Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 5 Quick Summary

Ma Ru was driving when he was recalling what Jae Hee had told him after the brunch incident, and also when Secretary Ahn was drinking in the bar where Ma Ru was the bartender. Ma Ru and Secretary Ahn had a very serious conversation about…Ma Ru actually. In short, Secretary Ahn asked him to go away.

Ma Ru actually arrived in the resort at night,visited Eun Gi’s pavilion and saw her doll, the wooden board with the old writing, and the announcement at the front door that Eun Gi refused to be disturbed. So Ma Ru waited in front of Eun Gi’s room. He watched quitely Eun Gi stepped out and washed her face and then lied down on the grass. He watched her sleep and then went into Eun Gi’s room. He saw all Eun Gi’s works and worked on them by the help of his pal through the phone, Jae Gil, whose knowledge on business was quite good.

When morning came,he woke Eun Gil the way we saw in the ending of the previous episode. “Let’s do some killing. But before that, let’s eat something,” he said. Eun Gi still couldn’t believe what she’s seeing. Ma Ru was actually there, eating breakfast with her. “How did you come?” she asked. “By plane and taxi. I missed you so I come,”said Ma Ru cool. After having their breakfast, Ma Ru discussed his founding from last night’s research to Eun Gi. Ma Ru had made Eun Gi touched as well as amazed. Then Eun Gi was ready to fight Jae Hee. Ma Ru made his best movement. He gave Eun Gi the goodluck kiss on the forehead. It’s feels creepy every time Ma Ru’s fake smile faded away as soon as Eun Gi was not around. From a very cutely handsome smile to a cold flat face.

Jae Hee held the contract signing event earlier than it’s first scheduled. Secretary Ahn actually had heard from Eun Gi about her finding and the request to put the hand over contract on hold,but of course Secretary Ahn had his arguments when Eun Gi finally confronted them when the meeting was over.

Eun Gi clearly declared to the buyers that she wouldn’t sell the resort. She tore the contract and was about to call her father. But Jae Hee told her that from now on her power was over Eun Gi that ever decision she made was up to her father and Jae Hee because she’s no more just Han Jae Hee,but had become her mother. Jae Hee apologized to the buyers by saying that Eun Gi was having a mental problem lately. Eun Gi screamed out her frustration, looking really like a mentally unstable person.

Eun Gi was about to leave the room when Ma Ru called. He asked to speak with the buyers and put his call on the speaker. Apparently the buyers are some bad people who even lied about their identities. They’re just a bunch of liars who had a bad history in business. Ma Ru had made some research about them.

Being cornered, the buyers didn’t proceed the contract and Jae Hee lost the battle. Ma Ru and Eun Gi agreed to meet each other again later in the afternoon.

Jae Gil was spending time with his girlfriend in the cafe where Choco had part time job. Suddenly a man approached him and called him “Young Master, it’s you, right? Mr.President have been looking for you.” Jae Gil tried to deny him and led him away from the girls. When they’re alone, Jae Gil told the man that he’s not his young master anymore and he’s not his father’s son anymore. Jae Gil seemed to hate his father so much.

Attorney Park was visiting Mr.Seo for a business talk and also a talk about Eun Gi. He was bringing Ma Ru’s picture in his note because he’s still investigating Ma Ru. When he’s outside, the maid ran after him to give him Ma Ru’s picture that he had dropped. Mr.Park asked the maid if she had seen that man in the picture, and if somehow he had seen him with Second Madam. The maid said she saw that young man when he dropped something on the mailbox that turned out a package for the Second Madam. (it was the rainy day when Ma Ru sent back the 10 billion).

Ma Ru was taking his nap when Jae Hee called. She begged to meet. Ma Ru coldly refused saying that they had a promise and had nothing to talk nor to hear from her. “Because I miss you, I want to meet you. Please, 10 minutes will do,” begged Jae Hee. Meanwhile Eun Gi was so excited about the date. She put on make up and dressed nicely. She’s on the way to meet Ma Ru when Ma Ru was on the harbor meeting Jae Hee.

“Ma Ru, have I made you like this?” Jae Hee opened their conversation, then talked about the idea of they’re going together on a cruise…run away from everything. Ma Ru just coldly kept counting the minute while Jae Hee tried her best to melt Ma Ru’s heart down. But Ma Ru stayed cold and finally his counting reached 10 minute. He was about to leave, but Jae Hee called. “Dont go! Dont go to Eun Gi..” Ma Ru tried to ignore her,but suddenly he heard a splash of water. Jae Hee wasn’t on the spot she had stood earlier. Ma Ru jumped off the harbor to save Jae Hee. Later on Ma Ru managed to save Jae Hee.

Meanwhile Eun Gi was waiting for Ma Ru at another place, on the red bridge.

Attorney PArk checked on the cctv video. He saw Ma Ru on that rainy day as the maid had told him, BUT then saw another thing. Remember the night when Jae Hee kissed Secretary Ahn? Yeah…that scene…

Ma Ru stayed beside Jae Hee in her room. He saw her hand and held himself from taking it. Then he just left, but jae Hee woke up. “I will go back. I will go back for you, but not now. That’s why please wait for me,” asked Jae Hee. Ma Ru didn’t buy it. He just left the room and found Secretary Anh in front of the room. They just stared at each other, and then Ma Ru just left.

Outside on the street there’s a festival. Ma Ru was in the middle of the crowd when he finally remembered about his dating appointment to Eun Gi. He looked for her in her pavilion and then found her asleep on the bridge. “You’re still here?” asked Ma Ru. Eun Gi said she wanted to wait because she believed Ma Ru would come no matter what. “You put on make up?” asked Ma Ru again. “This is even my first time wearing one piece,” she said. She kept of speaking until Ma Ru shut her mouth by starting to kiss her passionately.

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I always love drama or story with wounded character…and this one also gave me the suffocating feeling while watching. Especially after watching the preview…ahhhh. I knew where this story lead as I felt so familiar with the plot (but what drama had similar story line, I forgot). But still when I watch this drama, the suffocating feeling keeps happening.

Jae Hee was too cruel to Ma Ru. And now Ma Ru has been too cruel to Eun Gi. Don’t blame Eun Gi if she would be the most vicious character when she found out the truth, which is sooner or later…maybe sooner just like the preview showed us.

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  1. Same here. I was feeling uncomfortable while watching this drama. Actually I really don’t like kind of heavy story, but want to know what is going to happen next. I think so that Eun Gi will be so mean later, but hope it will be happy ending for those two who have sufferred with their own lives. I wish they would fill each other gap and be happy ever after.

  2. So many thanks for the synopsis coz can’t wait for the sub in next several days.

  3. thank you for the awesome summary :) Dying to know what’s gonna happen in the next episode lol

  4. idk why but i wish maru and jae hee will end up together as a couple at the end of the drama ;3

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