, Ma Ru called her asking for a date, but Eun Gi told him about Jae Hee’s visit. Ma Ru was in a rush to home. Eun Gi finally decided to let Jae Hee came in. She was surprised finding out that Jae Hee knew Choco and Jae Gil. JAe Hee made her reasons and then persuaded Eun Gi to come back home. Eun Gi said she wanted to stay with Ma Ru. Her answer upset Jae Hee. “Why should it be Kang Ma Ru? Why him?” demanded Jae Hee. Then some of Eun Gi’s memories came back, moments when Jae Hee told her several times about her objection on Eun Gi and Ma Ru’s relationship. So she asked Jae Hee, “Why do you opposed our relationship that much?” Jae Hee was confused. “You really don’t know? Do you seriously not know the reason?” But she saw Eun Gi’s face became pale.  What’s wrong with your face? Are you okay?” Eun Gi just demanded Jae Hee to tell her the reason. Then she remembered the moment when Attorney Park told her about Ma Ru-Jae Hee’s past relationship, but that time Eun Gi said she didn’t care about it. Eun Gi fainted. Thankfully Ma Ru came in time. He rushed her to the hospital.

Eun Gi was awake for awhile but she’s back to sleep soon. Attorney Park actually came to the hospital too, but as soon as he saw Ma ru was there looked sincerely care for Eun Gi, he refrained and left the hospital.

Secretary Ahn shared his finding with Jae Hee about Eun Gi’s medical story after the accident and her writing exercise. They were so close to confirm that there’s something wrong with Eun Gi’s memory. And her comeback was just part of Attorney Park’s plan.

Eun Gi was finally awake. And then when it was Ma Ru who was awake, he found Eun Gi was no longer on the bed. He finally found Eun Gi sleeping on a bench outside the hospital. He covered her with his coat and woke her up. “Do you know how worry I am? Why you keep doing this?” Ma Ru scolded her. He’s about to take her back inside, but  Eun Gi suddenly pushed Ma Ru’s hand away. “Who are you?” she asked sharply. “Hey, Seo Eun Gi!” Ma Ru looked surprised and worried in the same time. “Who the hell are you?!”

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