Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 4 Summary

Seo Eun Gi asked Ma Ru if they could continue on meeting each other.She had many things she’s curious about Ma Ru.  “When will we meet tomorrow? When will you be after you wake up?” asked Ma Ru. Han Jae Hee recalled that conversation she witnessed while she was on treadmill and she almost fell. Eun Gi caught her.

In the changing room Jae Hee kind of interrogating Eun Gi if she knew anything about the man she’s meeting last night. She told Eun Gi that she couldn’t be that reckless to date a random man.
“He knows who you are, doesn’t he?” asked Jae Hee. “I don’t care if he does,” said Eun Gi.
“Those kind of men who’s just after your money, I know them well.”
“Oh, you mean those kind of men who are like you Han Jae Hee?”

Choco went for an audition. She was terrible because she was too nervous. Later on when she’s singing alone in the toilet with only Jae Gil’s picture in front of her, she sang IU’s song very well.

Secretary Park went to the neighborhood where Jae Hee had lived.He was trying to find out her background as Eun Gi told him to do, but Secretary Ahn’s man had made a deal with the neighborhood to shut their mouth.
Secretary Ahn recalled the memory when he first met Jae Hee. Back then Jae Hee was still the bold junior reporter who was going to make a report about Tae San’s group.

That morning in the hotel, both Jae Hee and Eun Gi were surprised by the sudden visit of Ma Ru. He said he was the fan of Jae Hee when she was a reporter. “But now i’m not a fan anymore,” said Ma Ru. Then Mr.Seo arrived and Eun Gi introduced Ma Ru. Mr.Seo invited him for brunch. During brunch, Mr.Seo had the standard questions of a father to his daughter’s man: “What your parents do”” and “what do you do?” Ma Ru told them his real situation without any hesitation. His parents had long died and he’s a bartender. He went to college but not anymore. When Mr.Seo asked if his reason of quitting school was because of financial matter, Ma Ru said he didn’t quit,but expelled. This answer upset Mr.Seo and Ma Ru refused to answer his question about the reason why he’s expelled. Mr.Seo was upset that Eun Gi was reckless of picking up a man. Eun Gi said he’s also reckless picking up a woman who’s just 5 years older than her whom he also didn’t know anything about her background. Jae Hee was so nervous, but Secretary Ahn calmed her down.

Mr.Seo told Jae Hee to give Ma Ru some money to make him leave. Eun Gi was so upset. Mr.Seo, Secretary Ahn left the room. Eun Gi was after her father. Jae Hee asked Ma Ru what his real intention was. If he wanted to do a revenge, she could give him as much money as he asked. Ma Ru said no. what he wanted was her. “If you don’t want to go down,I’m gonna be the one who’s going to go up and drag you down. This place doesn’t suit you,” said Ma Ru.
“So where is the place I belong? the trash world I used to live is my right place?” asked Jae Hee.
“No. Even that world is still too good for you.”

Eun Gi was upset and she had the risk of losing her inheritance if the relationship continued. Ma Ru asked if she would give up her throne for love. Eun Gi said they should stop meeting each other from now on.
She offered Ma Ru a hand shake, Ma Ru said he prefered a kiss. They should meet again the last time for the kiss to make the moment perfect.

The conflict people were not only the leading characters. Choco and Jae Gil’s girlfriend also had a conflict. Love triangle. Choco like Jae Gil but didn’t want to confess to her nor to Jae Gil. And the girl friend also not a nice girl that she said lies to Jae Gil that Choco had done some nasty things to her.

The result of the breakfast’s incident was Eun Gi was dismissed from company’s matter. She almost couldn’t join the meeting, but was making a scene so Mr.Seo let her in. The meeting was tough. The company needed more fund for their next project. The only way was to sell Aomori Resort. Eun Gi was against the idea because she and her mother had so much memories there. Mr.Seo then dismissed her from the project for putting personal feelings for business. Instead, he appointed Han Jae Hee to be the project manager.

After sending a woman who was looking for her brother, Choco told Ma Ru to just forget Han Jae Hee so he could move on and find a nice girl. What Choco said sticked on his mind. Then he got a phonecall from Eun Gi who was in Aomori to spend her “forced” days off.
“Tell me 10 names of people who give up their thrones for love,” said Eun Gi.
Ma Ru said Edward XIII, some Korean princess, Viona from Shrek and Goo Joon Pyeo (Boys After Flower).
Eun Gi said she’s been having a hard time now and probably would give up on this. “If I give up, would you..”
“I will take you,” said Ma Ru. He said he had more room for one more person and enough utensils too.
“But I will do my best first before giving up. So until then, wish me luck,” said Eun Gi.

Eun Gi wasn’t finished talking when Jae Hee showed up. This time she appeared in her true character. She told Eun Gi that she would reach what she wanted to achieve and would do anything to get there. And she said she would also win from Eun Gi.
“So just give up and move away!” she warned Eun Gi. Eun Gi worked so hard that night,but still couldn’t find the way to win. She laid on the grass outside saying that she couldn’t give up yet now. And then she fell asleep.
In the morning, a pair of sneakers showed up and he picked up Eun Gi. She’s thrown into the water. Eun Gi definitely woke up in an instant and was so surprised finding Ma Ru was standing in front of her.
“Wake up sleepy head. Let’s fight.” (kick some ass ~sort of)

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