Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 18 Quick Summary

Tonight’s Nice Guy started with the moment Ma Ru talked to Eun Gi by the river. “I know everything, Eun Gi. Your memories are back. You remember what kind of man I am.”

Then Eun Gi asked, “Since when you know my memories are back?” Ma Ru said that he knew the spreading scandal rumor was Eun Gi’s doing and understood that the return Eun Gi wanted to get revenge over Jae Hee and him, “But why you have to bring along yourself? You just have to hurt the people you hate, not including yourself.” Eun Gi blamed Ma Ru for the time she’s been crazy for him that her father died. She’s surely thinking of a revenge. “If you are scared you can go.” Eun Gi asked if he had anything to say to her. As old-Ma Ru always did, he said, “Nothing.” Then Eun Gi asked Ma Ru to call Attorney Park to pick her up. Ma Ru could only watch Eun Gi was leaving with Attorney Park. Then he buried himself in a deep thought. He remembered the time when he asked Eun Gi if he’s really a bad man what would she do. Eun Gi said she wouldn’t forgive him and Ma Ru was the one who said Eun Gi had to keep it that way. And right in that moment, this was what really happen to both of them.

Eun Gi arrived at the hotel. She asked Attorney Park not to leave her. She was broken hearted no matter how harsh her words to Ma Ru were, they both knew it. So she asked Attorney Park to take care of her for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile Secretary Hyeon was packing up Eun Gi’s clothes and met Ma Ru on her way out of the house. Jae Gil asked to go out for drink, but Ma Ru prefered to eat. He ate very well. Jae Gil and Choco could only watch him eating.

MA Ru came to JAe Hee’s house that night. JAe Hee accused him for the man who was behind today’s scandal, Ma Ru said it was him. He said his target was of course Han Jae Hee. It’s part of his plans to make JAe Hee down from her current position, her life. Jae Hee asked if he really liked Eun Gi, why he did all this. Ma Ru reminded Jae Hee that “Love is what I had done for you (back then). That’s love,” said Ma Ru. Ma Ru’s work is not finish yet, he knew. He still had to drag Jae Hee and also Secretary Ahn to go down, so Eun Gi would have a peaceful life. He told Secretary Ahn to leave them alone.

Attorney Park just realized something wrong with Eun Gi. She’s been in the bathroom too long. When hotel people managed to open the door, he found Eun Gi was sitting in the water in the bathtub still wearing her wedding dress.

She said no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t hate Kang Ma Ru. She knew isn’t suppose to love him because she knew that man still loved Han Jae Hee. So she decided to just end everything. She thought where in the world a person who is not suppose to love, but look where she’s at. “I did well right? My father up there will like this right? But…how is it? I miss him. I really do miss Kang Ma Ru, Dad. How is it, Dad?” Attorney PArk could only cry watching Eun Gi was crying desperately.

JAe Hee warned Ma Ru about Secretary Ahn and what he’s capable of doing. Ma Ru tried to persuade Jae Hee to leave, very nicely this time. “I’m sorry Ma Ru, but I still know you better thatn yourself, ” said Jae Hee. “I know the reason why you want me to step down and leave is because Seo Eun Gi.”

That night also, Ma Ru came to Eun Gi’s bed and sat there awhile. The only thing left was their old picture together.

In the morning, Jae Hee got a surprise. Eun Gi suddenly decided to come back to live in their house. Jae Hee tried to explain what happened about yesterday scandal. She told Eun Gi that Ma Ru had admitted that it was his doing and it’s a good decision she broke up with him. Eun Seok came home crying because he’s bullied by his friends at school which was because of the scandal. The scandal had spread out wider and not yet stopped. However, Ma Ru still showed up at the office, ignoring every stare.

Secretary Ahn came to talk about the scandal thing with Jae Hee. The he asked her if she would leave everything for Kang Ma Ru. Jae Hee refused to answer by saying that it’s her private life and he had no business asking about it. Secretary Ahn lost his control. He used violance. “Who made you reach this position? You cannot leave for KAng Ma Ru. If you really want to do it, you die.” Then he told her they should get married and then force kissed Jae Hee.

Ma Ru still busy working ignoring all the whispers from his co-workers. Attorney Park approached him and they had a talk. He asked Ma Ru why he didn’t ask anything about Eun Gi. “I want to know, but I’m not going to ask,” said Ma Ru. “Why?” asked Attorne Park. Ma Ru said because he’s Ma Ru who still can eat and well sleep well no matter what happen. And to end their conversation, Ma Ru said he still had something to do.

Back to his office, Ma Ru got a call, but no voice on the other end. From far behind the other end of line, he could hear “San Fransisco” song. Eun Gi, he stood up. Both knew who’s on the other end, but both also knew none of them would speak. So they start this telepathy-like voice over. Each of them only speak in their heart, but the words seem to match each other.

“Hi.” Ma Ru’s voice was the first.
“Hi. Did you enjoyed your lunch? Did you sleep well?”
“You? You sleep well? Not sick right?”
“You’re not tired? I’m tired.”
“That day you’re wearing an open and thin dress, you don’t catch any cold right?”
“Im happy you’re not tired because of me.”
“I miss you, Eun gi-ya.”
Then Eun Gi hung up first.
“I miss you, Seo Eun Gi,” Ma Ru said it when Eun Gi had hung up the phone.

JAe Hee’s brother came to Ma Ru’s house. He’s carving “Ma Ru?” and Jae Gil wondered about that.

Jae Hee came to Ma Ru’s office, drunk. She offered him to drink together with her. She called her brother,saying that she’s gonna give up everything and leave with Ma Ru. But her brother knew she’s drunk.

When Eun Gi went down her room, she met the drunk Jae Hee just got home, with Ma Ru helped her. As soon as MA Ru saw Eun Gi, he took his hands off JAe Hee. Jae Hee asked her to have a drink together, but Ma Ru insisted on sending her to bed. Lying on her bed, Jae Hee said she regret everything very much.

In Eun Gi’s room, Eun Gi heard there’re some knocks. She ignored it. Soon came Ma Ru inside. “So you’re here,” said Ma Ru, without any hi. Eun Gi just replied, “Uhm.” “You live well?” “Uhm.” “You eat well?” “Uhm.” “You sleep well?” “Uhm.” “Your room is this beautiful. You must be tired sharing room with Choco.” Then Ma Ru paused. “You dont have anything to say to me?” He waited, nothing. “I’ll go then.”

Eun Gi went to the door, but she refrained. Ma Ru was actually standing right in front of her door and was thinking of coming in again, but he also refrained. Instead, he called Eun Gi.
“What’s wrong with your face? Han Jae Hee doesn’t feed you well? You should live well. I will really go. Live your life well.Bye”
Then Eun Gi, in her heart: I’m really happy to see your face.

Jae Gill slept in front of the door to prevent Ma Ru from goin to office. He’s still insisted on Ma Ru to take the surgery. He promised to stay by his side no matter what happened after the surgery. He promised to take care of Choco if he died after the surgery and promised to help him for the rest of his life if his surgery turned a bad result. All he asked was Ma Ru to go for surgery. But Ma Ru was as usual, didn’t take this conversation seriously.  Especially after Choco came, they had to stop it.

Eun Gi asked Attorney Park to reinvestigate his father’s death. She also asked if he’s father still didn’t know about Scretary Ahn and Han Jae Hee affair. Attorney Park told her the truth that her father had known everything. Eun Gi was surprise and demanded to know everything, there must be more information he’s not telling her. Attorney Park knew one more important information, the people behind Mr.Seo’s death, but he also rmemebered Secretary Ahn’s threat. Then he came to Ma Ru, asking him to help for a very important matter.

He met JAe Hee in the park and Jae Hee was crying hard. Ma Ru held her tight and Eun Gi saw it from afar.

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I like the half part of this episode, so heartbreaking and each of Ma Ru and Eun Gi tried to be strong though they knew they couldn’t. But I still couldn’t hold myself from laughing seeing the cry-baby Attorney Park. I mean, man…should you cry that easily? Reaching the rest half…I think I kind of knew where it would lead, and I was right. Why should they have the sooooo typical Korean Drama thingy.. Eun Gi has to see Ma Ru was holding Jae Hee?? Couldn’t they find some new ideas?? I like yesterday’s episode more. However still, I’m seeing the rest of 2 last episodes are still blurred. Can’t see yet whether it’ll lead to happy or sad ending.

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  1. its gonna be a good ending, pleasee!

  2. I hope it will have a happy ending with Maru And Eungi ! Thanks So Much For The Recap ! <3 ^.^

  3. Thanks. Hope there will be a happy ending.

  4. oh no i dont like Maru and wish a sad ending!!!!

  5. TQ for the summaries, been foll yrs since the beginning.

    What I don’t understand is why EG is too self centered? She knew that the other xcdent victim was MARU, never appear bothered enough to know more or investigate of MARUs injuries whatsoever.

    Maru should leave these two sick women and move on!

  6. They will end up together; Maru and Eun Gi. Now Eun Gi is playing hard to get. She is conflicting herself after regaining all her memories and trying her best effort to find the truth about what happened the day his dad passed away, as well as convincing herself to realize that the Maru now, is no longer the Maru then. Maru now is the one who truly loves her to death. Just don’t take too long Eun Gi….before it is too late.

    I’m loving this episode. I’m breathing in and out more easily with less tense, because that Korean drama thingy in this ep made me smile and hope; this going to end happily whether with the condition of Maru is dying or not. At least I hope Eun Gi finds the reason why she held on to him despite knowing his bad intention before the accident. Why she love him so much.

  7. Can they please be together? MARU AND EUNGI!!

  8. best kdrama keep watching because u dont know how its going to end.keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending

  9. I love this drama so much, hope next episode Eungi g will find out about sick Maru . A happy ending please…. but don’t wait until last episode Maru agree to go for surgery. Can’t wait to see next episode, tq for the summary

  10. heart breaking…hopefullu maru n eungi can together,,,pls director

  11. Thanks for the recap… can’t wait to watch the eng sub…

  12. please. don’t hate to maru shi… he is too smart and know what he is doing. all for his love Eun Gi. he trying to trap that two bastards Jea hui and ahn and kicked them out from their position. i trust u maru… try your level best for your love Eun Gi. Good luck!!

  13. please make the viewer happy to watch this last 2 episode remaining..please don’t make us disappoint to watch this.. this is a good drama and highly recommended to everyone. thanks

  14. please make this a happy ending with kang maru and seungi..both of them they need a happy till the end..and please i want to see them be married in this drama.

  15. this is my favorite korean drama of 2012 i really like this korean show!!! specially innocent man..congratulations. soong joong ki you are a very good in acting..please stay a good person.. wish you good-luck in 2013. sarange

  16. This was the first Period drama that i’ve EVER watched and i really love it !!!!

  17. can anybody share what’s the meaning of that watch falling from maru’s hand in the opening scene of the drama..thank you

  18. nazli farajzadeh

    Thanks for the summary.i wish a happy ending,dear director.

  19. Anyeong…
    I thought the watch fall from maru’s hand is… Maru wasted time for jaehee from beginning til end… Poor maruya… His life become dark because jae hee.. I mean that

  20. The ending will be a reversal. Kang Maru head pain will start to escalate and he is forced to have an emergency surgery but complication arise during surgery and the doctor have to make a choice. Kang Maru life or… wait for it, wait for it and yes that’s right his memory. This time around it will be Seo Eun Gi who will help Kang Maru to rediscover his memory and I can bet for certain that place by the beach where they planning to go for their vacation and the bridge by the castle will play a role again. Tae San will be in disarray in the wake of the scandal and also by the truth about the late president death. Lawyer Ahn and Han Jaee Hee will go to prison and the company will eventually will be take over by another company and the new chairman is non other than Park Jae gil. It will be revealed that Park Jae Gil is actually the son of the late president wife when she cheated on him.

  21. idon’t like it i think he will be dead at the end. that is not good.

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