Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 14 Quick Summary

Ma Ru found Eun Gi was sleeping on a bench outside the hospital. When he’s about to bring her back inside, Eun Gi asked who was he.

She threw Ma Ru’s coat and then left.”What’s wrong with you, really?” demanded Ma Ru. “Please move away,” Eun Gi shrugged him away and left. Eun Gi kind of lost her mind. She just walked and walked without any clear destination and Ma Ru could only silently followed her from behind. He made a distance until Eun Gi was almost hit by a car when she was going to cross a street, Ma Ru caught her and Eun Gi asked, “Do you know me?”

Ma Ru brought Eun Gi home and showed her their picture. Eun Gi screamed, “You lie!!” and kept screaming and struggling until she fainted. Ma Ru kept holding her on the floor. Choco was so shock seeing what happened to Eun Gi.

Jae Hee seemed to arrive in the conclusion that there’s something wrong with Eun Gi’s head.

Ma Ru kept his position of holding Eun Gi on the floor until morning. And in that critical morning, Jae Hee came. Choco was trying to block her from coming in by telling lie that Ma Ru and Eun Gi were not home. But Ma Ru decided to go out and see Jae Hee. She asked to meet Eun Gi, saying that she’s worry about her. “I told you to go away,” warned Ma Ru. “I’m Eun Gi’s step mother. I have something to tell her,” Jae Hee insisted. “What kind of thing you have to tell her? One more time you come closer to Eun Gi, you’ll know what i’m capable of doing.” Jae Hee said she cared for Eun Gi and actually still wanted Ma Ru to come to her. But Ma Ru managed to make her leave.

Secretary Ahn found the name of the doctor who had been taking care of Eun Gi. And of course, he would find out more about Eun Gi’s condition.

Seo Eun Gi woke up and still acted cranky and rude to Ma Ru. But that man didn’t give up and keep making an approach to her very patiently. Eun Gi kept throwing drinks Ma Ru offered her: juice, milk…”Stop it, I’m not going to drink anything,” said Eun Gi. But Ma Ru didn’t care and still came back and bring her more milk. And she threw it again, but Ma Ru came back again and she broke the glass again. Ma Ru was about to go to the kitchen again, but this time suddenly Eun Gi’s hand caught his pants. She got some scratches from the glasses she broke. Ma Ru treated her hand. “What did Han Jae Hee told you? Is it because of me that you’re tired of recalling your memory?” Ma Ru told her to just scream out the accumulated burden in her heart so she would feel lighter when she wake up later. And when Ma Ru came back to bring her another milk, Eun Gi was crying hard and Ma Ru gave her time alone. While hearing Eun Gi’s heartbreaking cry, Ma Ru was also getting an attack on his head. He’s having a hard time alone in the bathroom. They’re both were having hard time on their own. Eun Gi in her bed room while Ma Ru in the bathroom. They stayed like that until the day turned to dark.

Another day came. Eun Gi finally came down to the kitchen when Ma Ru was making some toasts. She asked if he slept well. Ma Ru asked the same thing. They both had good sleep. Eun Gi said she slept so well that she had a long dream. In her dream, Ma Ru was there for a short time, but during that short time, Ma Ru was a different person, a bad one. “If your memories are back and turned out that i’m that kind of person, what would you do?” asked Ma Ru. Eun Gi said, “I won’t forgive you. I have chosen you and abandoned my father for you.” Ma Ru smirked. “What a relief. Make sure you will do that,” he said.

Eun Gi was meeting Attorney Park to ask him what he had told her long ago. “You told me something about Kang Ma Ru, but I didn’t want to listen. What did you want to tell me? Who is that person? What kind of person Kang Ma Ru was? Do you know the real Kang Ma Ru I know?”

Meanwhile at the office, Ma Ru was summoned by Jae Hee. She apologized for framing him the second time. Ma Ru asked what would happen if he didn’t accept her apology. Jae Hee acted weak, but Ma Ru didn’t buy it.

Back to Attorney Park and Eun gi, Attorney Park asked if she’s sure it was not just an ordinary dream because as far as he remembered there was never such a conversation. He must have his reason for not telling Eun Gi the truth.

Jae Hee and Secretary Ahn were discussing about their “war” against Ma Ru when suddenly Eun Gi came. She said she’s coming to work because she felt bad of leaving her responsibility for a long time. And Han Jae Hee didn’t hesitate to throw her a hard task to meet President Min from a cosmetic company. Secretary Hyeong and Ma Ru suggested her not to come, but Eun Gi determined to go. And when Ma Ru offered to accompany her to the meeting room, Eun Gi said she could do it alone.

Secretary hyeon had given Eun Gi some personal information about the that person, some personal information so Eun Gi would have some topic to open a conversation. Eun Gi brought up the topic about that person’s son. At first he didn’t say anything, but then suddenly he lost his patient. He felt offended Eun Gi was bringing up his late son’s topic. So apparently, Eun Gi got framed by Jae Hee.  The person she was suppose to meet was President Min, but that person was not. JAe Hee called Eun Gi scolding her, and Eun Gi was defensing herself. Ma Ru took her phone and told her that whatever she said it wouldn’t matter. JAe Hee was intentionally framinf Eun Gi, that’s so obvious. Eun Gi was home with Ma Ru, but still felt frustrated.

The next day Eun Gi was giving up of going back to the company, but Ma Ru lifting up her confidence and spirit very seriously. “You could do it,” he assured Eun Gi. Ma Ru brought Eun Gi to President Nam’s house and left her there. But Eun Gi couldn’t say anything when that man left the house walked pass her.

In the office, Ma Ru was informed by Attorney Park that Jae Hee had got Eun Gi’s MRI and knew her medical condition. Now it’s an open war.

Eun Gi stood in front of President Nam’s house until late at night. That man finally came to her just to tell her to go home. Eun Gi said her apology. MA Ru was just watching from afar.

The next day, Jae Hee got a call from President Nam and he offered a reconcilidation of a project and asked Eun Gi to be the person in charge.

Jae Hee was holding a meeting when suddenly she got a message that made her turned nervous. She put the meeting on hold and walked outside. She saw her brother was talking to Ma Ru. As usual, his coming to Jae Hee was always about threats. But this time, it’s Ma Ru’s plan. Her brother threatened her for the murder matter and Eun Gi’s murder plan, sort of. And Ma Ru’s plan of bringing Jae Hee’s brother to threaten Jae Hee was to make Jae Hee giving Eun Gi a safe position in the company.

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  4. Whoaaaa.. 3weeks to go till the ending episode!!! Time flies! Really really hope it will be happy ending for Maru and Eun gi, in a condition both of them is full healthy. No more sick scenes pleaseeee!! Hopefully after all of the storm they had been through, Maru and Eun gi will found their own rainbow, happily ever after…

  5. Thanks for the English recap and the subtitles. For us non-Korean speaking fans, this is so valuable and important. thanks for this kind and generous service. Each week on the morning following the telecast in Korea ,I rush to read the recaps and each evening I wait to watch the show with the subs. In Singapore we are about 6 episodes back. Thanks again”

  6. best drama ever.i just love the twists in it cant wait for the next ep

  7. wow… soong joong ki a.k.a kang ma ru have a beautiful smiling death

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