Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 3 Summary

Episode 3 started with a labor protest in Taesan Group. They protest n Seo Eun Gi, whom they said as liar and demanded apologized from. Ma Ru’s voice reading Seo Eun Gi’s profile. Eun Gi was cold, vicious, workaholic had no friends, no hobby. The only thing she liked to do besides working was off road motocycling.

In the police office, before Jae Hee was leaving, Ma Ru asked her what kind of life in her world she’s been living now that she could crush an innocent man like him without a heart. Jae Hee just coldly answer that the brightness of her dream in her life was too bright that even if she explained it to him, a person like him would not understand.

Then Ma Ru went offroad and encountered Eun Gi. He saved Eun Gi from falling off the cliff,but weirdly Eun Gi was struggling to get his motorbike after Ma Ru saved him.

She was talking about her doll and then her mom. Ma Ru realized there’s something important in there, so he volunteerly get down to her motorbike with a rope. He found the doll,but unfortunately the rope was cut. He fell.

In the hospital, when visiting Ma Ru, Eun Gi straight forwardly saying that he must have known her before because there’s no such a thing as that very impossible encounter and Ma Ru did everything he had done for a her, a mere stranger. But Ma Ru immediately stroke her with a question if her parents taught her that, not to say thank you when she’s feeling grateful to someone and not to say sorry when she feels so to someone. “Conclusion is finish now. Just get out of here,” said Ma Ru harshly to Eun Gi. It upset Eun Gi, but on her wat out on the corridor, she couldn’t forget the way Ma Ru saved her.

Jae Hee recalled what she heard when Mr.Seo was scolding Eun Gi. He’s being so tough on her because basicly he wanted her to be his heir, not his new wife nor his young son. Jae Hee was glad to know that chance and told her son to grab the dream that she couldn’t get in the past. And then not only the leading characters, this conflict also included the second hand men in the family: the two secretaries.

Mr.Seo’s secretary was interrogating a third secretary who was appointed by Eun Gi’s secretary to find out more about Ma Ru. He actually found the whole information,but didn’t tell them to Eun Gi’s man.He told Mr.Seo’s man everything.

Eun Gi’s mind started to be distracted by Kang Ma Ru’s name. She didn’t even take a notice when the secretary told the family that her test result to be her father’s donor was positive.

Mr.Seo objected the idea and here’s where JAe Hee stpped in. She made herself became the loyal and loving-sincerely her husband by also taking the test to be the donor of her husband. And when Mr.Seo was about to repay her with a department store ownership in Busan, she rejected it. She told him her “sincere feeling” as Mr.Seo’s wife and his family.
This led to something bigger, aknowledgment from the world as Mrs.Seo that she had not received. So they’re holding a wedding ceremony that they never had before.

Eun Gi was surprise that her doll was on her desk. The doll was from her mom and her mom asked her to just go with her leaving Seo’s family if she couldn’t live there happily like any other woman (dress nicely, meet a nice guy and got a happy marriage). Eun Gi pledged that she would be as vicious as she could and crush everyone who tried to step on her so she wouldn’t be like her mom, the party that lose and had to flee. Eun Gi would be the winner. She went to the hospital to visit KAng Ma Ru because not only returning her doll, Ma Ru also rejected her gift.

Ma Ru was back to his house, finding Jae Gil was taking nap outside with his new girl friend. Jae Hee was almost in front of Ma Ru’s house when that Mr.Secretary called her. Eun Gi also found Ma Ru’s house and met him.

But in the same time, Ma Ru had to save Choco who was in trouble living with her birth mother and her abusive husband. Ma Ru was in hurry to go picking up Choco, but Eun Gi sat herself on the passanger seat. She said she still had something to ask him.
She asked what actually he’s after that he had done such a thing for a stranger but rejected her expensive gift. Ma Ru said it’s because his taste of woman had changed. After the accident he started to like a woman with bad personality. Eun Gi was startled and ended up coming with Ma Ru to pick up Choco.

When they got there,they saw Choco’s mom was beaten by her husband and Ma Ru came to help. But when he beat her husband, Choco’s mom hit Ma Ru’s with a wooden log and it’s bad because Ma Ru’s broken ribs had not yet recover. Thankfully Choco came to save him.

Choco’s mom resent Choco by saying that she had no affection at all for Choco and she’s not a child that came from a love relationship. She gave Choco back to Ma Ru. Her words hurt both Choco and Ma Ru. Choco’s mother said that he could call her when Choco’s about to get married. Ma Ru refused to do it.

In the car on their way back to Seoul, Choco started to sob on the rear seat. The cold face Ma Ru just passed her a tissue without even look back. And when Choco started to cry, Ma Ru just turn on the music and put it on a high volume.

In different place, Secretary Anh got a surprise visit by his second madam. Jae Hee brought wine and confessed her true story to that man. Everything he knew about Jae Hee-Ma Ru’s relationship, she just gave him the detail.
Quite drunk, Jae Hee came home with Secretary Anh drove her. “Why do you believe that I’m not going to tell Mr.Seo everything you just told me?” Secretary Anh asked. Jae Hee said, “Because I know you love me. You’ve been loving me long before I become Mr.Seo’s husband.” And then she kissed Secretary Anh.

In the same time, Ma Ru arrived in front of Seo mansion and witnessed all that scene. Unfortunately Eun Gi was sleeping. After Secretary Anh left, Ma Ru got off the car to wake Eun Gi. Jae Hee looked shock.

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