Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 19 Quick Summary

Nice Guy this episode opened with Eun Gi walking alone. It’s one day earlier, before Eun Gi witnessed what she saw in the park in the ending of previous episode. She’s following Ma Ru a few steps behind. Her mind wondered about her and Ma Ru’s fate. She saw Ma Ru was sitting on a bench reading a document, and then looked like having a headache. But the attack was not strong and Ma Ru could handle it so Eun Gi saw it just like a regular headache. When Ma Ru was back on his feet, he sensed someone’s following him and turned. Eun Gi turned her body so Ma Ru couldn’t see.

Then back to the time when Eun Gi was meeting Attorney Park. Eun Gi demanded what else he knew that he had not told her. She wondered if there’re more info related to her father’s death. But Park didn’t tell her.

He came to Ma Ru as we saw. Then he let Ma Ru listened to two recordings: the recording capturing Secretary Ahn and Jae Hee’s sin related to Mr.Seo’s death; and the recording when Secretary Ahn threatened him. So Ma Ru now knows the whole scandal too, even the fact that Park’s father was related to Eun Gi’s mother traffic accident. Ma Ru asked why Park shared all that with him. Park thought only Ma Ru could help this situation, for Eun Gi’s sake. “I don’t want to see her being hurt anymore,” said Attorney Park.

Soon that day Park submitted his resignation letter to Secretary Ahn. He did it to show that man that he’s now has no more fear of his threat and surely would reveal Secretary Ahn’s big sin hidden card. Attorney Park did all that to protect Eun Gi.

Ma Ru digested the whole information and remembered the day when he found Jae Hee trembling in that motel room, telling him that she just killed someone. Then he came to Jae  Hee’s office and asked her to go for a date with him at 8.30 in a park. Eun Gi who stayed in the same coffee shop where she met Park earlier, accidentally saw Ma Ru passed by and followed him again.

Ma Ru sat and talked nicely to Jae Hee, after all their tiring fight. He took Jae Hee’s hand and cried.He said what if that day he didn’t take the blame of the murder and just told Jae Hee to turn herself in and then he waited for her till she got out of prison…”Would you be happy now, Noona?” Then he continued with his “what ifs” imagining the simple but happy life they would probably had together with Choco and Jae Gil, “Would you be happy now, Noona?”  This “what ifs” speaking is very heartbreaking for Jae Hee. But Ma Ru not yet got to his point until he said, “I made a mistake that day. I’m the one who created the now you. I thought it was love, but it was wrong. Of course without me around you and after what you had been through, you lost your way. I am sorry, Noona. i’m the one who created you to be like this.” I made the current you. I thought it was love,but it was not. I am sorry. I made you like this.” Then Ma Ru said he would go to Jae Hee, even though he couldn’t promise to love her (underline this everyone!), he said he would take care of her for the rest of his life. “So please come with me.”

Jae Hee’s brother told Jae Gil and Choco to go out and leave him alone with Ma Ru. He asked Ma Ru if he had told Jae Hee  his demand. Ma Ru was shaving in the bathroom. Ouuuch, if only it had been other more masculine actor, this scene might have been looked cool, but it’s Song Jung Ki. Ahh, Song Jung Ki and shaving is not that selling. Anyway, Jae Gil came back home and gave  Jae Shin a punch when they’re out of the house. He told him to stop blackmail Ma Ru because he would die even if Jae Shin didn’t kill him. Then Jae Gil literary begged him not tp threat Ma Ru anymore.

Something happened to Attorney Park, both Ma Ru and Eun Gi got the news immediately. That poor man got a traffic accident and now in a coma. Ma Ru remembered how Park had sense that his life was in danger, because he had asked Ma Ru to keep the file and do what he have to do with it, just in case something to him.

He met Eun Gi in the hospital. Eun Gi was furious and sad in the same time, and accused Secretary Ahn and Jae Hee must be behind this accident. Eun Gi’s anger towards Secretary Ahn adn Jae Hee was off limit now and she promised herself that she would catch them both. But Ma Ru told her to stay quite facing this problem. His concerned was her safety. But Eun Gi was not in a condition of being able to hold any hatred.”You go your way. Go take care of Han Jae Hee. But me, I will surely get her.”

Jae Hee gave some thought to what Ma Ru told her that night. I think she was rady to give up everything for him.

Ma Ru came to Secretary Ahn, thinking that he must be behind the accident. Then Ma Ru threatened  him by saying that he got the file. Jae Hee heard everything from behind the door because she actually had an appointment with Ahn.

Eun Gi got a report from Secretary Hyeon that Secretary Ahn‘s (correction: Secretary Jo’s) car was behind Attorney Park  in the night PArk got the accident. Then she got a call telling that Secretary Ahn visited Attorney Park in the hospital. She sent him away, but when they stepped out of the room, Jae Hee came but Eun Gi told her to take off everything in suspicious of she would harm Park because Eun Gi saw her as Ahn’s ally. JAe Hee was going to take off everything but MA Ru came, stopped both ladies from doing stupid things and took Jae Hee away.

Eun Gi calmed herself down alone but Ma Ru came to her. She told Ma Ru to go away, Ma Ru told Eun Gi that from now on she should stay by his side in every step, not even going to the bathroom. Ma Ru was being protective.

Jae Hee came back to office together with Secretary Ahn. Jae Hee  asked if what happened to Park was his doing or her brother. He told her that Ma Ru had the recording. He also asked her to stay still while he did the whole thing. Jae Hee saw what was happening as a dejavu, having a man told her to stay aside while they do the dirty works. Secretary Ahn said sorry, and it upset Jae Hee more. She wondered if those men thought they’re that strong so they could have such a confidence to take Jae Hee’s burden. “It’s my own life, why you too determine it. You twoare jerk. You two are the same.”

Ma Ru followed Eun Gi’s every move and watched her take care of Attorney Park. Then the next day, he came to his old house to meet the new owner.  She’s of course Han Jae Hee. “For me when I come back later. But when I come back, you’re not there,” she explained. Then Jae Hee gave him the documents she showed Mr.Seo the day he died, but in return he had to give her the recording.

Back to the hospital, Ma Ru thought Eun Gi was out of his sight. He searched her around the hospital and found she’s sitting somewhere, sleeping. Ma Ru put her head on his shoulder and stayed in that position until Eun Gi woke up. Then he said to Eun Gi, “Eun Gi, let’s run away, to the place where you want to go, where no one knows us.”

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